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anyone wanna start a guides thread for BHS since its on steam now?


This was finished?


anyone willing to share the game hope there is a kind person who is willing to share the full game of black hoops cause i really wanted to understand the story of the game


Bro it's still in development


according to dev, the story is finished

it's weird considering the weird cliffhanger ending



Yeah, he made it sound like it's done and is planning to just polish the game now. Like adding more mini games, some cgs etc.

I hope we'll get more story though.


i really hopes he gets someone to do a proper english translation, the obvious grammatical errors kinda kills my enjoyment.


There's a guide on steam in the guide section if you really want to figure out the game.


I might be able to translate it if anyone provide the game.



You mean properly or something? The game is already in english, even though it's loaded with grammar errors and (IMO) some really poor choices for words in lots of places.


wait, so is it playable already or not???
and if it is, can anyone share it???


It's been available on Steam for a while


It's playable. However, if you want it for the sex, it really isn't part of the main game. You can actually complete it without seeing a single sex scene. So it's not 'that kind of game'


I'd say wait a little longer. 1-2 months from now he will update the game to have a better ending.


the whole game has been out for a while. I personally thing tigari should get someone for spell checks. While i do find the game interesting, the engrish leaves much to be desired. Also, wasn't he including 2 more routes or no?


When the next update will came out?


Not sure. His last Patreon update just says 'he is still working on updating the ending'



That was made back in february so hopefully we won't have to wait for long.

I was actually kinda surprised (I wouldn't say disappointed) how little porn the current version of the game had.

I'm guessing that there's going to be more but he simply hasn't added them to the game yet. If you look at his profile on Hiccears for example, he's got several image packs there (which he used to distribute on Patreon on a tier that's no longer available) featuring characters from the game like blacksmith x Hakken, blacksmith x Tholord and so on. All of these will probably be added to the game eventually. Here's hoping anyway!

Despite all that (and the engrish), the game is pretty great!


Can I see this pictures ?


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