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So…do we have a DNP list or something? I ask because someone speedily deleted the 2nd Kokuhane thread in /ptr and then deleted the thread that started it all in /rs.


Having a DNP here is bizarre to say the least. There is so much paid content here that it's incredibly hipocritical to protect one or two artists.


Just make your own. It's easier to tell who and what to post by what posts of yours get deleted or not. And who knows, maybe eventually the artist stops coming around.


unless the thread or the contents of the thread explicitly breaks a rule, it's not likely to be deleted

alternatively, if an artist comes along with proof of their ownership and contacts the site owners, they can probably have the thread deleted, but honestly there's no real contact information for the moderation staff beyond the report feature so :shrug:


Why were the threads deleted btw?


No clue, weren't my threads but had tabs open to em and refreshing brought 404. Went to check the thread in /rs and that was gone too.


To answer the questions;

No we do not have a DNP list.

Artists who wishes to have their works deleted can contact me and after I've verified that they are indeed who they claim and not just some overzealous fan, I will delete the thread(s) (or posts, if applicable) containing their work.
Since we do not have a DNP list (nor sufficient staff or time to enforce one) it's the artist's responsibility to monitor the board and request deletion of any new thread.

In the case of Kokuhane, he contacted me to have the threads mentioned removed, and so they were removed.


Good to know, thanks for the response!


So, if we brought the atention to all patreon artists about this website and they collectively asked for their art to be removed, the patreon board would be nuked? why bother having such a board, if it's the case.

Also, for the person who had kokuhane stuff, post it on u18chan or g.e-hentai. They don't delet patreon related works posted there.


Artists know about this place


The first example of >>774 coming to mind was back before the last board went down, with an artist called DarkViperBara, who had switched to a monthly more expensive pack than his older low cost sparse pics posted, and suddenly there was a topic and his packs were being shared, not long after he started on his tumblr the "Free unlock" or "free Release" or something like that, in wich he posted some of the high quality images from the older packs in their actual 1080p size, if i'm not mistaken, so…

Artists know of this place and of many other image boards/forums where work gets shared. Some dont care, some request takedowns, some get angry and do smoething about it, like the crywolf series artist who decided to watermark his work with the patron's email in a sort of intrusive way to avoid sharing, because otherwise he'd know who shared and could take some action like blocking the person or something.

long story short, barachan dont have a DNP but artists are free to do their stuff whenever they want, how they react to their work being shared over the internet is up to them.


I think the most easy example it is Hydaria.


once artist asks to stop then better stop. period


Can we at least know what is happening because sometimes threads vanish like the bara dress up on md and we don't know if we can repost or just let it be.

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