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Thread for Shunta/Hesoten's upcoming bara game.
Created to remove clutter from the artist's /ptr/ thread.
First few posts have been moved form the aforementioned thread.


Does anyone still have the website to his pateron to support the game?


his circle is on the list for yaroufes so my guess here is that we'll see the game June 10th
but no idea whether event-only or online sales too or perhaps even online download sales


It's not on patreon. It's on Enty. Please support him! here's the enty page:



his circle is on the list for yaroufes so my guess here is that we'll see the game June 10th
but no idea whether event-only or online sales too or perhaps even online download sales


I believe it will be released on his enty page, since he releases demos and status updates on it. Even if it isn't he'll probably link to a site to where the game can be downloaded for supporters.


fine by me. digital download sales spare me a lot of trouble ^^
i actually remember now reading on his development site message board a discussion about this too and there was talk about dlsite.
in any case we can assume that he'll definitely want to sell his new game at yaroufes which means it'll be finished in June.
about time actually. after this huge letdown of a 1 year delay -_-


True but it was worth the wait better than getting it a year early and then being shit like other materials.
Again thanks JessieAm86 for the link, I'll like to keep posted so can wait for the game.


Sure thing! I'm really excited about this game. The kurosaki brothers are giving me good vibes. :)


Yeah well if it's really worth it still remains to be seen. But I got a good feeling about this game already ^^
Well too bad we'll only get to see some ero with the coach.


I'm still hoping though. I mean, he wouldn't bother "super-buffing" a character in the game if he's not intending to make a scene out of him. Still drooling for those brothers. (*.*)


But he hasn't super buffed the brother or anything xD
Or well maybe he did in the latest Enty update? But that I cannot know
In any case I wouldn't as well ^^


how can we support it anyway? can someone put a guide or something?



It's pretty easy actually cause you can just turn the site into ENGLISH. There's the flag of Japan on the upper right corner of his enty page. If you have a twitter account, it's way easier.





So overall what are you guys expectations or wants from the game when its available for the public to purchase.


Are there more of this?



Nope. He hasn't updated yet. That's just a preview of a scene. It's obviously animated since one can clearly see the line differences on the abs. I'm f'cking excited to play this game.


let's just hope it won't get shared too soon right after release.
we surely want more games like this coming, right?
and of course we also want that it'll be sold as digital download and not as event-exclusive right?



I totally agree. In my own opinion, we should let the developers earn money first and have a window period before it gets shared. This is absolutely a high quality bara game. I mean what more can one ask for? This has gorgeous CGs, the men are so f*cking HOT, it's dubbed which is a big plus and most importantly, IT'S F*CKIN' ANIMATED! I mean come on. PLEASE SUPPORT THE ARTIST! :)


Make sure to mark your calendar!
It should come out in 5 weeks



Did he say that it's comin' out in 5 weeks?



The game is slated to be released for Yarou Fes since Shunta's circle will be there. Expect something in June.


I can hardly wait for this game.
It's been such a long time since a game with a more prominent focus on muscles has been released. Last one I guess was by WildWildWest with its High School setting.
Management comes with awesome hot characters of different ages (although PE teacher tops it all ^^) and animation and voice acting!!!
It better be on download sales at day of Yaroufes, at least I hope so.
Any news perhaps? What say you guys signed up at artist's Enty ?


Who else is hyped for this game no updates lately but can't wait to purchase since june is near


Me too (^_^)//
I just hope that it'll be available fast, maybe even on same day as event
And even better on DLsite or Booth


Game release is confirmed for Yaroufes and a trial version will be available before the event.
Although no mention about a download version so far.


File: 1497270183798.jpg (222.67 KB, 1200x829, pic.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

I did a thorough check and this is what I found out so far

Last Saturday only a trial version of the game got released. Or my guess is it just got "handed out".
The confusing thing about this whole deal is that Shunta made two announcements and both contradict each other. But since the one he posted on his twitter is the most recent it's the most accurate of course and evidence is at hand too.
There's only a event-exclusive trial version so far and absolutely no info about the current situation.
The game's website is(a joke) stagnating for quite a bit with the message board full of inquiries and no answers. But that was just a sidenote, sorry for that.
I checked the circle list for Comiket later in August and his circle is not there. It's not just that he didn't made the selection, he did not apply for it. That's quite weird too. But since he's known for collaborating with another artist funa, there might be a chance that Shunta will join funa's circle Han-Ran-Gen. funa's circle will be there.
That means that there's a chance for a Comiket release perhaps, but of course nothing confirmed.
And all that aside, more importantly we have to know how, when and even if there's gonna be a digital download sale at all.
So far Shunta has only given very vague comments about that and those he's given on that defunct game website in the feedback section months ago.
So all in all and assumptions aside, we know absolutley nothing really.
Unless Shunta "may" decide to give us a headsup at some point.
I don't know why this specific game comes with so many diffulties, the one year delay before and now this recent fuckery -.-

Let's hope for some word from the guy responsible soon!

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