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Small reminder that /ptr/ rules have been updated.
So please make sure you read the new rules to avoid undue warnings and bans.

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Please direct all comments, problems, suggestions and otherwise related to the board and Barachan as a whole into this thread, so that we can avoid /dis/ being cluttered by multiple threads on the subject.


once again asking to make this >>>/res/9629 a sticky thread since it's a well all-around guide


I already made a buying guide in the new request & share board using that thread as a template. :)



Can you please move the orc thread, at the very least, from etc to 2d, alt, or fur? There's close to 300 images in there which would be a shame to delete all.


File: 1484488549469.jpg (343.51 KB, 926x1920, 2.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

I have always thought barachan was a dead board, with the admin no longer administrating it, but I guess I was wrong. Good stuff, Rexxar.

Now, If it's possible, could you please move the Robots thread to /fur/ (according to the rules, it's where the thread belongs to)? It has over 170 images, so I think it would be really bad to delete such good amount of robot porn.


why the hell is /request/ getting deleted


Done! >>>/2D/10301

Done! >>>/fur/12479

Because we have a new request board: >>>/rs/
Which you would have known if you had read the news post or even the giant red text on /request/ stating such.


hi hello the link to the news post in the header redirects to the moderator login page so kindly get the fuck off my back thx


Whops. Corrected now. Thank you insomnia.


Idk if I should ask this but…
I was marked as spam today, but yesterday I posted a request on draw thread of /fur/…
I don't know what can happen, but I don't want to bring problems to that site or for me, I should do something?


What exactly was the error message?


Gotta say it's nice to have some written rules on the board! Nice works mods, this'll clear up some confusions and stuffs.

And question, how do you migrate thread from /Req to /rs? Do we still have to use Report function or something else?

And the spinning gif of this thread made my browser a bit laggy, hopefully all gif is not auto-play by default :\


awuhhh, something about my IP was blocked by spamhaus, and checking on the site, CBL said I was blocked because my IP was infected with Hajime, Wopbot, Mirai or similar malware (I used adwcleaner and restarted the router after the first try, but it seems to be something on my router configurations)

sorry my lack of information, I'm a bit scared :'/


Why did the oozaru thread of the /etc/ disappear?
Any accident?


It was moved to /fur;


This may be a crazy request, but could we get a "cleanslate" CSS style (i.e., a style free of CSS coding)? I've been relearning - and enjoying creating - CSS coding lately but even the Yotsuba B style is a bit convoluted.


If possible this would include specific element style.


> And question, how do you migrate thread from /Req to /rs? Do we still have to use Report function or something else?

If it's a thread where a request has been fulfilled and material has been posted then you can either;
1. Let me know here
2. Report it with "request fulfilled" or similar in the reasons field

However if it's just a request thread filled with nothing but BUMP BUMP BUMP, then it's best to just remake it in /rs/.

> And the spinning gif of this thread made my browser a bit laggy, hopefully all gif is not auto-play by default :\

That's… really weird unless you're on a computer from like 1998.
Right next to the file name there's a (Hide) link that you can click which will unload the image and not load it again during page refreshes.

But no, that animated gif as thumbnail is exclusively for this thread, normal gifs still have a still-frame thumbnail.

This means that the IP you have currently been assigned by your ISP was at some point used maliciously by someone, either for spamming or for spreading malware. As these kinds of IP flaggings lasts a fair amount of time, it's very possible that you aren't infected, but rather that someone else was a while ago.

The fact that you could post, then could not post, and now can post again means you were just unlucky and that only a certain number of IP's are blacklisted as malicious. All I can suggest is that you restart your modem/router next time it happens, to get a new IP.

It should be in /fur/, however we did have some accidents with the board during the process (the thread moving system is a bit buggy, but has since been fixed) so and it might have been one of the fatalities. Just check the catalog.

I'm not sure I understand your request. I cannot make a CSS theme that doesn't have a CSS theme associated with it.
I also cannot make a theme that strips all style, class or ID elements from each and every HTML tag, as that's hardcoded.

However if you want a CSS free barachan to play on you should be able to just open your browser's web developer, and go check the <head> tags for <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="something/something"> and then delete those, that should leave you with a pure HTML page (or at least as pure as it goes).


Oh no no no, don't nix the class and ID elements, literally just meant removing the <style> tags basically because at least 60% of the coding I've been working on is tailoring specific/individual elements rather than being able to generalize and work to more specific.

I like the class and ID attributes haha


Well as previously mentioned, I cannot change the HTML itself because that's hardcoded to be like that to work with ALL themes. If I were to change it anyways, all the other themes would break horribly.


