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So I dunno if I can post this here but I have 3 temporary invites for gay-torrents.org site.

So if you want it, tell me your email adress and I'll send it to you via their automated thingymajig.

No hotmail e-mails (e.g. hotmail.com, msn.com, live.com, etc) and aol (aol.com).


thanks <3


I thank you in advance, mail is frozeagle174@gmail.com


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Hey, if your kind offer is still up, then I would love if you sent the last temporary invite to xapola@cock.li

Thanks in advance.


Damn, I didn't even notice this post.
if you got any room left noty3795@gmail.com


Hiya! If someone still has invites to gay-torrents.org, could you send one to me please, I would really appreciate it! Thanks in advance

My email is rosesandpines@gmail.com


I have invites for gaytorrentdotru


Just click the link and sign up. Have fun


Guys just visit this link

and click sign up


it's not hard to do

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