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File: 1471134202694.jpg (1.25 MB, 1700x1500, 95359b39-8314-42e4-b393-e0….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


Yes! Now can support him more easily! https://funa.booth.pm/

He's put up a new small Illustration package (the pic) too that he showed at Comiket90 I think, though his whole game library is available now. I'll definitely be purchasing his last two:

Chin-Chin-Quest: https://funa.booth.pm/items/299501

Natsuriba!: https://funa.booth.pm/items/299541


that is good!
hopefully someone is sharing their copy soon over at /request/ because honestly considering all supportive notions and all, I do not support such a lazy contribution.
And here I thought Jin was the worst with his 9animal series. funa really beat him to it with this 5p release and it's on a CD still…


Mentaiko's latest work is about 5 pages too… no idea what happened to them all


you sure about that?
on the digiket description it says 38p


he probably means priapus illustrations
>you sure about that


well both are super cheap guys. it's not like they are ripping you off.


well yes they do, not financially though


For Mentaiko, I believe it's Smartphone game (namely Granblue Fantasy). Check his twitter and see how much he's playing instead of drawing.


Not only Mentaiko but many other bara artists play GBF, FGO, Pokemon Go and many other mobile games


Drawing is Mentaiko's job. I'm sure you play mobile games or some form of recreational activity during your free time. The lack of quantity in his work is much more likely due to working on other non-porn or knowing his fans will pay for illustration collections rather than more doujin.


I'm sure that drawing is not his job. That's his free time activity just as well as playing games or whatever else.
>>how much he's playing instead of drawing

It sucks waiting months for something new only to get something small like a few illustrations instead of a comic or in funa's case a new VN like he usually does. There are times where conventions are not bearing much juicy fruits, just bear with it.


>I'm sure that drawing is not his job.
>I'm sure
Overconfident people have been wrong in more important issues. Maybe you could learn a bit of modesty.


has nothing to do with "overconfidence", it's just an all-known fact that mentaiko is yet another artist that produces doujin for a hobby.
so saying shit like he should be drawing because it's his job instead of wasting his time on playing mobile games is completely out of order.


I obviously was not saying 'it's his job so he should do it' I was saying it's his work time. What he does with his playtime (GBF,FGO, etc) is up to him, and should not be criticized. Improve your comprehension skills.


if not directly a message aimed at you it's still a general statement


File: 1472452448283.jpg (5.63 KB, 161x161, mentaiko_cropped.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

I am the person you replied to (>>2380). Tell us what Mentaiko does at his daily job (with sources) if you're that knowledgeable.
>inb4 Japanese have privacy concerns he wouldn't post that
Except I have his personal pictures (with face) from his personal twitter (sample attached).
It is you who talk shit: Mentaiko sustains himself from his doujins and side work for commercial illustrations.
But ofc you would insist in your idiotic lack of knowledge. It's incredible, the American self confidence, even when proven wrong, factually wrong.


Didn't you just prove me right, factually right, that Mentaiko indeed draws doujin merely as a hobby and not for a job?
Well if you're really that insistent I can ask him myself next Comiket or better yet next Yaroukingdom since that event is a lot smaller and you actually have time to spend chatting with authors.


File: 1472470393874.jpg (66.33 KB, 363x363, ---.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

>Didn't you just prove me right, factually right, that Mentaiko indeed draws doujin merely as a hobby and not for a job?
Not at all, but as someone else observed already you have diminished reading comprehension so no point in wasting anymore keystrokes. If I'd be still in college and bored I'd troll the heck out of you though.

Also, saying
(sic) especially in relation to Itto (those who watch his twitter know what I'm talking about) confirmed that you talk shit out of your ass.


Well think what you want to think, it's your right afterall.

Granted, I have no idea what you mean with "Itto" as I'm not such a huge fan of his like you are.
And it doesn't matter at all nor does it confirm anything.
If I see him at any of the doujin events left for this year, I'll just directly ask him about a few things in person.
That should be far more informative than merely following a twitter account.


Stop the thread derailing right now, unless you want to net yourself a ban.


