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File: 1482948465058.png (1.13 MB, 1246x1079, Screen Shot 2016-12-28 at ….png) ImgOps Google iqdb


Let's take it guys!!11 The previous fun quiz thread was bumped off of /dis/ so lets use this one for this quiz and any others we might find. This particular one is bumping like crazy on Tumblr at the moment where people post their astrological sign and their result but we don't have to use astro unless we want to. Post your results and discuss or whatever.


I got Chaotic Neutral and I feel it fits 100% :3


File: 1482950285239.jpg (121.15 KB, 1000x937, 2016-12-28_192849.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

I got lawful neutral, which i don't feel fits me, i'm more chaotic good.


I got chaotic good but I always thought of myself as neutral good.


I'll pass


Buzzfeed? Really?


Neutral Evil.

I guess I am a bit evil at times.


File: 1482974406700.png (575.75 KB, 2560x1440, Screenshot (16).png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Huh, neutral good…… I figured my ocd would place me somewhere on the "lawful" spectrum but oh well. Personality tests are fun, even though they don't mean anything.


Lawful good.
Well, all you other alignment can burn in my purity.

'Throws sparkles at your face'


You Got: Lawful Good

*confetti sparklez*


True Neutral, that feels disappointing.


File: 1483128100378.gif (527.03 KB, 484x371, Text 2.gif) ImgOps Google iqdb

Goody goodies :3

If you guys find more fun quizzes make sure you post 'em.


Chaotic good!

Also, it's worth noting that the BuzzFeed quiz was likely copied off some other, more complete alignment test. This one, for example, is around 16 years older and significantly lengthier, and has some of the same questions almost word for word:


If you want to get even nerdier, the site also has a character class alignment test. I got the Sorcerer:



I got Cleric


File: 1483387637001.png (821.9 KB, 827x601, Capturev.PNG) ImgOps Google iqdb

never played d&d. is this good?



Yes! Artificers are master crafters and just about the closest D&D gets to an engineer class, besides the custom classes you might find. If you were to apply the class to yourself, it would mean that you're especially intelligent and imaginative, yet also very practical and quick on your feet. Artificers are generally really useful in parties when you explore magical ruins, because they're the best at appraising and exploiting magical artifacts. Because their abilities all revolve around tapping into whichever magical objects they have at their disposal, they're also incredibly versatile (heh) when approaching practically any situation, so obviously combat but also social and commercial interactions (if you've got some kind of magical bartering amulet or whatever, an Artificer can jack it to the max). Since D&D tends to be mostly very low-tech, playing an Artificer and dabbling with magic-infused objects is one of the most advanced forms of tinkering you can find there, and you can even use it to create constructs to fight for you. You're probably not going to be the best in a direct fight, but you can remedy that with buffs to you (e.g. a strength-enhancing sword) and your allies.

By the way, did you also take the alignment test? If so, what's your alignment? Artificers by nature tend more towards Lawful Neutral, but aren't hard-bound to any particular morality, unlike, say, a barbarian (can't be Lawful) or a paladin (must be Lawful Good). Later editions take away these morality restrictions, but that just makes for awkward mental gymnastics whenever someone suggests playing a Lawful Good rogue or the like.


why, you are correct! i got lawful neutral! how'd did you know?



Artificers, by nature, are more likely to be Lawful: the typical backstory of an Artificer is that they worked since childhood around potent magical items, and so developed a highly structured ruleset for how to handle that power with (relative) safety. As a result, they tend to apply that same adherence to rules to their morality, and tend to respect authorities as necessary guardians of order and safety. At the same time, though, Artificers care about the advancement of their own craft first and foremost, and don't especially mind who benefits from their artifacts and what they do with them. Essentially, Artificers tend to put their work above practically all else, but also know from experience how important it is to have a strong set of laws and rules to follow, no matter how tedious or restrictive they may seem.


a True Neutral Fighter
Not that i complain :D


File: 1483764317861.png (227.74 KB, 900x506, 181.png) ImgOps Google iqdb


I got Shaman?

Not that I'm complaining…I just don't know much about the world of the questions….

I felt that a lot of the questions had too few answers and some had no directions. Like a "what would you do in a fight against a mob of goobles? -fight the strongest -use a lightning bolt -heal the team -become the team shield and protect everyone"

Like….. what are the limitations of the world? Am I strong… or capable of doing magic? Am I both? Do I have a weapon? If I'm invincible what does it matter what I do? I'll just bat my eyes and they'll all die….. roll a 4 or higher…..

