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Thread for Shunta/Hesoten's upcoming bara game.
Created to remove clutter from the artist's /ptr/ thread.
First few posts have been moved form the aforementioned thread.


Does anyone still have the website to his pateron to support the game?


his circle is on the list for yaroufes so my guess here is that we'll see the game June 10th
but no idea whether event-only or online sales too or perhaps even online download sales


It's not on patreon. It's on Enty. Please support him! here's the enty page:



his circle is on the list for yaroufes so my guess here is that we'll see the game June 10th
but no idea whether event-only or online sales too or perhaps even online download sales


I believe it will be released on his enty page, since he releases demos and status updates on it. Even if it isn't he'll probably link to a site to where the game can be downloaded for supporters.


fine by me. digital download sales spare me a lot of trouble ^^
i actually remember now reading on his development site message board a discussion about this too and there was talk about dlsite.
in any case we can assume that he'll definitely want to sell his new game at yaroufes which means it'll be finished in June.
about time actually. after this huge letdown of a 1 year delay -_-


True but it was worth the wait better than getting it a year early and then being shit like other materials.
Again thanks JessieAm86 for the link, I'll like to keep posted so can wait for the game.


Sure thing! I'm really excited about this game. The kurosaki brothers are giving me good vibes. :)


Yeah well if it's really worth it still remains to be seen. But I got a good feeling about this game already ^^
Well too bad we'll only get to see some ero with the coach.


I'm still hoping though. I mean, he wouldn't bother "super-buffing" a character in the game if he's not intending to make a scene out of him. Still drooling for those brothers. (*.*)


But he hasn't super buffed the brother or anything xD
Or well maybe he did in the latest Enty update? But that I cannot know
In any case I wouldn't as well ^^


how can we support it anyway? can someone put a guide or something?



It's pretty easy actually cause you can just turn the site into ENGLISH. There's the flag of Japan on the upper right corner of his enty page. If you have a twitter account, it's way easier.





So overall what are you guys expectations or wants from the game when its available for the public to purchase.


Are there more of this?



Nope. He hasn't updated yet. That's just a preview of a scene. It's obviously animated since one can clearly see the line differences on the abs. I'm f'cking excited to play this game.


let's just hope it won't get shared too soon right after release.
we surely want more games like this coming, right?
and of course we also want that it'll be sold as digital download and not as event-exclusive right?



I totally agree. In my own opinion, we should let the developers earn money first and have a window period before it gets shared. This is absolutely a high quality bara game. I mean what more can one ask for? This has gorgeous CGs, the men are so f*cking HOT, it's dubbed which is a big plus and most importantly, IT'S F*CKIN' ANIMATED! I mean come on. PLEASE SUPPORT THE ARTIST! :)


Make sure to mark your calendar!
It should come out in 5 weeks



Did he say that it's comin' out in 5 weeks?



The game is slated to be released for Yarou Fes since Shunta's circle will be there. Expect something in June.


I can hardly wait for this game.
It's been such a long time since a game with a more prominent focus on muscles has been released. Last one I guess was by WildWildWest with its High School setting.
Management comes with awesome hot characters of different ages (although PE teacher tops it all ^^) and animation and voice acting!!!
It better be on download sales at day of Yaroufes, at least I hope so.
Any news perhaps? What say you guys signed up at artist's Enty ?


Who else is hyped for this game no updates lately but can't wait to purchase since june is near


Me too (^_^)//
I just hope that it'll be available fast, maybe even on same day as event
And even better on DLsite or Booth


Game release is confirmed for Yaroufes and a trial version will be available before the event.
Although no mention about a download version so far.


File: 1497270183798.jpg (222.67 KB, 1200x829, pic.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

I did a thorough check and this is what I found out so far

Last Saturday only a trial version of the game got released. Or my guess is it just got "handed out".
The confusing thing about this whole deal is that Shunta made two announcements and both contradict each other. But since the one he posted on his twitter is the most recent it's the most accurate of course and evidence is at hand too.
There's only a event-exclusive trial version so far and absolutely no info about the current situation.
The game's website is(a joke) stagnating for quite a bit with the message board full of inquiries and no answers. But that was just a sidenote, sorry for that.
I checked the circle list for Comiket later in August and his circle is not there. It's not just that he didn't made the selection, he did not apply for it. That's quite weird too. But since he's known for collaborating with another artist funa, there might be a chance that Shunta will join funa's circle Han-Ran-Gen. funa's circle will be there.
That means that there's a chance for a Comiket release perhaps, but of course nothing confirmed.
And all that aside, more importantly we have to know how, when and even if there's gonna be a digital download sale at all.
So far Shunta has only given very vague comments about that and those he's given on that defunct game website in the feedback section months ago.
So all in all and assumptions aside, we know absolutley nothing really.
Unless Shunta "may" decide to give us a headsup at some point.
I don't know why this specific game comes with so many diffulties, the one year delay before and now this recent fuckery -.-

