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Anyone have any tips for the actual game? I can't read a lick of Japanese so I've just been stumbling and leveling up my favorites. Any help would be appreciated.


The game is still new and new quests are atill being added. For now just read through the skills and characters list on the wiki so you know who does what.


basic tips:
try to pick high-leveled friends to help on daily quests
get stars from them and use for fusion to get stronger
mages are good
if you already have a good party, wait for a "rates up" for summon a new parter


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And this is the guy Mori hates

The day the game updates with the companion Moritaka likes is gonna be one hell of a day for that guy



So I've cleared the first area but it won't open up the next one?

Like I've done all quests and yet it still says "new".

There's also a message in Japanese at the top that I can't read.


the blue message says that you completed all the avaliable missions, and in the future uptades they will put more missions

same as Cusith and Garmr, artists are drawing both like boyfriends or something close, but they dislike each other :u


File: 1484679621920.jpg (48.07 KB, 695x633, barsith.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

It isn't a mutual dislike so much as a rivalry that only exists in Garmr's mind, because he's a jealous brat that gets mad when Master/You pay attention to other dogs.

The relationship charts for each char feature four people in total: two they like and dislike, and two that like and dislike them. Then there's four slots for potential lovers, so it may be possible to actually pair Andvari/Mori and Garmr/Cusith when Love Quests are available.

There's admittedly a hole in this theory since some characters occupy two slots on another's relationships. Magan likes Nomad but Nomad hates Magan. Plus the Hero is supposed to be available for every character, but I don't know if they take up one of those four slots


*screams for the drawing* <333 (those two are my mains)
uh, now this make sense…
they will implement love quests in future, but I feel like If requires right chooses during conversations, I will fuck up everything because I'm too lazy to translate all the dialog


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"Alright, how obvious can we make it he's wearing absolutely nothing under the loincloth without going over the teen rating?"


How did this have the teen rating in the first place when there are obviously furry baras? -_-


teens are pervs already
waifus and husbandos on mind


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Just different standards by culture

Akiba's Trip just for example is a game where the entire objective is to tear people's clothes off. It got slapped with the M rating stateside for all the sex jokes and nudity, but it was 12+ in Japan

On the flipside, games with what would be considered relatively tame violence for the west get the big boy rating


the more pressing question would be if 4jh will ever return to producing eroge again. he used to be one of the mothership of bara eroge producers…

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