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So whatever happened to Logan Kowalsky? He vanished off everything last year and I'm curious if he died, it was pretty ridiculous how fast he vanished.


… DIED ?! What a terrible thought ! He's maybe ten years ( i think ) younger than me, so i bet he's in pretty good shape. Surely went to work on a more profitable job and is yet to have enough time for drawing.


Maybe, but it's just so weird to me tumbler, Facebook, Twitter, his website, etc all came down with no notice.


Just checked. You're right: it IS weird.


I shouldn't even say this year, everything came down before summer so this was mere months ago.

I figured he'd at least keep patreon on up but nah


looks like porky won't ever be finished


More people doe from accidents than from stroke, and accidents are not age specific… so its not out of the question that he died.

However, death alone wouldn't lead to everything being taken down… unless an authorized family member were to go in and take everything down.

Still don't know exactly what happened, but typically when artists disappear this way it makes the most sense that the artist did it themselves for some personal reason.


It's not that uncommon in Japan though.
Many artists nuked their entire online presence, especially those who draw characters of ambiguous age, when they are applying for jobs at more well recognized studios or when they managed to secure the position.
I'm surprised it didn't happen more often in western countries.


Typically most use handles and pennames, so I'd honestly be surprised at any instances of it actually happening in western countries… Though if Logan was his real name its a bit tougher.


It was his real name which is why I think it caused problems.


He most likely got a job which required him to remove his "past history of indiscretions".

It occasionally happens to furry artists. If they get a job at for example Disney, they are more or less required to remove themselves from "that part" of the internet (both past and present), because if something they end up working on in the future becomes hugely popular (think Frozen), you can be sure the media won't hesitate to drag your name through the dirt if they find out you draw/drew porn in your free time.


Actually his real name is Louis-Xavier Valton


I remember reading something about a job on his personal blog long ago. This happens all the time, like with kupopo. It is really hard to live on digital porn stuff and the market really looks down on people who takes that route.

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