Let's hope for some word from the guy responsible soon!


There's a new locked post at his enty and apparently about the situation. Can anybody tell what he has to say?



The locked post contains the trial version, but otherwise is the same as the other post that isn't locked.


When the game gets fully released and when/if he releases it digitally I'll share it (if no one else can), but not immediatelyas others started and I agree, I want the artist to make money before I go sharing this game, because honestly I played the all demos and this game is polished, good, can tell a lot of love has been put into it and even though it's in Japanese it's easy to navigate and understand.


Forgot to enter my name, when making that post.


For those interested I also shared the demos check the ptr board


Basically all Shunta said (besides apologizing which nobody gives a damn about anymore by this point…) is that the game will be released during this month. No specific date given, just an emphasis on that it's the last postponement.
Well, according to his trustworthy words we can finally expect a full release sometime this month.
Currently he's busy with system checking for bugs and adding all the voice files so we can enjoy a fully voiced game.
Honestly I've had half the mind to insta-share this game the second it'll hit the market, but I think I'll give him another chance (it'd also be better for my poor poor wallet xD)


Oh give him a break.
You're basically the reason why creators doesn't have a stable job


It's a fact that Shunta is a real asshole of an artist that has fucked around with his fans quite a few times too many and apparently is under the impression that all he has to do to set things right is by simply apologizing.
I honestly wouldn't be surprised if that game of his will be shared soon after release by a bunch of people in order to get back at him.
Well, let's just hope that this time he'll keep his word and we'll finally get the full version sometime soon during those next 24 days.
According to experience however……


screw his fan? his game are super cheap and for the quality the release time is actually pretty short.


Well he only produced one other game けつはめ! but I can't really say anything about that one since I didn't care about it at all.

Talking about マネジメント however, yeah Shunta really did a number on his fans.
Quality and release time is debatable of course since other artists manage more in far less time, but that's not the point.
It's how he "manages" the overall production and how he treats his audience.
At first the game was scheduled for summer 2016, then he just disappears without giving any word at the beginning of the year. More than half a year later he comes back with a simple "I'm sorry" and giving no further response to inquires from his audience. Then he opens his Enty and provides samples, which was… okay.
Then several more months passed without any feedback from him concerning his game and then he finally announced the release for Yaroufes but only after having been pressed about it on twitter and website.
And then right on the day that Yaroufes took place he tweets that it'll actually only be another demo instead of the full game.
Then another period of total silence until he finally made a statement on current affairs (lots of apologizing again of course) and announcing another delay until sometimein July.

So, that's the reason why so many people are pretty much frustrated and angry with him.
Personally I hope that he'll make good use of the time he has and releases within the given deadline.
That sure would redeem him a little bit.


he didn't ask for money before so who care if he was consistent or not, what count is that he was consistent during the enty. I mean, high possibility, drawing porn is just a side job for him you can't ask him for much more.

and nope he is super fast compare to the other. 1-2 years to make a complete game alone is pretty decent. Do you see a lot of people doing game alone ? There are like 3 artists that does that at the moment …


Why did he even create this webpage about the game when he's not updating it and not replying on the question board?
Well we still have to see how much content this game will feature do call it a decent production within 1-2 years.
The game itself looks pretty good so far, no doubt, it's just the artist himself that is just so not like-able.
If he screws up with his plans once again, well then I guess the last bit of respect will be gone too.
And he must know that as well.
So yeah, 2 weeks remaining…


anyone have the cgs?





