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For the last few days, he's been talking about suicide and depressive stuff, and now he stopped posting after posting this pic. I'm really worried about him. Does anyone have a direct line to him that can check on him?


wonder if his work getting shared all over the net has anything to do with it…



He claims that it isn't; I mentioned the lashing he got from people on u18chan for his latest Zootopia comic, and he claimed he didn't know of that place. Not sure if that is true, though.



Okay, he's fine. Good. I was getting really worried.


wouldn't be the first time incessant sharing ruins everything


Maybe from burnout? I don't really follow all of his art/patreon but I imagine trying to get five images out monthly would get exhausting after a while. Especially with the level of detail he puts into them.


>the lashing he got from people on u18chan for his latest Zootopia comic
What was wrong with his comic? Furries really are fucking weird.

That being said, imo Roku's an amazing person in the bara community. Kinks aside, he's very hard-working (can't imagine the amount of hours he pours into coloring his drawings), talented, generous (posts hefty uncensored previews of each pack), very communicative with his fans, and still maintains the quality even though his art packs keep getting shared every month. It's only natural that he needs a break from this because I assume he also has a day job on top of drawing bara art.
He might not be reading this but he should know that there are many fans that are grateful for his hard work. Most bara artists now just hole themselves up in their Patreon account and don't have much social media presence and/or go on long-ass breaks after delivering content but Roku's probably one of the most awesome bara artists.


He communicate if you are a Patreon of him.


Agreed, he's a fucking gift for he community


Rokudenashi is the proof that if you are a chill artist that does a lot of amazing works and tries to keep up with the community people will still bitch and be assholes. The good and old "try to please everybody".



They're bitching about the amount of dialogue in it ruining the scenes, making it look comedic, etc. Frankly, I don't see their point; I really like it.


does he also produce manga? image packs are such a waste of time and money




Any word on how Roku is doing lately?


File: 1552020328907.png (60.99 KB, 612x664, Roku Apple.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

He's visiting new york.


i see heis still looking for attention


he always try to attract attention.
What a bitch…


i will assume this is sarcasm and inform you that your pal roku dosent give a shit if u are his fan or not


Eat a dick anon.


Eat dick reversal.


stupit fanboys


entitled shitheads everywhere these days


You are aware this is a person we're talking about, right? With all the attention people are paying to mental health issues lately (which is a good thing) who the fuck are you to call him out for needing attention? Are you jealous that people care more about him then they do you? Get a fucking life.

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