File: 1479133771183.png (1004.29 KB, 933x627, 99%.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

To anyone who 100% Natsuriba, any tips to get this last CG? My autism is fucking killing me


no idea never cared about the blonde kid tbh


he is such a bro, tho



Quick run to this CG
[視聴覚室] - [野球部屋] - [視聴覚室][2] - [視聴覚室]
[公園][2] - [アーケード街][2] - [アーケード街]
You'll be dreaming about him later at night…
[1] = First option


Anyone have chin" quest full version…


Funny. I actually also ignored the blonde my playthrough and focused on the jock and the swimmer. I liked the swimmer the best since he had a cute backstory.


I always go for the men and not the boys. funa's pe teachers are double-sided though, very attractive but hard to swallow with their fucked-up kinks.


thanks bro


File: 1479528057664.png (22.38 KB, 604x459, capture-20161119-105900.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Help! I can't play Dachiriba! It keeps show this message? I've changed my system location to Japan :(


try renaming the .exe into "『ダチリバ!』"


wow you're a genius! thank you so much!


maniac vol.2 is due this Comiket


Can someone give me a 100% completed data file for Natsuriba? For some reasons my save just got deleted and I lost all the CGs.


can you explain the blond one's story? Still learning on how to read Japanese and Chinese


Moved from /doujin/



Can anyone upload the link for the full game again please and thanks.


Can someone give me a link to Dekariba and/or Chinchin Quest? Thank you!




Funa announced that he's postponing the game's release until around/after September.




apparently he plans to bring demos.
same shitty movement like shunta last month.
but at least funa makes a generous statement about it.
oh well…
at least shunta should now release his game during the next couple of days, according to his enty


File: 1502104650725-0.jpg (115.95 KB, 866x542, DGhvSHKUMAAAfRe (1).jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

File: 1502104650725-1.jpg (92.2 KB, 1000x388, DGhvV2XV0AElt4m.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

File: 1502104650725-2.jpg (118.31 KB, 850x600, i629^cimgpsh_orig.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

He posted 2 new promo images on twitter + an updated version of a previous image.

Trial version available August 12 at Comiket.

If I'm understanding his tweet correctly the trial will contain the beginning of the game and include CGs. But it wont contain any of the CGs from guest artists (of which theirs a few this time).


that's interesting
that new full title picture is not on his twitter/pixiv/blog
where did you get that?


It's on his Enty page.


Theirs a landscape/header version on the very top and the full image is included with his first (and currently only) post.



So he's on Enty now as well.
Well we all already know what to expect…

It's just too bad that he couldn't finish the game for a Comiket release, but I still gonna try and grab a demo CD ^^
My hopes for the demo will be that it already features voice samples of the characters. That would be awesome and more than make up for the disappointing news of the game still not being done.
Good things need more time ;-)
So the full game then will most likely be released right onto the digital market, which is of course perfect for all of us!
Somewhere between the next 23 - 52 days then.
My only concern is that I'll probably be broke right after Comiket for awhile ToT


Funa just sent out a message to his Enty backers.

If I'm understanding correctly, anyone backing his Enty by 10 (doesn't say AM or PM) on August 12 will receive the trial edition of Chinque II. It'll be the same trial from Comiket.


Could you possibly please copy/paste that message here?
This is very confusing.

First of all why the demo on Enty?
He never even made an announcement that he actually is now active on Enty in the first place, so how do people actually know about it? Did they just accidentally discover him being there? Plus there are three options for how to subscribe, is every option being rewarded with the demo?
And what about his plans to put the demo up on his Booth? Is that still a thing?
Oh and most importantly, besides everything else, his tweet specifically said "distribution" so why are people at Comiket getting the demo for free and others have to pay for it?



Entirely possible I'm reading it wrong (my Japanese isn't that great) but here's the message:

ゲスト 様 日頃のご支援頂き、お気持ち本当にありがとうございます。 この度 8月12日のコミケにて【チンクエⅡ】の体験版を頒布することになりました。 それに合わせまして、こちらentyでも支援者様に体験版を頒布させていただきます。 コミケ開催と同時刻、8月12日10:00に予約投稿をさせていただきましたので お時間があるときに確認頂ければと思います。 今後ともお気持ち頂ける範囲で構いませんので、何卒ご支援のほどよろしくお願いいたします。 by funa


According to this message, everyone that supports him on his Enty will get the trial version there. He made preparations so that you can expect the trial version to be available starting at 10am Japanese time on Saturday.
However he doesn't mention if it's exclusive to a certain amount of support, therefore I'll just assume that it doesn't matter whether you chose 300/500/1000 Yen.

