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Now that the game is fully released, what did you think?


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I would have normally DLed the CG pack and have forgotten about the rest but the writing really sets this VN apart from the rest. Using a different artist for the H scenes ultimately didn't pay off I think. Doubleleaf's style is just too clean and sometimes doesn't resemble the boys. Didn't really care much about the bonus dates either. Would have been better spent doing a COOT 2 or a different project.


It was a nice read. Nothing overly great but good enough to keep coming back to it. But it'll probably be forgotten pretty soon…


It was great! But not that great. And yeah the cgs are kinda leaned more toward yaoi than manly. But I guess that's just the artist's style.

What got me hooked is the writing. Especially the jokes. Steamin' Semen Roadway is my fav lol


8.5/10 - For me, definitely worth the money. Simple read, simple gameplay, good replayability. Keep in mind that there aren't that many dating games to compare it with.

I bought the game when it was new, so I enjoyed it to the fullest. I kept me entertained for hours 'approx 3-5hr' for a dating game.

The art itself was well done too. Very clean and polished and the body hair custimization was a great addition.

If you haven't spoiled the fame for yourself, it is definitely worth the buy. 8.5/10


The only stories that I like in this game were Ian's and Brad's because they are relatable with my life. Never even bothered to play the rest after reading spoilers and I think the rest are too extreme for my taste in the deep hole of faggotry. I wish the girl roomate are customizable though because I'm not really a fan of someone who look like the feminist stereotype.
>coloured hair
>a tad of sk*nky
>befriend gay and took advantage of the position
Overall, ok game, I guess. And I love the fan arts of Ian and Brad too. Forgot the name of the artist though.


it was an ok game. absolutely NOT comparable to UGCP or 4jh level though. english language was a nice touch but still somewhat confusing being used to Japanese xD
i mainly went for Alex and Amos since the rest of the bunch are basically just kids. routes a bit too generic and the artwork was confusing. why going for different artwork for sprites and CG is a mystery to me. bonus dates seemed like a nice idea at first But then No, just no. all of the effort could have been used for a potential 2nd game.


>Doubleleaf's style is just too clean and sometimes doesn't resemble the boys.

Agreed. That's the most off-putting part of the game for me.

But other than that it was a pretty fun romp. I liked how the game didn't take itself seriously at all, though I will say that sometimes it seemed like it was trying too hard to be funny.


File: 1484086583778.jpg (99.38 KB, 1280x720, 69_jiiMQu1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

After playing through it all, I feel kinda meh, but I have to say it's a fuck-ton of content for the price & people should support the dev. There was also nearly zero gay games like this being developed in the West (although there's been a bunch more now), so on principle I want to support it.

I actually didn't really love the writing. It felt weirdly…outdated? I feel like if you grew up on cheesy 90s/00s shows like Friends and Queer as Folk, you might dig it more. COOT was too cornball for me overall. Haven't we moved on from the "coming out" narrative by now?

There's all this focus on Ian, but I kinda despised him and read him as a controlling sociopath. My favorite routes were Phil and Brad. The dates leave a lot to be desired, but a couple of them are fun (I actually really liked the Bieber-ish pop star one). While the main character is technically vers, he ends up canonically being more of a bottom (esp. in the one-off dates), which I wish I could have played him as a top.

Also DoubleLeaf can't draw penises and sometimes the dick-heads look like… upside down???

Overall 7/10.


File: 1497179451498.png (87.52 KB, 255x214, 1.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

is there anyone here willing to share the full version of this game thanks and godbless you can send the link to my email:bloodz_hunk79@yahoo.com thanks and godbless


Have to agree to the CGs of the game, the style compared to the sprites threw me off completely. Nothing too bad but it does make the game feel like it was more like a time issue for Obscura. I don't mind that she outsourced it to doubleleaf, but the style of the pictures were soo different. Most of the character routes are also cliched, while some are fine with it, it does leave you wondering what things Obscura could have done without making it stereotypical.


It's an alright game. Feels way too cliched and has a 80's vibe. Some conversations were cringe worthy at times and the sex scenes were clearly written by a woman. Text for most of the sex scenes were weird. Seems like they were more focused on the mataphors rather than the actual sex and what was going on. Some more grunting would've been hot. Also not a fan of how the story seems to revolve around Ian in some way. If you go for any main guy then you have to deal with Ian being a jealous bitch. Wish Ian's route wasn't that creepy. Having a different artist for the sex scenes also confused me. Brad looks nothing like his sprite when you're banging him and Alex looks creepy.

7/10 worth playing a few routes
It's funny but gets boring fast


Try gaytorrent and thanks for the email hunny, now all the hackers and spammer can get to you :P

Think twice next time ok? :)

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