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I'm curious what jobs you guys have.


elite neet division


Freelance artist and designer… aka unemployed lol.


Part-timer at bank. Thinking about trying 3d assets freelancing


Accounting manager. It's exactly as thrilling as it sounds…


freelance artist and college student



Video editor


Currently unemployed. Yay..


I'm trying to become a Youtuber, then hoping to become an author. You can find my channel here if you're interested! :D



unemployed, about to go to uni and im scared af


unemployed too and i just graduated from college, psychology major.


Digital and Print Media Designer - Specialized in CGI

Want to learn more about character modeling (aka. organic) but i cant motivate myself, like… at all
Seeking halp xD


aircraft mechanic


lead animator


Boring af but it pays the bills.


Freelance article editor :\


I work in fashion. ♥


in school for music


In school for nursing


university teacher


Government radiological protection consultant


Truck Driver
Class A CDL distributing beer/wine/Rockstar energy


3d artist


File: 1538445687791.jpg (50.19 KB, 400x267, 76408.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

Landscape designer at a local garden center. Every burning bush, barberry, and privet we sell is like a knife into my soul though……


File: 1538463854890.jpg (12.22 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

… Alf-time currently moping floors and cleaning employees toilets and showers for the company i've been working for these past twenty years…! Until recently (2013), i was working as some kind of a "cashier" but the job evolved into a helpline, which i absolutely couldn't handle ! So i checked the other options offered and BINGO ! Now i work alone ( this was a dream i never thought would be fulfilled one day ! ) and without anybody looking over what i do, with responsibilities level zero AND for the same ( good, because contract ) pay.


I'm a mixture of tower and network technician for a major cellular company with their 5g build out.


Professional shitposter


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So now I guess the real question; is everyone happy with their jobs?

Personally I'm sick of my pay, and as soon as I get rid of my debt and build up a little security nest egg, I'm outie.


Tech support for a financial institution.


Tech support for a university


Eh,it's a living.


It got its ups and downs. Enough to ensure I won't go hungry or lose my apartment at least.

But am I satisfied with mine? Nope :\


love the business, the way it is ran, my coworkers are all like family. Pay would be better elsewhere, but I have a lot of freedom and perks

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