Well just to make sure, in case I might not make it in time to his space tomorrow, I'll just place a 500Yen support. What's 5 bucks, right ^^?
Now he still hasn't mentioned yet if the demo is going to feature voice acting already. That's kinda my main drive to be interested in the demo at all xD


I can subscribe to anybody in enty at the moment sadly. if someone receive the demo i will be thankfull. I will try to upload shyunta game when it releases (hopefully by the end of august :D).


I'm excited about the game, though I'd personally hold off on the demo and go in with the final product. Hopefully I can get my text hooking to work with RPG MakerMV by then.

My big hope for this game is that Funa gives us more scenes with the primary NPC's instead of one-shot randoms (like the first game was). I like his beast characters especially. Will be interesting to hear how they sound with voices now as well.

Though it seems there will be a lot of "guest" characters from other artists. I recognize Sousuke's art on the left (he really needs to make his own game too), not exactly sure about whom are the others.

Comiket is getting underway now, so I'm sure we'll see the demo soon.


File: 1502511758884-0.png (99.47 KB, 320x500, MVsukokotachie.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1502511758884-1.png (226.85 KB, 380x500, MV0guestayukisa01.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1502511758884-2.png (155.62 KB, 334x500, MVniruvanatachie.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Played and finished the trial. A little over an hour of content.

6 scenes
1 - Guy being attacked by slimes
2 - Spying on a Male Villager masturbating
3 - Bandit stripped
4 - Perving On 2 Soldiers bathing
5 - Soldier masturbates into Alphonse's used underwear
6 - Alphonse and the princess
Along with a non sexual Alphonse CG showing him ordering commands during the castles defense.

Had a look through the game files and theirs a few more CGs left in the files but you can't get them in the trial.

- Someone masturbating Agustein (labeled as scene 7)
- Deitasu sleeping with an erection (labeled as scene 24)

Voice acting is included.

Theirs skits ingame while on the map, referencing the Tales Of series. A prompt comes up on your screen and you press 'C' to access them.

You also get to choose the protagonists class.

Ayukisa is one of the guest artists based on the data. https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=244101
You encounter a character twice but can't really see much of his art (just his face sprites). But the images are labeled GuestAyukisa. It's the white haired darker skinned guest character pictured previously.

You only get the Hero and Deitasu in your party during the trial but based on the files we'll also get:

Agustein (Red haired beast man from the first game)
Alphonse (Blond Knight from the first game)
Vuruzu (Blue haired beast man from the promo images)
Shusshu (the Fairy Of Dicks from the first game)
Nadiba (the red underwear guy from the first game)

The young red haired beast man from the promo images seems to be named Teifon based on the files.

Theirs 2 other characters also in the files that don't show up.
Niruvana - A red headed beast man. (Possibly related to Teifon and/or Agustein)
Sukoku - A blue haired human?


Way to go already spoiling the whole content of the demo xD
I'll take my time though, want to enjoy the story and learn what has happened in-between the two games


Nah, I'm quite grateful for that since I can't even read japanese and therefore playing the game is simply an impossibility.



Thanks for this. The game's coming next month right? I might actually end up skipping the demo and wait for the whole thing even if someone might end up sharing it here.


Thank you for the writeup. Nice to hear the voice acting is in.

Hmm, a bit worried that the scenes so far sound like the first game in terms of amount based on random/nameless characters (in fact, I swear we did the whole slime covered guy and bandit stripping in the first game. And Alphonse banging the princess too).

I do get the feeling that it is going to be a long wait for the final game. I wonder if/when Funa will put up the demo?


I actually enjoyed those scences in the first game so no problem for me, my only concern is can I date Alfonse? Have a big crush on him at the first game lol
Anyway I'm so excited, it's been 4 years, Chinchin Quest is the first RPG H-games I've ever played and it gave me a lot of pleasure although I can't read Japanese haha. I will buy the sequel for sure, just hope that funa will sell it on Booth


The voice acting so far fits the characters pretty well!
Shusshu sounds like a good-for-nothing full-on pervert, Deitasu has a bit deeper voice but still sounds quite youthful, Alphonse has this typical respectful tone with manners and that's it for the demo.
Very curious about how Augustin will sound, since he's a beastman.

