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As the title says, I'm curious that does anyone know any non-english (most likely Chinese or Japanese)sites to keep an eye out for when it comes to bara/furry content.

I'm mainly asking because I feel like usually when stuff like doujins get shared, it usually happens in those kind of sites first before they make their way to more popular, english sites like e/exhentai, myreadingmanga etc.


Instead of asking for more sites to grab stuff, how about asking for ways to import and scan doujin?


I don't know about Japanese, but I can tell you it's really, really difficult to get any content from the Chinese sites unless you are in China or have access to a VPN AND a fake ID.
First of all, many Chinese sites randomly close down explicitly adult gay content without warning (homosexuality is deemed unhealthy by the authorities but I digressed). Therefore many forums and users now rely on more private forums to exchange contents.
After finding the said forums, due to China enforcing ID authentication on any forums, you need to have a real ID to register an account.
Finally, in order to access other users' content, you yourself must distributing new contents to earn tokens in exchange. These tokens are reassurance for other users that you are not some undercover cop here to rat them out, plus tokens also allow them to play with membership privileges and all that shenanigans on a baidu forum.
In short, it's easier to wait for some Chinese user to leak contents than to try to do it from oversea.


anything that has actually been shared in japanese/chinese/korean/thai/etc communities will make its way to e-hentai/mrm/bmo in days at the longest. we are long past the era of arbitrary exclusivity. trying to navigate through the minefields that are chinese websites is HIGHLY discouraged


Actually, I've been meaning to ask about that situation. There were a couple commentors on 4chan (I know, I know ;) ) who talked about the severe crackdown in Japan related to "Article 175", and how it's worse now than ever. One claimed even simple erections were forbidden. Can anyone here speak from experience? The comments were at the bottom of this thread…



that shit has only ever really applied to publicly distributed media (and most specifically, things that are produced and distributed by large publishers), it's hardly relevant to doujinshi creators although they generally always play it safe especially when they know that the original IP owners could easily crack down on fan works of any kind (although this rarely ever happens) but it also doesn't really apply much to things that are distributed online either, the real reason that gay "hentai" is virtually nonexistent is because it's just not believed to be profitable, and also it's much more difficult to animate muscular men than it is smooth, bouncy women

i mean, japan's pornography laws could be described as "draconian", but frankly, it could be a WHOLE LOT worse (pls refer to south korea or china), and it's really not notably worse than e.g. american copyright laws



Thanks for that alternative explanation, and it's nice to hear a different viewpoint. It does make sense since Japan is a, um, "leader" for certain porn, and they might not want to upset that position. ;) But now I'm wondering, how much money does that make, for both themselves (domestic) and others (international). Does anyone else want to chime in, too?


drawn porn, especially doujinshi, is not something one does for profit in japan, because the entire ideology behind doujinshi is that you're making FANART of SOMEONE ELSE'S INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, and it's only by the good graces of those IP holders that you can even get away with using their IP in the first place, and doing anything that might draw undue attention to you, or really the doujinshi/fan work community as a whole, is a HUGE no-no (this has been an unspoken rule for doujinshi as a whole, pornographic or not, for basically as long as doujinshi has existed)

things are much less dire when it comes to original stories and whatnot, but bara is still such a relatively niche market that it's very tricky to market and publish for, the good thing is that there are lots of gay men out there who are willing to pay good money for them, and the market isn't really hyper saturated (at least not yet), so it's mostly fine. i mean, it can be a fairly stable source of income, but it's unlikely to become anyone's full-time job unless you're literally tagame or someone similarly huge in the industry

however digital platforms have made self-publishing for smaller authors TREMENDOUSLY easier compared to what it was even just like 5 years ago (and not to mention that japan is now finally wrapping their heads around the concept of patreon-style crowdfunding with services like enty, fantia, pixiv fanbox etc) so things are probably changing, although whether it's a good or bad thing i couldn't really say



Yes, it's true. The same is in the U.S., although it's not consistent. I don't mean just porn, but any derivative work. Sometimes a company will shut down a fan-made project, despite them not making money (by Paramount especially), or they'll look the other way, since it might help sales (DC/WB works).

Of course Tagame is a guarantee since his art is so good and he's been around since the early 80's. But now that you'd mention it, I have noticed that change, and it did feel quite sudden over these few years. Now it's got me wondering how big the market can grow and if we'll start seeing a rise from other countries where artists can come in easily, like Brazil, India, Spain, etc… Since all you need is a tablet (or just a mouse), a computer, and a credit card, maybe the sky's the limit?

Is there anyone here from anywhere else that can speak towards that?


The last few posts were very interesting, but the OP's intention was merely to broaden his horizon on where to look for free stuff, to make sure that he won't miss out on never having to pay for anything.

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