Is there a certain mindset I should be using to take this quiz?


A lot of the questions felt like:
You're fighting the enemy, how do you fight?
Like a Warrior
Like a Rogue
Like a Mage
Like a Cleric



That's fair, the quiz really is heavily based around the world of DnD, and doesn't make that much sense out of context.

> Like….. what are the limitations of the world? Am I strong… or capable of doing magic? Am I both? Do I have a weapon? If I'm invincible what does it matter what I do? I'll just bat my eyes and they'll all die….. roll a 4 or higher…..

The limitations on the world are relatively lax, and in practice it often comes down to the dungeon master's discretion, but the fundamental idea behind character creation is that you're creating an adventurer, not a hero or a protagonist. Basically, you get to do cool stuff, but everything you do comes at a tradeoff, and bad things can happen to you just like anyone else. You can technically wield supernatural powers and weapons at the same time (Clerics and Paladins do both to varying amounts), and you'll get to do cool stuff of your own, but that doesn't mean you get to do everything other casters or fighters can do, especially since most classes tend to run on their own systems.

The Shaman class, for example, is a caster class focused mostly on nature- and spirit-based magic, as well as combat with staves and their bare hands. An advantage over most traditional casters is that they can cast spells quickly and spontaneously (Sorcerers, by contrast, need to prepare their spells at least one day in advance), and tend to have spirit companions to assist them. On the flipside, though, the Shaman also usually takes a fair amount of damage in combat, and needs to possess sufficiently good constitution in order to be able to both cast their spells and learn new ones. You ultimately become resistant to aging and non-magical damage at a high level, though at that point most other classes also gain protagonist-grade advantages (they're also not as overpowered as they sound, since magical attacks aren't usually that rare).

> Is there a certain mindset I should be using to take this quiz?

Not really, except perhaps try to see what the implication is behind the answers, instead of taking them literally. You don't need to know exactly what each listed spell does, but it helps to know what are Cleric-type spells, Barbarian-type abilities, etc.


File: 1484284944845.jpg (55.67 KB, 480x110, Sorcerer.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


Neutral Good
> A neutral good character does the best that a good person can do. He is devoted to helping others. He works with kings and magistrates but does not feel beholden to them. The common phrase for neutral good is "true good." Neutral good is the best alignment you can be because it means doing what is good without bias toward or against order.

This test felt better to me because it - oddly - lacked that pigeonholed feel.

> The sorcerer is the arcane antithesis of the wizard. Wielding raw, barely contained magical power, sorcerers channel bursts and blasts of arcane energy through their bodies. They gain their power not through rigorous study of esoteric tomes, but by harnessing magic in their blood, waiting to be tapped and shaped. If wizards wield magic as fighters wield swords, a sorcerer's magic is the arcing greataxe of a raging barbarian.
> You might be a proud dragonborn scion of ancient Arkhosia, calling on the draconic power of your heritage, or perhaps you were bathed in dragon blood as an infant to fill you with that power. You might have been born in a place where planar forces converged in strange eddies, infusing you with chaos, or perhaps you survived implantation of a slaad embryo, which left the taint of chaos upon you.
> Magic pulses through your veins, calling on you to give it expression. As it grows ever stronger, will it consume you or transform you into magic incarnate?
Makes sense, I tend to play Sorcerers of varying degrees. Also, this fucking question:

> Stop me if you've heard this one. A group of trolls walk into a bar and… start eating the patrons.

It's less "is this good" and more "what role do I fill;" but also what 2B said >>6976

> Sorcerers, by contrast, need to prepare their spells at least one day in advance
The edition for the quiz is using 4E based on pictures and logos (which was gods-awful and we'll never speak of it again after today), but that hasn't been the case for Sorcerers since at least 3E (and definitely not in 5E). The advantage of Shamans in 3E (Oriental Adventures) was moderate combat prowess and divine spell-casting that was between Druid and Cleric which had to be "prepared" through a ritual in the morning just like Cleric and Wizard. Sorcerers - and a few other classes - wake up being able to cast whatever spell they know while they jack off in the morning. But I only played Warlock once in 4E, so I could be wrong as far as 4E is concerned.

I've DM'd 3E, Pathfinder (which is like 3.75E), and 5E as well as some other settings like World of Darkness.

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