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Not sure if it goes here or in /md/

A thread for people to make connections and work on projects together!

For example; Artist looking for writers, coder looking for artists, etc.

Things to include:
>Your skills (Artist, writer, coder, etc.)
>What you're looking for (And how many.)
>Size of the project
>Stage (e.g. 'In pre-production', '10% done')
>Paid work? (Y/N)
>Contact information (Your twitter/tumblr/instagram handle, e-mail, discord, etc.)

Feel free to add any other information you feel is necessary.


Here is mine:

>Your skills

I'm an artist, not a pro by any means but I can carry my own weight
>What you're looking for
One coder, not a must but being familiar with GML is preferred
>Size of the project
Right now I'm working on concept art
>Paid work?
>Contact information


>Your skills
Music Producer (Intermediate), Coder(Early Intermediate)
>What you're looking for
Those who need help with a project
>Size of the project
Preferably small but depends
Free agent
>Paid work?
Not necessary unless donated
>Contact information.
Discord: Katnip#9232
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/juist - genre types mainly Chiptune-esque variants of different EDM subgenres

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