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Can we have a trans awareness thread? I feel a lot of gays don't properly know, or even care to discuss, the dangers of trans activism, specifically problems with reassignment surgery and how it's seen as an absolute despite it being incredibly dangerous especially for males trying to be female, and how it's essentially doctor assisted genital mutilation. Then there's the issues with bathroom sharing, specifically how it allows non trans individuals to claim trans status with impure intentions. And not to mention it opens the door for many other issues like transracialism, transspeciesism, transagism and so forth. Things normally treated for a mental illness. On top of this there's the issues with the blank slate theory that's commonly used to support transgenderism. The biological differences between males and females, and the issues with born males competing and destroying women in women's focused sports.

But I'm happy to talk about things like this with other gays if you're up for it.
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lmfao this cunt spouting "context matters" you started posting in the discord 2 days ago and you were calling for bans like you knew who was being funny and who wasnt get fucked


this dude's convinced everyone he talks to on here is ichigatsu or thatguy lmao


dude I'm getting flashbacks to chiri now


fucking oath



I mean, I've been on the Discord for a fair while longer, and was not the only one to point out who was being a shit on there. From the rather pointed tone of your replies I'm guessing you were among the people who thought you could pass off your shitty attitude under the pretense of being funny, and failed. In which case, good riddance!


I mean, considering it was specifically you two who jumped on that occasion, used the exact same turns of phrase, and so on, it would indeed be plausible that you two would be among the most likely people to try to pick a fight with me on here. There's always the possibility that it could be some other disgruntled asshat that got banned previously, as was likely the case with some replies further above this thread, but honestly I don't really care that much, you all have the same shitty opinions and personality.


dude why would I join the discord if you're just gonna post a ton of bullshit there too. this thread is cancer so the discord gotta be too.


That's getting really old. The stuff with chiri was 100% different and 2B already talked about it.

You might think he's a "cunt" but with how he's handling all these trolls for the past week, he's showing a lot more class than all of you.

I wish he was a mod so he could get rid of even more of you. lol stay mad!


Not that you'll even believe me since your conviction that everyone who has a different opinion from you is the same person is so deeply rooted, here's the three posts prior to my last:


dude class doesnt exist fuck the patriarchy take hormones to tubularize your titties


… I'm not even going to dignify that with a response.



Assuming you're telling the truth, then, that would simply mean you have in fact no desire to check the actual facts, and are instead desperate to find any reason to make me look bad after I took on the transphobes on this thread, because that's apparently the side you chose to take. It is, in this respect, rather strange that your angle for attacking me would be trying to call me a bigot, when it is your own bigotry motivating you here.


Ty <3

Though tbh it's fun to watch the worms writhe specifically on here. Active as this particular thread might be, it's slowly sinking, and thankfully trans people seem to be completely out of the picture now, so no-one seems to be getting hurt, aside from the odd reactionary.


But I did express cautious skepticism, which I'd say is justified given that someone has literally tried to impersonate me on this thread. As it stands, the posts you have made do indeed point you out to be one of the transphobes on here, which makes your intentions in this most recent discussion rather transparent: you clearly don't care about ending bigotry or whatever, because you seem perfectly happy with perpetuating it. You're just looking for an excuse to undermine the character of someone whose arguments invalidated your shitty opinions on a group of people you chose to hate for whichever reason.


It's cute how you'll so quickly interpret my posts as transphobic, my only post even regarding trans peoples is about phalloplasties. And yes, phalloplasties are awful, and it's disingenuous to say otherwise. So much more research needs to be done into genital construction / reconstruction surgery for both those who've lost their genitals or are undergoing sexual reassignment surgery because they're such a life changing set of surgeries, especially in the fields of stem cell research.

You shouldn't be so quick to assume peoples intentions, and frankly speaking your behavior and the assumptions you make (including the things you say) are disgusting.



No worries <3

I just get really sick of everyone trying to tear down people with actual good arguments in this thread literally because they're mad their bigotry is being called out and they're showing their asses now.

It is kind of funny but I still get annoyed by it. Every day it's like there's literally 20 new posts with people just being blatant shit heads. They just wanna make a new "SJW lulzcow" and they don't even care about who they're hurting in the process.