Those random scenes however have to occur, that's how you get EXP for the main character xD
According to the game screen, it looks like there are 36 scenes available perhaps? But that can very well just be the current template of the demo version.
funa himself tweeted that there's gonna loads of scenes.
I'm curious if this game will be the last of the series and if there's gonna be couple scenario or something. In last game there wasn't really a romance pairing.

I actually think that the release won't be too far away. The game's release was originally set for this Comiket for instance. In the worst case, in 7 weeks xD

It'll definitely be for sale at his Booth site. The demo will be available there as well this week for 100Yen.
I don't think that the full game will be on Enty, because my guess is it'll be at least around 3000Yen especialyl because it features voice acting.


File: 1502635026325.jpg (289.06 KB, 1220x660, test.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

And most importantly, for all of us that aren't 100% fluent in Japanese, the text-hooking works perfectly fine!


Ah yes, I llove Alphonse too. He's that young "straight guy who should go gay" with an upbeat attitude. In the first game that was unlikely though, given how he was "treated". ;)

Of course I want Alphonse to be "available" in this game, in fact my imagined idea involved him being 'spit-roasted' by the two Beastmen (Augustin and Vuruz), because I find the idea of the "respectful knight" being pounded by "savage" beastmen quite hot.

Nice to hear the VA is good. Too bad Augustin's VA isn't in the trial, was wanting to hear how they'd handle the beastmen voice.

Ah, so he's keeping the same system of the first game with H-Scenes being your XP, cool, no grinding is always great. Still I really hope there'll be proper scenes for the named NPC's since those were lacking in the first game (did Deitasu even have any in the first game?)

I hope this game isn't the last. I like the characters and there should be more. I'd really like it if Funa would partner up with Sousuke to make a game together as their artwork is awesome, and Sousuke in particular needs to do a game already rather than just a guest character here and there.

Yeah, I'll definitely buy it on Booth for sure, and give an extra stipend to him. I know he's put a ton of work into this from following him on twitter, which is hard given it sounds like he's like every other Japanese worker who's got a tough long-hour regular job already.

Oh cool! What text-hooking method is that? It doesn't look like AGTH which I know is still incompatible with RPG MV


The demo has been up on Booth!!


File: 1502692605599-0.png (457.65 KB, 816x624, 007b.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1502692605599-1.png (462.29 KB, 816x623, 024.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1502692605599-2.png (470.1 KB, 816x624, 007e.png) ImgOps Google iqdb


Continued going through the data and got it to open in RPG Maker MV. Some of the events from later on in the game are still in the data.

Spoilers past the trial in this post.

Character Names:
- Niruvana (ニルヴァナ)
- Viruzu (ヴルズ)
- Teifon (ティフォン)

Guest Characters Names (In the order displayed here >>8724 )
- Raifu (雷斧) - Vampire Lord
- Feiru (フェイル) - Magic Knight
- Enteia (エンティア) - Extraordinary Alchemist
- No data
- No data
- Mukutadeiru (ムクタディル) - Wandering Beast Swordsman
- No data
- No data

Stuff from the character profiles:
- Alfonse is engaged to the Princess and next in line to be King.
- Viruzu is Aguestein and Teifon's friend.
- Mukutadeiru is part Panther.

Ages: (Chinque 1 had the 'levels' as character ages, so if thats the same in this one then…)
Hero - 19
Shusshu - 1
Deitasu - 33
Agustein - 29
Alfonse - 31
Viruzu - 26
Nadiba - 29
Teifon - 12
Raifu - 28
Feiru - 35
Enteia - 38
Mukutadeiru - 24

Events referenced in the game data: (Might have translated some of these names wrong)
0 - Scrotal Death Slimes
1 - Deitasu's Village Senior
2 - Torn Bandit
3 - Soldiers Changing Clothes
4 - Alphonse Fan
5 - Alphonse/Princess
6 - Deitasu And The Inn (Part 3)
7 - Agustein And The Inn (Part 3)
8 - Vuruzu And The Inn (Part 3)
9 - A Pair Of Deitasu - Looks like something happens and 2 Deitasu show up, you need to pick the real one based on their underwear.
Multiple other events are listed but have been scrubbed clean. The highest number I can find is 31.