Oh well, nothing ventured nothing gained. Guess I'll go back to using tumblr then haha

Thanks though.


I'll do, thanks Rexxar.


I want to comment as well on the new changes around here but first of all thank you very much for implementing my guide about how to buy gay manga ;-)
Now onto the feedback

the requests
Correct me if I'm wrong but now all sorts of requests have to go in one and the same section? Requests for manga, for ero games, for comics, for drawn pictures, for real-life porn pictures, for real-life porn videos, for patreon rewards, for image identification etc. All in one single section called /rs/ ?
I honestly think that this is a very bad idea.
Ideas: at least separate manga/comics/ero game requests from the "regular" requests like before since those are usualy a whole lot. /2D/, /3D/, /fur/, /alt/, /ptr/ could have their own sticky thread for requests.

Rule No17
I cannot say that I like this one very much. I believe that people who come here for doujin won't bother with /dis/ at all. Plus I assume linking/referring to an existing trade thread is also not allowed, right?
Ideas: I suggested this before but how about a separate trade section, /trade/ ?
Or just one single sticky thread for all users that want to do trades within the doujin sections.

That is all^^b


> at least separate manga/comics/ero game requests from the "regular" requests like before since those are usualy a whole lot.

Been there, done that. The main problem is that people get confused which section to post on. A whole lot.
Which is why I'm coalescing the two sections, so that we don't have to spend all day erryday deleting threads, warning and outright banning people because they don't immediately pick up on the subtle differences between the sections.
Additionally all the other boards I've been to have had one section for all request stuff, and it's worked out a treat, so now I've decided to give it a try here and see how it goes.

> /2D/, /3D/, /fur/, /alt/, /ptr/ could have their own sticky thread for requests.

That's a bigtime no. That's precisely the reason why I implemented /ptr/, because sticky threads gets messy and unwieldy very quickly. To add to the issue, once it grows to a certain size, with enough posts and images, it starts to bog down the server severely whenever it has to serve a huge HTML document, accompanied by tens of MB worth of thumbnails.
I personally noticed that the loading times for the Patreon stickies eventually went up to several seconds as they grew past the regular 250 post bump limit, even when loading them locally, which is unacceptable.

> I believe that people who come here for doujin won't bother with /dis/ at all.

Well the people who are here for doujins also doesn't want to come here only to have every other thread be cluttered with "I'll trade ya <this> for <that> but only if you promise not to share with anyone".

> Plus I assume linking/referring to an existing trade thread is also not allowed, right?

Correct. There will only be one thread for all that stuff.

> I suggested this before but how about a separate trade section, /trade/ ?

Honestly, I'm not a fan of the whole "Secret club of trades" thing, and creating an entire board dedicated to keeping content from the public goes against what I want for the board. Hell it's against why I made the board to begin with.
If people desperately want a clubhouse where they can do private trades they are more than welcome to buy a domain and server, and host the site themselves with their own money.

> Or just one single sticky thread for all users that want to do trades within the doujin sections.

Maybe. But considering that the thread will have exactly zero posted content, just a lot of text posts with people talking about what doujin they are willing to trade for what doujin, it fits a lot better on the section that's dedicated to text posts and discussions, namely /dis/.


>Honestly, I'm not a fan of the whole "Secret club of trades" thing, and creating an entire board dedicated to keeping content from the public goes against what I want for the board.

Oh god, finally some light on this issue. I think trading should be prohibited since it is against of what the board os meant in first place.


Sounds all perfectly plausible and acceptable. I'll be posting in /dis/ then and once the money goes a bit more smoothly even share a bit here and there ^^b
Thank you very much for elaborating!

Just one more thing that comes to my mind: Correctly requesting
Too many times I've seen in request threads that posts only contain one single picture, that's it. No info or any source at all.
Idea: something like a 'template' perhaps? Every doujin request has to have at least a picture and the source.
I know that many people post requests the instant they see some nice picture on eg pixiv and sometimes circles' or artist's names are forgotten or cannot be identified. But at the very least always post the source too.

Trading is not a bad thing. Like I've mentioned above I might be able to share some sooner or later. But I'd really hate to see my shares outside of the barachan community. So it's not that easy to share, well at least for me.


I won't be entirely prohibiting it, no. They'll get a thread, that's it.
I feel that's a good balance between yes and no.

> Idea: something like a 'template' perhaps? Every doujin request has to have at least a picture and the source.

Sadly not possible with the current board software. And making a sticky demanding people to follow a template will just result in even more deletions and bans because some people just will not read no matter what you do. That, or they cannot, given that Barachan's second and third biggest audience is Japan and Taiwan respectively.

