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File: 1491185441410.jpg (346.73 KB, 1067x600, RB9rXn.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

the buff, emo freddie mercury is already my favorite char


other than the Ginger bear, everyone else looks ugly. Secondly, the game is slightly erotic but not the focus (neither was COOT but at least they capitalized on the erotic portions of the game) makes this concerning of interest. Censored for demo too, bleh, fair enough i guess for a demo.


could you give answers to this questions?


Really good so far! Was there some inspiration from The Neon Demon? I noticed some references


Any clue to solve a 1st password


VAPES = names


password is 67944


Thank you ^^b


"some eroge"
gotta love people who're just throwing terms around while not knowing what they actually mean



Seems right to me.

The term is pretty broad, I think you're the one who has a narrow minded view.


@Ash Definitely see that. On LSF the dev says inspiration came from 999, Cabin In The Woods, Cube, And Then There Were None, The Neon Demon


an eroge cannot feature some eroge


They also says the game has "light dating-sim elements" which I don't think means what they think it means


Don't you neckbeards have anything better to do than nitpick on shit that's so inconsequential? Then dont play it. lol


That's why games are made for, besides being played.


>See hot goat dude in advert
>Slightly disappointed when I see it's not a furry bara game
>Really disappointed when I see all of the characters are ugly as fuck

It looks like a shittier version of Patrick Fillion decided to make a gay version of 999.


Honestly great game and like the mystery. As for art work it depends the player really some will like it and some will not. I mean we have seen blackgate and coming out on top and a lot of people had different opinions of the art work but it did not effect the overall success of the game. Some people are just picky or have different taste. But so far there were no errors in the coding or text speech. A nice mystery and a suspension on what happens next so i'll definitely like to see how well the game turns out and donate if needed so. So far my fave is Vince because he seems to really care because he wants MC and him to both make it out of this.


tbh i almost completely lost interest during the trailer social media crap reference.
the cast looks okay as long as the artwork won't magically change during scenes just like it was with coot xD
will keep my eyes on this.
another VN to add to the list of new ones in progress ^^


File: 1491616319497.jpg (1.06 MB, 3667x600, ARpqCV2.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

The characters


holy shit that looks bad lol


you say that now but once the game gets released you'll be one of the first whining about sharing 9_9


0/8 poor form old chap

from left to right:
>eyeore + willem dafoe, on literally every drug with posture so bad it looks like he's perma-shrugging
>look at that, look at the proportions, now look at the terrible fucking face, now look at the rediculously tapered V shape, this is an anatomy nightmare
>vote4pedro named earl, possibly a hommage to Earl Sweatshirt? LMFAO if thats true
>shitty guido douchenozzle
>generic, normal, the artists comfort zone. not bad but also not good, nothing creative or interesting about this
>retard artist combined shitty early 2000's emo hair with a tom selleck mustache then thought a preppy/waspy polo & sweater around the waist combo was a good direction for this character LOL
>this looks like a bad japanese charicature of what a 1920's american would look like, or some kind of ironic present day japanese gameshow host, seriously what the fuck
>GINGER LUNBERJACK GUY WITH CHEST HAIR, not cliche at all but hey, even though its uninspired as fuck this character still appeals to me….oh wait that the fuck are those 1920's striped suspenders worn over workwear? lmfao the cringe
>?????LMAO the only chubby character is also the only character with dark skin? and for some reason the artist chose the purposely make them the most ugly/pathetic looking character in the game???

>you'll be one of the first whining about sharing
No, I won't. Feel free to enjoy it yourself; I won't be taking part. It's bad dude, it's just bad, sorry.


Maybe we shouldn't forget the main focus and appeal of this game is mystery and puzzle solving. With a little bit of dating thing and eroge just to flavor.
Think of it like 999 (Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors)


the typical blabla
once the game gets shared you'll still get it and fap to it. that much is clear.
oh well, who cares?