Skits: (Might have the titles on some of these wrong)

- Memory Fragments
- Why Shusshu Doesn't Fight
- The Old Man And The Pots
- Teifon And Agustein
- Half Naked Red Underpants Guy
- Sea Town
- About Your Fur… - This ones funny, the characters comment that Viruzu has fluffier fur then Agustein. So Agustein gets pissed.
- Remembering those days
- Towards Aruhen Castle
- I Got Underpants!
- Reunited After A Long Absence
- Debug - Skit that forces you into the debug room, the room isn't present in the trial.

Other stuff:
Teifon joins the group but doesn't seem to participate in battle.

Found data for 3 modes of transportation. The boat and airship from Chinque 1 are returning. Along with a Ship. I suspect we don't control the ship and it has pre-determined destinations.

Looks like not recruiting Nadiba (Green haired red underwear guy) in Chinque 1 is canon. His recruitment event is still in the data (he joins at his house). His name isn't known so he's referred to as 'Naked Green Hair' (裸の緑髪). Theirs a skit referencing that he shows up at some point and the characters recognise his face but not his name.

Looks like theirs a ship battle at some point. Theirs dialogue between Deitasu and Niruvana where they refer to your ship being attacked.

Theirs an event where you see Mokutadeiru being attacked by dead spirits and you jump in to help him. He's referred to as 'Silver Beastman' at this point in the game. The last line of dialogue for this has him finally agreeing to talk to you.

The final boss seems to be an 'Incarnation Of Calamity'. It has multiple forms in the game data. One form has 890000 HP.

Looks like some party members have events in the Inn's when you spend the night. With the 3rd event containing a CG. 4 events in total. Found references to events for Viruzu, Deitasu and Agustein. You get to choose who to spend time with so it's not random.

Viruzu's seem to involve the protagonist trying to get him to open up. His 3rd event involves Teifon who seems to cuddle up in bed with Viruzu (Not sexually).
Agustein's seem to involve discussions about Ore. In his 3rd event you catch him masturbating. He's got a particular type of ore that must be kept in a bag of beastman semen which he changes every 2 days.
Deitasu's seem to involve discussions about training. In his 3rd event you catch him asleep with an erection. 3 choices 'Touch It', 'Watch Him' and 'Leave Very Gently'. Choosing either of the first 2 options causes him to wake up but he doesn't notice what happened.

Guest characters Raifu and Enteia have enemy data, so we fight them at some point. Niruvana also has enemy data, so we fight him at some point too.

I get the feeling the trial was originally meant to go up until you meet Agustein, Teifon and Viruzu. The Dark Forest (where the trial cuts off) seems to be complete. It has enemy data + entry/exit points. The Beastman Village is incomplete. Theirs 2 versions, regular and destroyed. Both are fully designed and have entry/exit points. But only the destroyed version has events (with most of the dialogue scrubbed).

See attached images for some of the hidden CGs in the trial data.


Just a question though
Why are you doing this? Digging so much into the trial data and therefore potentially already ruining part of the experience you'll get for the final full version of the game?
Oh well…

All you need you'll find here http://www.ulmf.org/bbs/showthread.php?t=29359
But what means you'll use for translation is up to you.



It fascinates me to go through the data for games and find hidden/unused/interesting things. To me it doesn't ruin the experience, it enhances it.


Well for me perhaps only after I have completed the game, to see if I have missed something ^^"
And just as a sidenote, you were lucky that this version already comes unpacked. Normally the contents of the www-folder are all packed and need extra extraction tools.

Well now comes the hardest part, waiting for the final release of the game.
We can both agree on that this game will be extremely good and will definitely make up for the recent lack of new VNs (looking in your direction, Shunta-san >_<)
I found it so cute that you actually meet Deitasu's dad and when he asks him what guest he has brought with him, Deitasu corrects him and says that we're not a guest but a very important person.
I have a feeling that this time around there'll finally be couples happening.


Wow! Good job in datamining! That's a lot of cool stuff. And daaaamn, Augustin is so hot, I just really really hope there's more scenes of him than that.

I wonder what role the guest characters will play. In Funa's past games guest characters are usually brief one-off's with not much content (in the first game, they were Arena combatants).

