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>overwhelmingly lesbian content aimed at str8 men

P a t h e t i c .


*sigh* what do you expect? We are sorely lacking games for gay. There's lots of yaoi ones if you prefer. But bara? Aside from Humplex and a couple other artist and creators, we got slim selections, especially ones in english.


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I just tried their 'Men Bang" game. Aand this keeps happening every time I click on something :\


lol tried contacting the support but, the game is not even in the list.


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unless a full flegded R-18 VN, waste of time


i so happy that nutaku now have gay games i am so excited for the 2 upcoming gay games of nutaku


who cares? when's the next ugcp game out?



I expect people to stop saying LGBT or gay when what they mean is "lesbians for the straight male gaze". Tag your shit properly


Could you be any gayer?


1) two different anons
2) you haven't SEEN gay, faggot




It's a bit disappointing to see how little gay-focused game devs are out there. Most adult games involving m/m relationships are generally just thrown into a predominantly straight/lesbian game as an afterthought. The worst offenders are the ones who label futas as "gay".


>lesbians for the straight male gaze
Disgusting and stupid concept. Porn is porn. It was CREATED for people to see.



sis????? r u srsly honestly gonna sit there and defend this shit?????????

no, fuck off, the fact that this shit is being labeled as "LGBTQ+ GAMES" when it universally is targeted at heterosexual males is legitimately offensive


Literally how?! This "gaze" shit is so fucking stupid. It makes no sense;it only demonizes sexuality. Is there such thing as a "lesbian gaze" towards these games? No, it's just people enjoying smut. Also, it's a fucking porn game, not a profound statement on society.


ignore it


I'm neutral towards this gaze stuff but this site can go to hell either way.


This is really bad quality and yes there is a straight gaze to most lesbian porn. You can talk to just about any lesbian that can point out how little it excites them. Seriously this is just marketing for MEN.com or Nextdoor with little care of making hot artwork.


It's not really LGBT if it's meant to pander to straight men. Basic logic.


the new game booty calls turned out to be just as bad and low quality.
hope the third one will be better

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