Lucky looks like a 3 years old child. I really hope he's not romanceable


I'm really sorry anon but I kind of agree with >>7813, most games are pirated not just for the game itself, but for the cgs, and this game is looks really well done, but not in the means of sexy…


pretty much, those characters are kind of unappealing and off-putting, especially lucky

if anyone here faps to characters like those they should probably seek help


you don't have to remind me
every time a new VN comes out, the whining for the CGs is almost instantly
so pathetic every time >_>


File: 1492129108329-0.jpg (846.35 KB, 1920x1080, 4men.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

File: 1492129108329-1.jpg (1.21 MB, 1920x2160, pierce_head.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

They're not too bad in their CG form


If the main focus of the game is mystery and puzzle why try to pander to the bara community? It's a really really niche demographic with a really small chance of sucess, the creator would be more lucky throwing some hot chicks in the game, because once the girls are hot noone care about the guys as long as they have big dicks.


LMFAO the only one that isn't absolutely terrible is the lumberjack

>both guys on the right



Love the game. Music is spot on for this horror theme. Also, since dangan ronpa v3 english sub aint coming out anytime soon, i am looking forward to this game.

Hopefully they redesign some of the characters on the final product. Steve, Kang, and Lucky could use a touchup or two. And maybe the cast gets at least 3 different sprites.


The only one I dont like is Lars. But aside that, the demo showed the lil gamemechanics it has and it works. (bugwise). Some dialogue are a bit on the long side. Perhaps, if possible you should be able to read dialogue that has passed without rerolling 6 scenes back.


Prediction (Spoiler):

I'd say Not-Hemsworth is connected to the mastermind if not THE mastermind. Drowning was a fake out and the goat was a dummy. It's a weird thing that his name is still headlining the promotional image if he's so inconsequential.


So much (you) inthe same thread


umm because a lot of people felt the need to respond to a comment of yours?


Nope, more like a huge ammount of samefag


you mean you?


idk man, those character designs look bad, it doesn't take samefagging to find out how many people feel the same way


Wow, came here to look up discussions on this game I found out about yesterday.

Remind me never to come to Barachan again if it's going to be full of assholes like those in this thread. That or they are just the same asshole pretending to be multiple people.

Which is always possible. You would be amazed at the amount of samefagging BS i've seen before as a mod on U18chan.


File: 1492663675465.jpg (63.97 KB, 463x395, i am 5 years old.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

see you tomorrow


File: 1492703983133.gif (4.72 MB, 905x509, 5c1e21d8dce569930119f5e4a3….gif) ImgOps Google iqdb


could it be that that's just the frustration speaking?
the sharing situation is declining and people mainly come here to beg for shit


Please keep all discussion about the game itself.
In other words, no more "samefag" or "sour grapes" accusations because you don't like what someone has to say about the game.
Thank you.


File: 1493685119744.png (220.96 KB, 799x625, EOuQP4b.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

The game is out y'all


I'll pass. Good luck though.


Uhhh… SO waiting for the link.


For what to buy the game? It's on the main website lol.


I'd buy it if I could. PayPal issues. So nah, I'm waiting for download link.


PayPal issues? yeah right.


Oh my god, someone on a sharing board refuses to pay for a half assed game! I'm shook!


>I'd buy it if I could. PayPal issues.
I'm "shook" that people still bring those lame ass excuses
>refuses to pay for a half assed game
but of course it's half assed enough to grab a free share, right?


Lol that's the weakest excuse I have seen on this board yet. Well you might as well give up because after all the crap about what people said about the game (even when half of it was true and in good criticism), pretty sure those who did buy the game will not share it here. So get over the paypal issues, call paypal and buy it yourself lol.


Why you guys takes this in such a personal level? Chill out…


File: 1493933623782.jpg (108.7 KB, 1200x675, C9I-hvFXkAUJHsO.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


I'm just curious why it has no information on its "FEATURES" list. No estimated playtime, no CG count, no bios. Can someone clarify? It's all very sus.