However I believe /rs/ will sort itself out in the end. With the new bump and page limit, if someone makes a crappy request, they won't get any responses and the thread will quickly fall off the board.


will you move >>>/request/8244 into 2D, or alt, maybe doujin? Whichever it fits better. thank you!


Moved to >>>/doujin/3188
Also, fixed your link


Can the landing page and rule page theme in sync with the theme we have chose from? I mean it just annoying and hurt my eyes when browsing late at night because of the sudden glare.


File: 1485462211344.png (679.76 KB, 1922x722, filename_saving.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Admin, can we have something like the first example (in green) rather than the current, second example (in red)?


Can we have a rule or at least some directions added that personal images, drawings or nudes should be resized to 1000px wide? People keep posting 3~4k images wide with the highest density that are terrible to load on phone.


I must say this new request section is great in regard to how fast certain threads go byebye. Finally no more overload bumping crap.
But you really didn't do us any favor with how littered it is now with all those patreon requests.


is it possible to increase the size of vid uploads to 20mb?


The landing page isn't compatible, and the rules page wasn't designed with that in mind.

The board wasn't designed with this in mind, so a thread without title would show up weirdly in the browser header. I'll look into it but I make no promises.

Just open them in a separate tab, the mobile browser should downscale it automatically.

> But you really didn't do us any favor with how littered it is now with all those patreon requests.

Well the issue with that is that all the alternatives are undesirable.

Making a separate section fractures the board and causes unwanted moderation issues where people (especially those from non-english speaking countries) constantly posts in the wrong place. It also goes against the direction of this recent section redesign of simplifying the layout.

And making a sticky is also not viable because not only does it become unreadable due to literally squeezing like 80 different discussions into one place, but also quickly growing to the size where it not only affects browsers negatively, but also the server itself as it has to serve several megabytes of HTML each time.

No, because I don't want porn studios on my ass about how people uploaded this and that feature length paid porno movie.
The current limit is enough for most gifs, and even short 1080p video clips assuming it's properly compressed.


>7460 here. thats reasonable. ok.


I think the content in /etc/ should have all been moved to /alt/ and make /alt/ the board for uncategorizable stuff. That removed board existed for all the content that didn't fit in 2D, 3D and fur, and since many people confused it with /alt/, why not just combine it with /alt/?


The robot thread does not belong in 2D, 3D or fur. Why is it in /fur/ when the majority of the robots are humanoid? That makes no sense.
Threads like this is why we need a board to put etc. stuff in that can't fit in the other boards. The /alt/ board can be made for things like robots, anthro planes, human/furry hybrids, demons?, aliens?, and whatever else. The hardcore fetishes like scat, piss, gore, death, rape, and stuff can get spoiler tags for those who arn't into that stuff.


Exif link on reverse search options on images is no longer usable. The site has been moved to http://exif.regex.info/exif.cgi.


If I were to make a thread about guys in hentai, what board would I post that in? I ask because there may be occasions where there might be a nude woman present even when the photos are cropped to show off the man.


There's already a thread for that in /alt/


I have problem with [rs],threads showing randomly,not by bump order.Any suggestions?


Did you set "Sort by:" to Bump Order?


Oh,i found it,thank you!


Ok,another problem,when i close and open [rs] again,"Sort by" is changing to Random


uhh, what happened to the Patreon thread on /fur/? peoples are requesting things that already was shared…


I deleted it since we deprecated it a long time ago in favor of /ptr/ and the other boards already had their versions deleted. Probably wasn't that good of an idea in hindsight.


Since we have a guide on how to play Japanese games, could have one for extracting CGs as well? There's few I'd like to unpack, but have no idea how to do that.


Is there a DNP list for keeping track of artists who have filed takedown requests in the past? If there isn't, is there any chance to set one up for the sake of reference?


The system for filing take down requests hasn't been implemented yet so no.


Huh, really? Could have sworn there used to be a board on the forums where artists could request their content to be taken down. Did something happen to that or did I just remember it wrong?


should still be there but who actually knows about the forum?


We don't use the forum anymore.


yeah too bad
the barachan era with the forum back in '12/'13 was the best


That's how long ago that was? I remember finding that place sometime late 2016 or so when the imageboard itself was down for a significant amount of time, but now I'm starting to wonder if that was a different forum, as little sense as that would make.


I'm talking about the bara xibia forum
got to meet so many different awesome people and ultimately led me to pursue doujinshi
good times


HTTP connection can leak the whole surf history and etc., and HTTPS connection is more secure compare to HTTP. Do admin has a plan to implant HTTPS?


> Do admin has a plan to implant HTTPS?