Hold on there, sweetheart, let's get a little reality check before you go on this little tirade of yours: your reply in >>1099 not only mentions phalloplasties, but explicitly agrees with the title of this thread. Not only that, but the phalloplasty picture is itself visibly chosen to look awful and degrading, and even your own post here, in its attempt to sound morally righteous, itself frames phalloplasties as inherently "awful". I'm not assuming your intentions here, son, you're laying them out for everyone to see, which makes your self-righteous mini-rant here fall all the more flat on its face. Better luck next time!


I feel what we're dealing with on here are mostly the relics of chan culture still left on here. Barachan throughout its many iterations has always been more on the conservative side relative to other gay spaces, but whereas the kind of transphobic attitude seen in this thread's OP was once perfectly normal, times have changed, and some people don't seem to want to adjust. Ultimately, I don't think that many people are getting hurt from this thread, thankfully, as I don't think there are that many trans men reading through /dis/, but I do have to agree that it's kind of embarrassing that there are still open transphobes and whatnot on these boards. Thankfully, there's at least some mild entertainment in seeing these people keep trying to say anything of value after having lost every argument on every discussion space relating to this topic.


If you'd like to find good looking phalloplasties I implore you to post it here in this thread, go ahead. If you can find one that looks like a real dick I'll eat my words. But as it stands GRS just isn't up to par with what it should be, and more research needs to be done on the fronts of stem cell research so functional genitalia can be grown and transplanted.

On terms of aesthetics and functionality FTM post-op transgender peoples have it much worse than MTF post-op with depth.



There are some perfectly fine examples that can easily Googled, but you know what? That's not my problem, nor is it yours. It is none of your business if trans men choose to get a phalloplasty, let alone what their penises look like, and your personal appreciation of their phalloplasty does not give you the right to invalidate or demean them. You are simply looking for the absolute lamest excuses here to shit on trans people.


The burden of proof is on you, provide to us pictures of good looking and functional phalloplasties.



I've avoided so many of these boards for such a long time because they only seem to thrive on berating others with disgusting slurs or posting horrible, degrading content.

If it's true that the "chan culture" is dying, then I am more than glad to see it finally go. Personally I think their big orange mascot is showing people how truly despicable they really are. The real world is changing and it's time to bring that change to spaces like this.

Like could you imagine the visceral reaction a trans person might have if they saw this garbage thread? It's absolutely revolting to think about. These trolls have literally no conscious.

Thank you again for fighting the good fight. I would probably give up or crumble if I were in your shoes.


I joined out of curiosity and everyone there keeps kissing each others asses



The burden of proof is on me to provide… what exactly? As said in my response to you, it does not matter whether or not you personally approve of phalloplasties, because whether trans men get those or not is none of your business. Moreover, I pointed you to the right resource that can be easily verified, so the "burden of proof", by whichever standard, has been satisfied. The fact that you have to slip in completely subjective terms like "good looking" is a transparent attempt on your part to insert a defense mechanism, so that whichever picture I ever were to provide you could easily dismiss for not being "good looking" enough for you. Your entire line of argumentation here is hollow, and makes no sense.


If you're still interested, I definitely recommend giving it a try! A whole bunch of channer trolls got purged last week, so while there are one or two kinda iffy people on there still, they're likely on their way out soon too, and in the meantime the most present posters right now tend to be really cool people.

And thank you! For all the people mentioning chiri here, those people seem to have forgotten that I had been the one to fight him as well in one of the previous versions of the board, namely in this thread that turned into an insanely long row on BDSM. This thread is peanuts compared to that. I do agree with you that this thread had no reason to exist in the first place, though, but if it's causing shitty people to get banned off of the discussion spaces or no longer feel like this is a safe space to be openly bigoted, there'll at least be some positive outcome to it.