Does anybody know how to hook the dialogue from the recent demo? AGTH won't work anymore and in a similar fashion to prepare for funa's new game it'll be good to be prepared for this one too.
I heard that VNR might work but that one only gives me errors.
Any ideas?
I'm sure many already know about a working solution and I would be very happy if you guys could elaborate here.
Explanations please, not just the "just use this…" or "just go there…"
Please help me out here orz
You'll do a big favor to everybody here.
The game is on its way to get released afterall ;-)


THe latest version is buggy with any type of hooker. You just have to pray that the ending version is different than this one and use the engine/script of the first version (which should be because it feel like the latest version was just made for the enty month update).


So that one guy over at /ptr/ that claimed VNR can hook the dialogue was just lying then. Oh well…

The thing is the WOLF engine has been updated twice recently in March and April, it's v.2.20 currently
And Shunta's initial two demos have been released end of December last year when the WOLF engine was still at v.2.10
So it's gonna be either what you said, that for some reason the latest demo is buggy because it was merely rushed or something
Or that the new demo and most likely the full game are both made with the latest version of the engine which is not hooker-friendly at all.

On a sidenote though, shouldn't it be possible to "open" the new demo as a "project" using the WOLF RPG editor and then save it all as a "new game"? Just to make sure that the older engine will be used instead.
That should be worth checking out because honestly if there's no support in order to translate the story(or in some cases people have no understanding of Japanese and are entirely dependent on text-hookers to understand even something) well then all the game will be is some pictures and moving pictures and voices all meshed together.
Sure the majority of people here certainly only care about the CG, but the whole magic of any VN is to be able to read and understand the story.


nah you can still hook it with VNR, it's just very buggy and suboptimal. Some scene will not hook at all (the webcam dialogue for exemple) and the game will crash if you don't have the good VNR configuration.

I'm sorry i don't have time to check how i manage to hook it, i will just wait for the final version and post it if you want.


Oh I see.

Yes please post any info you got.
It'll surely help a lot when we keep a discussion going for when the game will finally see a release.
Without hooking the dialogue of the game, well then there isn't much left to enjoy. Sure a lot of images and stuff, but without context? No thank you.
I guess I'm gonna look into this VNR a bit more myself.
Not used to it though, always been using agth/agreggator/ith


So, since July is over now has Shunta made an announcement over at his Enty?
More apologies perhaps?


Nope. Nothing on enty, pixiv or twitter.

You're still a prick BTW :^).


I see.
Well it's gotten pretty sad and overly pathetic by now.
I wouldn't be surprised if Moritake's new game would be released even before this one.


So news from the enty :
- No game update sadly.
- The voice actor doing kurosaki voice is impossible to contact so he decided to change the voice actor. ( which mean at least 1-2 more months i guess)
- He said that he knows that there aren't enough update on his enty to justify supporting him but still to make more game after this one so i want to change the way the enty work for his next projects.


that's it?
what about some plans of his to compensate for this whole fuckery he's been pulling ever since last year?


at least there is an update you pompous entitled fool.
I understand that waiting for two years is too much for a single game but no one is forcing you to keep giving him money.
He could've just disappeared forever without a trace but he still gave an update despite having honest difficulties in making the game.
Appreciate that at least


Oh well, this game production has been a complete disaster and it's even getting worse.
Shunta has no idea what he's doing anymore besides pissing off his fans all the time with his empty promises, meaningless updates and constant apologies everybody has grown sick of a long time ago.
Wonder what he'll do in order to redeem himself in the end, since he cannot possibly assume that people will let this kind of treatment slide that easily.


Let's see what happens when the game gets released and all of you haters couldn't wait to get your hands on it. -_-


i think there is only one hater creeping in this topic though x).


I can't believe that anon is that salty about an incomplete game. Jesus, Kurosaki's VA is a no show. So do you want the game with no sounds for Kurosaki's route? He's like the most popular character. Honestly, I'm okay with it and I've been supporting Syunta on Enty ever since he started Enty. Heck, I even suggested to him to start an Enty so it can help him with his finances. Where are you going to find such quality in a bara game?


the game's jinxed, really xD
before shunta mentioned that it's completely done besides bugchecking and that one scene missed the voice files from a certain voice actor he wasn't able to contact.
this means, it's all because for that one damn unvoiced scene that the game's release has been dragged for this long…
i hope that shunta finds a new good one, the previous voice for the character wasn't that good tbh


So, as far as I could understand it the game is completely done and ready except for just one scene with one of the game characters missing the voice parts.
And Shunta cannot add these voice parts since the voice actor bailed.
Which means Shunta has to cast a new voice actor and has to record all voice files for that particular character from scratch.