I would say its 1-2~ hours long, its pretty short and the puzzles are straightforward if you've played 999 or similar stuff.

AFAIK there are <=10 CGs, 4 of which are sex scenes. Could be more though. "Bios" are part of the narrative and are given about halfway through.

Given its $7 I didn't expect much and there isn't much at all.


It's not on a personal level, its just a fact that your using a weak excuses on a board that is all about sharing lol. Just admit it your either to cheap to buy it yourself or just poor like the rest of us. Facts are facts


Lol'd. I'd either bought it and I have movey, but PayPal is just lame. So I either hope that someone will share it.
Don't take people's "issues" so close.


That would be very kind of you.


hello! somebody has game? sorry for bad english


Somebody please bury this thread already.


Anybody played the game?

Definitely one hell of a brain scratcher, the answers are so obvious but interpreting the clues might leave you to a vague guess.

That bad ending too, talk about messed up twist.


Well too many events happening currently so no extra money. Will check it out sometime after Comiket I guess.
But I'm a bit curious. Is this a VN more focused on story with a bit of erotic or is it a porn VN with a bit of story?


None, is a total mess.


Story - It's engaging and it is very short, but it does fall short on unique character to character dialogue. Your choices only affect the very end of the game (you don't get different puzzles based on your choices), the game only gives you like 3-4 choices tops.

Erotic - You get 4 adult pics, one is given to you at the beginning.

Replay Value - you only need like 2 story runs for this game, and on the second run, you will use the skip function a lot + a guide.

My Opinion - It was alright 6-7/10. Satisfied customer.


does everyone have this game ?


can someone share this ?


You should make a thread on /rs/, once nobody really cares about this game in here.


is there anyone here willing to share the full version of this game? thanks and godbless


Several people has tried requesting this game in the past, but well.. you know how that goes.

Just don't get too optimistic, maybe try other sites?


That's because the game is mediocre to bad, I would post it here but I deleted it right after trying, got too bored, art was too meh.


I dont mind. But I have no idea how to share :P


Just use MEGA man, (lol did you see what I did there? :p).

Everyone here uses MEGA. You can even use it without an account.


the anon said you can use Mega, will you share the game?


If someone shares the game, get it quick, I'm pretty sure someone involved in making the game keeps going around here sometimes.


Anyone got a walkthrough?


Any news on a MEGA Link or something?


Is there romance-aspect to this game? I heard you can only romance the buff guys(aka Pierce, Vince and Bart.

Is that true? :\


Why only buff guys? Apparently our main guy(Adam) is a bit of jerk :\


The answer to that question would spoil the shock factor. Would you like the spoiler?


Why not? You can always use the spoiler tag





Pfft, channel promoting :p


well nobody is sharing their copies and since all of those "waste of time"-vns are getting lp-ed on youtube i thought that maybe now people would finally cease begging in vain for something that's not gonna happen anyways



I need a walkthrough for this game xd


Could someone remind me what the spoiler tag is for barachan?


Its listed on the homepage if you ever forget in the future (http://boards.barachan.org):

Wiki markup has been replaced by BBCODE markup.
{b}Bold{/b} = Bold
{i}Italic{/i} = Italic
{h}Header{/h} = Header
{s}Spoiler{/s} = Spoiler
(Make sure you replace {} with []. I put that there just to show the tags.)
They are case insensitive to it doesn't matter if you use b/i/h/s or B/I/H/S.



Thanks! Guess I didn't scroll down far enough to notice.


So I tried the full version of this game, got the perfect ending and really didn't feel like going through it again for the other endings or scenes.

Spoilers ahead:

So doing the route for the perfect ending gave me exactly one sex scene and one picture to go with it. The sex was rushed(which considering the circumstance was understandable), the picture quality was rather poor compared to the first one you see in the game. I mean the cockhead on the main character's dick didn't even look completely drawn, they just lazied up a dick. Overall pretty blarrgh considering its the Only sex scene/cg on the perfect ending route.