The ages are interesting, some are "older" than I expected (granted, in most Japanese media anyone close to or over 30 is by default an "old man"), so not counting Teifon, the only one who is still a teen is the protag.

I'm still curious how the story ties in to the first game, because from my understanding (limited Japanese reading skills), Time/Events were reset and thus the whole first game didn't really take place? But memories were left intact. Hence why Teifon (Augustin's brother) is alive where he was dead in the first game.

Anyway, it sounds like it's a pretty big game, so I understand why Funa has taken so long to make it.

Thanks for the link! I'll definitely try to set that up and hope it works when the full game comes out.

Couples would be great. I'd also like to see some of the NPC's hook up with each other too. I still feel it's going to be a long wait for the final game. My "worst case" is, depending on what Funa still wants to add or put in, he may decide to just say "Fuck it" and delay until Winter Comiket at end of the year. Not to knock him, but when you have a project that gets to a large size, you sometimes keep adding things and not stop yourself.


Are there any translations available for Dachiriba, Dekariba or Natsuriba?


File: 1502897548710.jpg (115.98 KB, 800x914, DHTfGuxV0AAPB24.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

Sousuke posted his own "fanart" of Alphonse on twitter to celebrate the release of the trial. Of course, it only makes me wish more that he would work even closer with Funa on the artwork of his games, or finally just make his own.

I did get the text hooking to work as described in the post in this thread and tested it on the trial. Gonna be a long wait for the full game :(


anyone here has translations for any of his games ?


File: 1503198038814-0.jpg (85.58 KB, 1000x650, 008_4.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

File: 1503198038814-1.jpg (98.4 KB, 1000x650, 007_2.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

File: 1503198038814-2.jpg (77.83 KB, 282x575, CLkhO7mUcAAPdPA.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

So who's your favorite character in this series?

From the first game I had such a hard time choosing between either Alphonse or Augustin, though now in the sequel I'm actually looking forward to seeing Vuruzu the most.


File: 1503266695247-0.png (Spoiler Image, 603.85 KB, 818x625, mb.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1503266695247-1.png (Spoiler Image, 525.67 KB, 818x625, bd.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1503266695247-2.png (Spoiler Image, 448.87 KB, 818x625, Al.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

So I got through the demo and was able to understand some of the story.

Seems like the events of the first game were "reversed" or didn't happen (think of this as a new timeline), and only a few characters retain their memories of that, such as Deitasu, but most do not, like Alphonse.

I actually do like the "recycling" of the world map from the first game in the demo, it's a nice familiarity, that has a slight visual upgrade in MV. I don't know how much content is already "pre-built" thanks to MV, but I also like some of the detail in the world of examining things.

If I have a "worry" it is that the CG gallery that's in the demo only has by my count 36 panels (variations included in those), and 6 are already revealed in the demo. That really doesn't seem like that much considering the amount of characters and I hope that it's just due to the demo being limited without all the content.

And of the 6, most are solo pics, with Alphonse and the princess being the only sex scene (but at least it confirmed voices in those scenes thankfully). Speaking of which, I'm hoping that the unenthusiastic voice acting during that scene was more due to Alphonse not being "satisfied" by his partner, and not just the VA himself being dull :P

I also think the guy who's masturbating to Alphonse's underwear is the same guy who reluctantly raped him in the first game.


After you defeat that blue hair guy, calling him "Blue" now, at the end of the first game(who was responsible for all the chaos) a crystal appeared and after you touched it the world was restored to how it was before with everybody alive and well. Everybody's memories got replaced too and the player shouldn't be remembered by anybody once he returned to his own. But because Deitasu, Augustin and ?Nadiba? have travelled with you and especially because Deitasu has strong feelings for you, they retained their memories.
But what is weird though is how Shusshu and Blue are connected.
Shusshu refers to Blue as "Prince" and they seem to be both from heaven, or at least from a gigantic cloud.
Shusshu meddles with hentai teens on Earth and takes them away to a fantasy world whereas Blue acts as the opposition that the teen has to overcome in order to return.
It all seems to be a game that Shusshu and Blue play in order to entertain themselves.


I find the class choice interesting, we get
the Warrior for high HP and Attack
the Magician for ranged spell attacks
the Priest for Healing
the thief for status attacks

Looking at the other characters, the magician would perhaps be a good choice since everybody actually is already some kind of warrior, right?