I don't know. All we get is one bad news after another. As good as the demos look, we still haven't seen any of the actual gameplay so for all we know so far the game itself could be absolute crap except for the ecchi scenes. Hopefully this will get fixed very soon and finally see a release.
Shunta cannot afford to delay this even further for this whole issue is getting slightly more embarassing.
In the end other producers such as Moritake or funa will release their games even earlier and they haven't been producing for more than 2 years already…


September is over now. Any news?


tbh your best course of action would be to completely forget about this asshole of an artist and just be surprised whenever someting comes up if ever at all


Alright, I just checked Shunta's Enty and his progress report has been updated.
It states "最終更新日: 2017/10/14 19:47"
But after reading it I don't see any changes at all. It's still the same as it has been ever since August. Therefore how about you guys actively supporting him(for whatever reason), have you received a personal message where Shunta actually reveals any new info?


Has there been any updates to this?


I think you should tweet him directly and ask about the game


Checked the Comiket catalogue.
Shunta isn't listed anywhere, not even in the "not selected" section. That means Shunta hasn't even applied for Comiket at all.
Guess that means we won't see the game this year afterall.


Inb4 "sorry, things didn't work out. Game is cancelled."


That is not true at all.
Where and when did he say that?


New Update posted on Enty as follows:



今回WOLF RPGエディター というツールを使わせていただくことで、ミニゲームや育成要素など、色々な要素の詰まった作品となりました。




Moved to January 2018. Then it'll be moved again to April 2018.


Okay Negative Nancy, move along. If you're so annoyed by the producer then forget about the game and go away.


After several months of total silence he finally makes an announcement just to let us know that he plans to release his game after a couple more months next year in January


It's all going according to his keikaku(plan).


well yeah, his plan to fuck around with everybody has been working perfectly well for those past 2 years and it's still going great


Don't worry. If/When it releases, all will be forgiven.


Syunta mentions that the game's size has exceeded 2GB, lots of minigames and using the WOLF engine. He continues with saying that he wants to reduce the filesize too.
It's really so easy to predict what is gonna happen next.
I bet he ends up using a different engine to save up on filesize and then some unforeseen "something" is gonna happen which will result in him having to make the game from scratch.


Not like people work to support themselves (pay rent, bills, food) you know the essentials. But waa waa how dare he not finish a Bara game.


they said that because it took so much time to release, the producer of the game feel like it is better to make a very clean version of the game and wait a bit rather than releasing an heavy game with bugs which is understanble.


It wouldn't have been so bad if he only charges when there are new content and I've pledged ever since his enty went up. Now I'm just sticking with my pledge so that it wouldn't be obvious who I am when I share it within the day if no one beats me to it.

If he's still planning to use WolfRPG, what's the point? It hasn't significantly improved within the past 2 years. Makes more sense to slim down the existing game, rather than start from scratch using the same tools.

He's not a developer and he's not fluent in english so his alternative tools are the same ones he picked from before and then settled with Wolf.


No one is forcing you to support his Enty. Just end your support whenever there is no content. His Enty's purpose was so he could have side income while working on the game. Well good luck seeing future content with that attitude. I'm going to share the game because he didn't finish on time boo hoo.


>Well good luck seeing future content with that attitude
Well thanks to Syunta's attitude and way of dealing with his fans and active supporters, I hardly doubt that too many would be concerned at all if Syunta stopped producing.
It's just very sad how the game looks like it's gonna be pretty decent but on the other hand its creator is such a gigantic asshole.


For being apologetic? Some of his late responses have been questionable and the game wouldn't be "pretty decent" just for you to support him on Enty. Honestly, most people other than you don't really care as long as the game is released. I'm down for cleaning the game and bugs instead of a rough draft being crammed to finish.


Every time there's a status report it's just apologies and more delays. That's how it has been for 2 years now and the status reports come very irregularly. No wonder people are getting angry, especially those that are subscribed to his Enty. There's a limit to how many times you can fuck around with people and it's very apparent that Syunta has well overdone it already.
The game itself though looks kinda good, still I wouldn't mind somebody sharing it at the day, would be a nice compensation at least.


does someone still has those GDrive links with the Enty demos? It got shared once, but got lost sometime ago

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