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I decided to translate くの湯 十三発め ダッチワイフと経理男 on a whim, and I decided to share what I have done at the moment.

Don't know when I'll be finshed though. At the rate I'm doing this, and because I'm not fluent in Japanese, this may take me over a month at best. If anyone wants to help me out, that would be appreciated.


…!!!! GOOD CHOICE: i just LOVE Kujira's Manga ! Please DO SHARE.


not a fan of kujira but translation manga by non-favorite artists is always the easiest. no distractions ;)


Good point.


I never thought I'd see the day when my favorite gay porn artist comments in my thread


Well, for once, i'm the one's begging: " MOOOOREEEE" !! :))


Update: last month my computer ran into issues, so what's left of my translation is gone. Even so, it's not like I've gotten much done on it, due to me being busy with college at the time, and honestly, I think I was getting ahead of myself for attempting to translate 30 pages of a language I can barely grasp. And I didn't even knew this was in a series. So until further notice, this is indefinitely cancelled. Sorry for letting everyone down.


Well, at least you tryed. And it's very nice of you to be that honest, so thanks anyway. :)

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