I yes, I now remember the blue-hair "genie", Shusshu's counterpart, from the first game. And what happened is exactly as you described. I wouldn't be surprised if this was all just a game between the two. I do laugh in the demo when Shusshu says his full name and title and they "Bleep" out part of it.

I'm wondering are those classes going to be how every character is set to? Because as you say, it does seem on the face of things that most of the characters would be "Warrior's". Deitasu is definitely one and I'd figure Alphonse will be one.

But yeah, since there's going to seemingly be a lot of Warriors it makes more sense to be something else.


>I'm wondering are those classes going to be how every character is set to?

If they don't change from the demo, then everyone has different classes. Although they're all fairly warrior based.

Datamined demo spoilers ahead!

Name - Default Class
Shusshu - Fairy Of Dicks
Deitasu - Kingdom Warrior
Agustein - Master Blacksmith
Alphonse - Holy Knight
Viruzu - Beast Warrior
Nadiba - Martial Artist


Indeed. Pretty much every one of those NPC classes could be matched to "Warrior". ShusShu I could see being a Magician given magic is his entire being.

I could perhaps see a splitting of hairs that could match Alphonse, a "Holy Knight" with maybe the Priest class if he's a healer. Nadiba could maybe be a "Thief" as a Martial Artist as well.

But the rest all look like Warriors. Deitasu and Viruzu already have the "Warrior" title, and Augustein being a Blacksmith and Alphonse being a Knight would at first glance match up with the Warrior class. Though perhaps Alphonse being "Holy" might make him part of the Priest class of healing. And Nadiba being a "Martial Artist" may make him more of a Thief class.

Well, will be interesting to see.



Datamined Demo Spoilers ahead!

Looking deeper into things, it looks like theirs more party members then I thought but most of them seem to be 'guest' characters.

Hero/Deitasu/Agustein are the main 3. The only time I can find a reference to a 4 person party is Hero/Deitasu/Agustein/Viruzu from the skits.

Theirs a section where the hero is alone (like the first game). During this time you can get 'guest' party members and trigger various h-scenes.

While your alone you can recruit (and leave behind) Nadiba.

I found it while looking into the events at the Castle Town. Theirs one building you cannot get into unless your alone (theirs a bunch of triggers if you have party members so you cannot get in unless your alone).

Looks like it's a brothel called "Honeybee House". The guy in charge asks you to choose a girl and you choose him instead. (He tells you to go to the back room but the dialogue after that has been wiped).

The interesting part is the triggers. They reference the party members as you cannot go in with any of the following in your party:

Raifu (Class: Strong Man) - Guest Artist Character - Looks like I made a mistake with his nickname earlier. It's not Vampire Lord. I believe it's Stalwart Chief.
Feiru (Class: Arc Knight) - Guest Artist Character
Enteia (Class: Alchemist) - Guest Artist Character
Mukutadeiru (Class: Panther) - Guest Artist Character

Outside of the fact that they're grouped with the playable characters, their aren't any other references to Shusshu and Alphonse joining the party. (Other then the pre-release image showing Shusshu in combat). I'm thinking they don't actually join. If they do, it must be short and limited.

Theirs 36 panels for scenes (possibly more in the final game but I'll assume 36 for now).
6 scenes are in the demo and a further 4 are referenced in the game files.
The 'Honeybee House' scene seems to be leading to another scene.
I assume the 4 guest party members + Nadiba and Viruzu each have atleast 1 scene.
Also I assume the other 4 guest artist characters each have a scene.

6 + 4 + 1 + 6 + 4 = 21 scenes we either know about or we can assume currently.


could you please use the spoilers function?
you know, {s}Spoiler{/s} (and instead of "{ }" use "[ ]" )
all this is ruining the final game


Wow. That's a lot of info. Thanks!

I really hope that Alphonse will join the party or be more involved. I'd hate for him to be sidelined as he's too sexy to waste :(

Also am still holding out hope that there will be more than 36 Panels. With 6 already revealed that there is 1/6 of the content already shown in the short demo. But I fear it's probably accurate since the First game had only like 30 panels by my count :(

With the idea that this game will also have a solo segment like the first one, it also sounds like most of the panels will again be one-offs with random characters. Pity, I was hoping for more focus on the main accompanying NPC's.