No, because there's literally nothing on the board that requires an encrypted connection.

> HTTP connection can leak the whole surf history and etc.

That… really isn't how neither HTTP nor HTTPS works.

HTTP does not "leak the whole surf history", unless you're talking about ISP/Router logging or some VERY specific zero-day exploit, which would not be helped by HTTPS because the entire point of HTTPS is to encrypt the transfer of data, not the end result. So Javascript exploits and similar would still have access to the unencrypted data in memory, just like your browser.

Additionally even with HTTPS, you still need to make DNS queries and direct IP connections so your ISP and any middle-man would still know you visited Barachan at this and this time.

> and HTTPS connection is more secure compare to HTTP.

From a data-safety standpoint cannot argue with that. But again, there's literally nothing on this site that NEEDS to be encrypted or "secured".
And forcing the server to encrypt every thread request, every thumbnail request and every image request would put undue strain on it for no real reason.
There's also the issue of getting a certificate which in most cases cost money and is an ass to setup, which again would be for no real reason other than keeping your parents from knowing that yesterday at 11:35PM you visited that one piss fetish thread on /alt/.


Bit of a dumb question probably, but if I started a thread on /2d/, /3d/, /fur/, or /alt/, similar to, say, >>>/fur/14722, is there a minimum of images I'd have to provide for the thread in order for it to not be cracked down on by a mod? Maybe my memory's just shit, but I feel like I remember a thread being locked/deleted and/or the OP getting banned because he started a thread with only a single image. Either way, I'd like to err on the side of caution on this one.


Completely new threads need at least 3 images to start, continuations of threads do not.


hey mods


Hello. Is there anything we can help you with?


File: 1492978630787.png (33.67 KB, 343x299, hey_listen_by_createvi-d3e….png) ImgOps Google iqdb


Hey mods! I keep getting global board cooldown message whenever I post. And yes I only post images, no comment whatsoever.

Do you know what caused it?


im not a mod but the probable cause is you may be posting too fast and frequent. pace yourself when pic dumping. take a minute or so before posting the next batch.


Nope, that was my first post of the day.


well that sucks.


No worries, it's gone now.

Server problem probably.


Can someone make a newbie guide to Barachan? Like how to write comment, posting images, tagging specific post etc?

I kinda forgot how to spoiler text and bold and italic and stuff.


File: 1500935847465.png (5.64 KB, 388x86, ss (2017-07-24 at 03.23.55….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Commenting: Type your comment in the comment box and click "New Reply".

Posting images: Click the box that says "Select/drop/past files here" and choose your image and click "New Reply".
You can put up to 3 images in one post.

Tagging a post: Click on the No.XXXX next to the date and time of the post.

Spoiler text/bold/italic: See image.

Deleting a post: Click the checkbox on the upper left of the post, then click the delete button that appears on the bottom right of the post.


Imma save that pic right away. Thanks a lot!


I could have sworn having seen one or two manga by Fujimoto(those Slave Island ones) posted in /doujin/ just a couple hours ago. Now they are gone.
What I want to know is were they removed by the person who posted them or has there been a removal request by the artist or something similar?


Hi, I have a question related to this forum, I want to know if there is a way to search for specific subjects on the site.


I also want to know if anyone can please teach me of how to quote a message, it's awful, whenever site I'm in I never know how to properly quote people =(


I personally didn't delete them. Not sure about the other mods.
Normal users (those who don't have mod or admin privileges) don't have a search feature, unfortunately.
Click or tap on the post number of the message you want to quote.


Haha, thanks =) Hope they also include the search feature for normal users in the future.


Oops, meant to use the Mod capcode but it turned into a tripcode instead.


Yo admin! Will you fix the Exif link?

"Jeffrey's Image Exif Viewer has moved.

My image-data viewer has moved to http://exif.regex.info/."


Highly recommend to open up a section for bara games!


We do have video gaming thread in /dis somewhere. Well it's not even active in weeks. So opening new section is just pointless.


I don't think that would be necessary.
Every time a new game gets released all everybody cares about is either "CGs!" or "share?"
Never seen anybody actually talking about a game enough to dedicate a thread for ero games not to mention an entire section even.


You got that right bro -_-


Rule question.

so /ptr/ by its very nature is for posting of copyrighted materials. Obviously we want to support artists and their making money off their art. At the same time, I feel like we can balance it by posting old art. What are the general guidelines admin follow regarding takedown requests? Specifically I'm talking about the images I posted on the hotcha thread from powerplay 2 that were more than a year old until he decided to post them on gumroad later that day…


if the artist himself asked for his art to be removed there's not much you can do, there's no such thing as to "balance" things on /ptr/, paid content is still paid content even if it's a week or a year old, it's up to the artist to release things that are over a year old for everyone to see, you should be grateful the mods don't remove /ptr/ because damn are you broke beggards whiny


What the man said!