Depending on the people you're referring to, that may no longer be the case: there was up until recently a pretty strong clique of edgelords who kept backing each other up and getting into stupid schemes together, but most of them are gone now, even if some of them have decided to vent their frustration in more or less the same way on this thread for now, like my dear friend ichigatsu. The remaining people I've seen like each other, but we also poke fun at each other relentlessly, so that should ideally give less of a creepy care bear vibe if you're on here now.


is your name 2B because you're 2 Beta to function



How did you guess?


more like 2Banal kind of cunt to that has to laugh at his own jokes


It's different when I post nigger



… but I didn't make that joke? Are you sure you're okay?



Thank you for fighting these trolls on the behalf of us PoC and trans people. You're a hero!



… but I didn't make post >>1196 , nor did I ever try to claim my own jokes were funny? It feels like you had this narrative in your head before you actually had any proof to back yourself up, and now it kind of looks like you're somewhat beside reality.



I don't know… If these trolls really are coming from the discord then I don't think I would feel very safe being there. Should I wait until everyone calms down? These kinds of "people" tend to stalk anyone that upsets them.

That's a very good point. Airing their ignorance will only show everyone how awful they are. I still worry about the people that might be negatively impacted by these kinds of discussions, but at least we can show them that there's more people that don't stand for that. I just wish they would understand that people literally hurt themselves over this kind of content. It's horrible.


If you're gonna throw the N word around, you can leave. Like I get that he said it and I do think he should apologize because it's the right thing to do, but you're no better if you're gonna keep saying it.


u have memory problems


More like, he's living in his own little world of denial and projecting.



To be clear, the trolls got banned from the Discord, so if you were to go there, you wouldn't find them unless they made another account just to sign back in (which can easily be banned again). For sure, these people are obsessed, though I haven't seen any one of them stalk anyone else recently.


But as explained above, the context, format and presentation are wholly different, and even then, I made no attempt to claim that my joke was funny, let alone "laugh at (my) own jokes". Are you sure I'm the one with "memory problems" here? Because you seem to be contradicting yourself with your own links.


Yes, which is why I got banned from the Discord and decided to vent my impotent rage at the guy challenging people on their transphobia… oh, wait, that's you. So nice to bring up projection completely out of the blue, as you illustrate the term so perfectly.




You ok there bud? It looks like you short-circuited.



Okay… I'm still kind of skeptical but I might join soon. I'll make sure to give a "hi" if I see you there.


Can you go away or something? Do you think you're doing anything besides annoying us? Like…


>p-pweeze like me 2B ur my hero


>Contextualizing, Formatting, and Presenting Nigger so that it is Indeed Hilarious



I mean, you're the one saying it here, not me. It's like you're trying to use me as an excuse for your own deranged behavior.



… Is that supposed to mean something? At least he has people that like him.

Just look at all the support he's gotten. Get a life "sweetie".


i think it's hilarious you think saying nigger isnt just always outright funny LOL. have some balls and admit you were being funny



… it seems you've lost the plot. Throwing out slurs isn't funny, at best it's the same kind of immature humor as a kid repeating the first bad word they've learned, just because of the reaction it causes to the people around them. My joke linked back to stuff said immediately before in the Discord, and the punchline wasn't the perpetuation or erasure of violence against oppressed groups, and even then, it clearly backfired, simply because many people, including actual sensible people, didn't feel comfortable at all with the presentation, even with the censoring, context and all. Again, I'm not your excuse to be racist.


File: 1556799276592.jpg (57.29 KB, 600x651, Raff_ruse.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


I think i can speak for everyone here when I say that all we want in regards to trans people is for them to feel unsafe always


>Yes, which is why I got banned from the Discord and decided to vent my impotent rage at the guy challenging people on their transphobia… oh, wait, that's you. So nice to bring up projection completely out of the blue, as you illustrate the term so perfectly.

Lol. I've never posted on the Barachan discord. But sure, keep believing i'm the same guy, you're only fooling yourself anyway

Like i said >>1204



I think you may only speak for yourself here, Heather. What happened to you being a bullybuster?



I see, so you just decided to develop this inordinate obsession for me, because…?




Darling, you have yourself linked to your own posts on here, and you've committed to this far more than for innocent fun. Who are you trying to fool?


Locking this thread because it has devolved into a pointless shitposting brawl.

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