Oh well, best to set expectations lower to avoid disappointment. But of course I'll still look forward to it all the same.


I wouldn't put so much faith into all that datamining crap. It's from a demo afterall and we don't know how it came to be. It could be a small cut portion of the current wip game or even just a little junk of the very early stages of development just with added voices. We don't know.

However, I personally do believe that the sequel will be close to the style of its prequel. I think no romancing options between the mc and main characters since they've always been depicted as merely friends and accomplices. The most and probably only ecchi scenes will take place once again during solo segments by the mc.
I just hope that that won't be the case at all and personally I wish that there'll be some more mature scenes in the game and not just so many from the "young man" department.


Funa was very quiet lately on twitter, and he made one post recently which said something along the lines of that he has some family misfortune and was out of it for a while. But that he'd start little by little to return to normal.

Obviously if it was serious then it's most likely the game will probably have its release be delayed for some time. But most importantly I hope he is ok.


Well not quiet per se, he usually doesn't tweet much anyways or reveals any info about anything, but that late tweet I've seen and read too and it doesn't sound any good at all.
I'm convinced now that this game is going to be either very last minute for this month or another statement will follow soon from now on announcing another delay, possibly towards next Comiket even (I dare hope not).
This is getting annoying honestly.
I wouldn't have any problem with funa delaying the game for a bit at all, only if Shunta would have released his game already by now. Or if Moritake would release his game soon instead, which btw is probably very likely. In the end Moritake is going to release his game even before everybody else.
Still hoping for funa to get it together and hold onto his promises though!
19 days remaining…


I don't know. Funa's tweet was pretty vague and the way it came off was like he's not quite really back into things. I'm pretty certain that the game is "delayed".

Making games takes forever, especially for a single guy who has to do both art and game dev. Would be nice if these makers could get help, but even that's no guarantee really, there always seems to be problems.

Just look at the Full Service game production and how it's looking very shaky and uncertain.


New Update posted on Enty as follows:







Makes sense. His circle is listed for Comiket afterall, so hopefully he'll release the game this time around.


So to summarize the game is nearly complete and it seems like Funa is focusing on trying to draw as many Event CG as he can, but that he's also trying to finish this by the end of December (likely for Winter Comiket).

Hopefully he will be successful, it does seem like he must have hit a snag in his plans somewhere since I think many were anticipating this to release in the Fall initially.

Of course, more Event CG will be nice, and I'll be optimistic for him to get in as much as he can by the deadline


I think he should be focusing more on finishing the game rather than adding more CGs to it. Unless those extra CGs are adding to scenes he's already done written, then it's a good decision.
The other scenario, and I think that'll more likely be the case here, is that he's adding more insignificant NPC scenes. That's something we all can do without especially if that will potentially endanger yet another delay.


I agree. I hope it is CG's with the main characters, not random NPC's. That would make me satisfied.


A good 4 weeks left until C93.
I really hope that funa does the same he did with the demo, to make the full game available as download for his Enty at the same day he's selling it at Comiket, ~10:00am Japan time on Saturday.
Of course first he has to get it done. Well seeing how abruptly he cancelled the release shortly before the event, there couldn't have been that much left for finishing the game.
Thone last good 4 weeks should be sufficient enough.
And boy oh boy will that game be awesome!


Funa started posting character introductions on Enty including VA names + Voice samples

Character - VA
ディタス/Deitasu - 片山一朗太 - http://voice-koesen.com/actor/katayama.php
シュッシュ/Shusshu - ごじゃっぺ - http://voice-koesen.com/actor/gojappe.php
アグスティン/Agustein - ケント - http://voice-koesen.com/actor/kento.php
ヴルズ/Vuruzu - イヲリ - https://solty-alacarte.jimdo.com/%E3%83%A1%E3%83%B3%E3%83%90%E3%83%BC/%E3%82%A4%E3%83%B2%E3%83%AA/


Although those are just samples from the seiyuu and not how they voiced the specific characters for the game.
You need to check them out on funa's Enty


Can somebody tell me what those recent patron-only posts are?
Are those game content, illustrations perhaps? I don't want to get spoilered before the release of the game so don't share them or anything, just tell what those posts contain. If you can please.



They're CGs. Most are from the trial but one is 'new' (he posted an earlier version of the new image on his twitter in early November)

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