As for the killer's reason for killing people? Well it could be summed up as, 'Its white guy's fault for <insert long rant about non-whites preferring white guys over their own race and other things along that vein and hating those kinds of people who say they are open to everything but ignore non-whites etc etc> and I'm going to kill everyone who doesn't think like I do so that one day everything will change!' Honestly it was super cringey so I sped through the rant, might be missing the finer details but I couldn't take it seriously and just rolled my eyes and clicked through it.

The perfect ending was rather bland too, the guy you end up with just drops everything he kept going on about throughout the game, how he's a figure in/so helpful to the local community and such, to move away with Adam to some other state. The little scene that follows with Adam's POV, seemingly having changed from the experience comes across as rather forced 90's Saturday morning educational cartoon ending.

TL;DR: Mediocre across the board. It has puzzles and gay people and a horror story. The art seemed decent then drops in quality where you think it'd matter. There's a bit of cringe but not as bad as say Tusks. But like Tusks its probably just getting attention because its a 'gay game'.

I'm sure there's people who will really like it but Let's Meat Adam was a disappointment imo.


Everywhere you look people say this game is crap, and by the lack of sharing and good cgs I wonder why people still get invested.


it's all about the fact that the game hasn't been shared, that's all.
although i do see a torrent on those private places


Yes, it did. Someone shared it on /rs/ but the source went down really quick.


oh well… what a sad sad shame


I'm pretty sure someone related to the game's creation still hounts here and /rs/ to see it is being shared or if someone still care about it


I wonder what the devs think about this? Happy or offended that no one willing to share his game online?


I hope they aren't too happy because if there is noone sharing is because nobody is really interested in the game, not like DDADS that was shared since the day 0.


Pretty much my thoughts.

Seriously, that motive-rant was fucking /r9k/ tier of VIRGIN RAGE, only that since it was raging on "OTHER GAYS WANTS CHADS" instead of "FEMALES WANTS CHADS" it is somehow supposed to be sympathetic? yeah the game made it clear Adam was vapid and made me dislike him from the get go, but the moral was still absurdly tone deaf and struck me more as entitlement. 999 this ain't.


pretty much sounds like this game was perfectly manufactured for the audience from this board


I'd argue the more appropriate idea would be that it was trying to be perfectly manufactured to "Catfish" Barafags by frontloading the hunks and then smack them with the motive rant.

It failed though since from the looks of it the game really ain't doing so hot, hell i only checked it out today because Halloween=Horror.


I really don't know what's with people and this game, there are several posts saying that the game is trash, there's no way the makers of this game knew who they were making this game to.





You'll probably enjoy Let's Meat Adam then.

But yeah…Tusks doesn't do it for me dialogue or…the artwork: https://img.itch.zone/aW1hZ2UvMjA4ODEvNDY3MjQxLnBuZw==/original/gpOnpR.png


Thank you, Silver. I'm glad someone said it. What a bunch of whiny little bitches, sitting a their screens complaining and nitpicking over someone else's inspired hard-work while they don't pick up a pencil to offer up anything better. You don't like it, then don't spend your $7 on it.


Glad about what? the game is shit, just get over it already.


Still, >>9872 has a point
>whiny little bitches


People have the right to dislike things, this is a discussion board after all, if you have arguments showing the game is actually good, expose them here.


*tumbleweed passes by*


Well just as much as people have the right to voice their opinion on how people are disliking things.
Some bought the game and didn't like it, fine. I even don't like it and knew at first sight that it's not gonna be good enough for me. There was even a demo to check it out before buying.
But people just keep dragging on and on how subjectively shitty the game is which is really annoying and out of place.
>whiny little bitches


You come to a thread about opinions on a game and you get mad that people are dragging a game that you agreed being bad in the first place? I don't know dude, but I think you are misunderstood about who is the real "whiny little bitch" here.


Are you still here? Give it a rest buddy.

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