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Oh no please


Ugh I hate that show, is it still on air?


Yep, it still is, but it lost must of the appeal. The second season is the best.


looks…. intruiging?


That is some Charles Manson stuff. How long until his choosen family goes through with a group suicide?


Hasn't anyone accused him to the authorities yet? he and that alley doctor should be in jail


I hope the kiwi forum post spreads throughout the baracommunity, reblog and share it so noone else falls victim to this sociopath!


what is this?


I don't know but I don't want to know



Here's the entire segment, it's 12 minutes long and 8 that will catch you up on everything.



Thanks for that link.
That is gutwrenching to watch…


I was wondering when the boards would bring this up. Especially with how heated the last N&B board on the old Barachan was. Jack's death is really hitting home for me. Like he only wanted to be loved and accepted and got fucked over instead. I really hope Dylan actually faces the consequences this time.


I remember people in the old boards used to idolize him, if you said anything against him you would be called a hater or just jealous because he did turn into bara himself. I'm really happy people are finally seeing the old "What looks too good to be true" side of the coin.


File: 1541555288146.jpg (50.26 KB, 615x410, Tiffany.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

Lmao Pffft, fuck those apologists, it was blatantly obvious that Dylan was an abusive fuck for forever and a half. He had his "rules"listed on the fucking tumblr. Block the guys who are suddenly "aware" and move on.


File: 1541557144063.mp4 (355.53 KB, 384x208, ezgif.com-gif-to-mp4.mp4) ImgOps Google iqdb

Them: "Wow, it turns out the man that said word for word that 'social connections outside of one's "Master" fall away until the pup is completely socially and emotionally dependent upon his Master, finding contact with other people pointless, unfruitful and unfulfilling.'was actually abusive!"
<<<Everyone else:


I just want to say fucking thank you for these replies. The old board was fucking disgusting with their defense of his abuse. It was never about dismissal of poly or s&m relationships, but about why Dylan and his harem are prime examples of everything that can go wrong in them.

If anyone from the old board, ESPECIALLY you Chiri, this is exactly what your enabling attitudes have brought upon.



Just in case, for the people in the back.



Follow-up video: new info with updated death certificate and how it contradicts with what Dylan has been saying.


Chiri ruins everything, more at 11


Man, everybody hates Chiri eh? I don't know him personally, but I remembered the kerfuckle he caused back in the day.
That was a lot of shouting. As much as shouting can be in an anon board.


Don't even know who this guy is but he really comes off as a genuine psychopath. Especially when he laughs after hearing how much money Jack had. Just look at the eyes.

That dude's dangerous and needs to be locked up in jail or an asylum.


File: 1542039517737.png (551.63 KB, 772x707, symbihorse.PNG) ImgOps Google iqdb

hey ummm… bad reporting, not all gays ok?



I think it's accurate. There needs to be a light shed on the pup community the way they chew up and spit out men and young boys with severe image problems is a huge point of contention and has been argued time and time again. I was cast from my group of friends because at one point someone my age (20) was dating a handler who was 70 years old and I pointed out that he's taking advantage of him under the guise of "pup play" except it went far enough that he's not able to communicate with anyone outside of who his handler approves and that just so happens to be anyone who doesn't question his manipulative behavior. I see it WAY to often for it not to be a pattern


this is outrageous


Retarded people with retarded fetishes and rainbow fags who ignore common sense and reasonable prejudice, living with these backwards ideas such as "everyone is special, everyone is wonderful", enable degenerate fuckery and even go as far as protecting said fuckery, and when someone spreads hiv, diddles a kid, or kills someone, like in this case, they don't learn shit and jump to enabling different fuckery.


Sweet merciful mother of bollocks I had no idea that pup play was a thing. I mean, buff guys with collars and dog-themed mannerisms? I'd seen those, but this is utterly morbid. And the poor souls who get trapped in this kind of abuse… how sad.


Lol, finally, Noodlesandbeef gets what's coming to him.


may he forever burn in hell


Honestly it (Pet Play) isn't necessarily that bad, just some roleplay and like always can be done responsibly, there is a difference barking after being told to do so and pretending to be dumbfuck while wearing a collar for a night and signing over fucking everything you own and ability to interact with people and doing potentially lethal bodymodification, and this frankly calling his slaves "Pups" is barely Pup Play and just the top of the fucking iceberg of how fucked up this Dylan guy is, cause holy shit.

Boundaries are important not only in BDSM but in relationships PERIOD, and this guy clearly do not have/allow any and the egocentrism from him and abuse in this affair is fucking astonishing, and that is not even getting into addicting his "pups" to drugs and then withholding them as punishment.


I think the main operative word is 'relationship' after pup. Pup-play which is bedroom specific, and a Pup relationship, as referenced in >>354 tweet, are not the same thing. Pup play is fine and benign enough. But pup relationships are just a bit extra imho. When that kind of stuff leaves the bedroom and starts to permeate throughout the relationship itself, that's when things start moving into the "this is kinda fucked up" territory. This story just turned it up to a 9 and removed the 'kinda' from the previous statement.


of course you would come out of the fucking woodwork to defend this shit


File: 1543378074323.jpg (21.88 KB, 512x351, teugyq.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

Did…. did you even read a single word of my post?


Trying not to resurrect but is there an archive of the old boards? I'm 99% sure that shitty noodles and beef Leftovers blog is Chiri. I just need a few post to line some stuff up


Why in the world would someone go out of their way to defend that guy?
Good lord, I get it, the dude is hot, but… seriously? He may have not killed his "pup" directly, but sweet tapdancing mother of broccoli, the whole story is morbid as hell.


how is that guy "hot" ?


He looks good, but, you know. Murder and psychological abuse. That's kind of a turn-off for me.


he looks like a gigantic baby with a beard tbh
but each to their own
his character for sure is disgusting and he should rot in hell


While always-on d/s relationships can easily go wrong, there are some examples out there of pup relationships done right: there's this guy called Kristofer Weston, for example, and his pup called Pup Amp, one half of the kink education channel Watts the Safeword, and both seem to be doing really well over a years-long relationship.

The problem in this case isn't that N&B genuinely attempted BDSM, but that he has been deliberately abusing men while pretending to be engaging in BDSM without any of the fundamental notions of mutual respect, consent, and reciprocity. He is an abuser pretending to be a kinkster, and what I think faults the kink community around him is the lack of scrutiny that went on: thankfully, the BDSM community at large seems to have dropped him like the sack of shit that he is, but for a time he was a part of the scene, even as he was abusing (and ultimately killing) people. It's a reminder that people practicing kink should vet the people in their community carefully, even if they still want to be welcoming, and should probably look for signs of stuff like psychopathy, sociopathy, or narcissistic personality disorder, the latter of which Dylan clearly seems to have.

Also, I should probably be the last person on Earth to defend Chiri, but he actually did condemn N&B. He did go on to shit on all of BDSM indiscriminately, which ended up with me and him getting into the shitfest that was the bearlebrity/bdsm thread argument, then him going off the rails, but at least he wasn't on Dylan's side.

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