>damn are you broke beggards whiny
SO on point!


fyi this board's primary function is to facilitate the sharing of bara content and if you are not willing to partake in this then u frankly have no valid reason to be on this site in the first place, so how about u sit ya ass down instead ma’am


>this board's primary function is to facilitate the sharing of bara content
Do you honestly believe that?
The majority of people coming here are just looking for free stuff without even an ounce of intention to provide something. That's how it is.
And believe it or not but without artists there's no content. Therefore it would be wise to respect artists' wishes at least "sometimes" and when they ask for something to be removed, just remove it.


no, you sit down, do you realize you're pretty much saying it's okay to comply to some whiny guy's demands even if the artist himself asked for his content to be removed in a polite and respectful way?


this site does not have a DNP list nor has it ever so uh, yes

yes because I've been here since the beginning and that has always been the case


>The majority of people coming here are just looking for free stuff without even an ounce of intention to provide something. That's how it is.

That is how it's always have been, don't pretend to be shocked, its the main purpose of the board after all.

IMO if every artist that comes here and asks to remove theirs stuff and the mods and admin do, it becomes an indirect DNP.

So go down of your fucking high horse and stop trying to pretend that you have any so called "morals" in pirated stuff.


Has nothing to do with "high horse" or "morals".
Usually lurkers who only take whine the loudest when it comes to a discussion like this. Go figure…
All I'm saying is that it just might be wise to think about what the source of the product has to say before some unattractive consequences for us may occur.


>before some unattractive consequences for us may occur.

Can you please be more specific?


Well for instance
artists might quit, whole circles/companies might quit, artists might cancel certain manga series, artists might stop making their work digitally available and go convention-only or might stop producing r-18 material and go for more market-friendly material for broader audiences.
Just to name a few instances and those all happened already.
Therefore, it's always best to respect the source before you might end up ruining a good thing.


Guess what, it all already happens, people sharing or not. If you are so eager to respect the source, you might as well leave the board, why you have to respect people that come here asking for a removal and not the japanese artists that don't know their work are being shared? That sounds a little hipocritical if you ask me.


it's easier to delete content upon the artist's request to avoid unnecessary drama, mods already have enough on their plate dealing with you whiny broke freeloaders


Well, in a nutshell this >>9979
All artists know about this place since there were multiple drama issues with prolific artists in the past and still up today.
Nobody said anything about stopping sharing though.
Just taking two things into consideration:
1) Don't share that soon after something gets released
2) Once an artist officially asks for a removal of their content, just do so.
This way a lot of drama will be prevented and artists will continue to produce for us.


Lately all barachan posts is pixiv and furaffinity art, because they're part of a network of artists.

But everyone else is scattered to the winds and largely ignored. I swear, if their content does show up here, it's because they posted it themselves for publicity.
I don't think people realize how isolated blogs like tumblr are. Established artists had y-gallery to thank for their popularity. With it gone, new artists don't have any visibility beyond a small social bubble to be discovered.

Idk what went wrong with Barabox.io It's been around for a year now but barely reached 1000 members. And only 2000 submissions. There was a bunch of familiar faces at first, but they only posted a fraction of their previous work, and then nothing. Seriously, y-gallery had 1-2 pages of new submissions a daily. But Barabox is lucky to see 5 submissions a week.


I have a gallery in BaraBox and once in Y-Gallery and the biggest difference to me is that there is no community in Barabox. People have conversations under the comment section in Y-Gallery and in Barabox… nothing. Every chatter is relegated to their discord turning the main site into a ghost town.

Also, I felt that the activity in Y-Gallery slowed down the last few months before it went down. A bit drop compared to maybe 5 years ago. What I fear is it will never get it's community back even after y-gallery 2.0 releases.


The last year and a half, Y-Gallery's tag system was obsolete and new tags weren't being added or updated.

Projects/Clubs weren't being maintained because the creators would just disappear without giving the keys to anyone, so to speak.
Like, there was a bara club that everyone used, but nobody could organize or lead events. So the function of clubs became glorified tags that you could subscribe to.
If you were new and wanted to be seen beyond the front page you could just submit something to one of those clubs, even if it wasn't related. It wasn't abused as much as you think it would be.
You'd get people who submit images to a critique club, but they would check "critique not welcome" in the detail box.
I remember Dizdood submitting images to a Final Fantasy club even though they weren't FF characters.

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