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Been in a bad mood lately. Looking for some lgbt movie recommendation, particularly ones with good ending. Because let's be honest, we've got too many sad gay movies already.


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Truth is auto-repression is very common in the LGBT creative productions, whatever the media ( check the Comics/Manga litterature: lots and lots of " I fuck- i get punished… ". There are some UFO's (!!) movies, but with "rich" stories i appreciated, like: " Le Roi De L'Évasion ", with lots of moonings :); " Boulevard ", with Robin Williams ( hard but positive ! ), " Pas De Repos Pour Les Braves " ( kind of oniric but fun ); " Priscilla…", of course; " " In & Out ", beautifully made; " Maurice" though, even positive about the principal character, it also displays the sad side of the less brave ones… " Milk" was fantastic, even though very sad - but Hitorically justified. Plus Gus Van sant is a great Director ! Check also the less ( ?! ) obvious Homo-oriented Cinema: thousands of movies can easily be seen through the man-to-man filter Directors barely hidden through writing, usually. You know it's mostly a Gay industrie.


I forgot: Vimeo https://vimeo.com/search?q=gay+short+film There are tons of Gay-themed movies - though it's difficult to know what you're gonna watch untill you watched it ( surprises, surprises ! ). " James " was beautifull - and i just watched one called " Rite ", a bit stressful (! ). There was one about a father and adult son, agreeing to have sex over a 2 millions dollars bet… The money-deal kind of horripilates me but the clear desire of the son ( AND the sparkles in the father's eyes ! ) made this short movie a very erotic one - but without any nudity or even closeness. Can't remeber the title, sadly ( and the search bloked aroud the 22'th page !!). Worth a try, anyway.


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Frier Fall was really good, it ended kinda sad but the second one is coming out, so hard to say if it will be a happy ending or not.


+1 for Freier Fall.
I would also like to add Hawaii: https://imdb.com/title/tt2801746
It's the prefect movie if you're into slower-paced stuff.
Also I'd like to suggest Shelter: https://imdb.com/title/tt0942384
Both are with relatively positive endings.

Two more movies with sad endings, but beautifully executed:
Weekend - https://imdb.com/title/tt1714210
Undertow - https://imdb.com/title/tt1368491



Another good one I forgot to add:
Out in the Dark - https://imdb.com/title/tt2318625


I don't like to watching western BL movie bcozs a lot of Bad ending. So how about Asian BL especially Thai/Korean/China/Taiwan. They a lot of series/drama that have a good ending.


~LongTimeNooSee - 타임노씨 GCINEEwebsite
~2Moons The Series 2017
~Addicted(heroin) Webseries (Uncut)
~越界 Crossing the Line
~HIStory2 Right Or Wrong
~Advance Bravely
~Together With Me BL
~不可抗力 (Uncontrolled Love)Part1 & 2 Uncut
~Waterboyy The Series
~Make It Right The Series Season 1 & 2
~A Round Trip To Love Season 1 (Good ending)season 2 (Bad ending)
~Web Series Counterattack Uncut
~Kiss Me Again จูบใหไดถานายแนจริง (Mix love stories Straight and BL but the BL part is make me walllaaaaaa…)
~อาตีของผม (Bcoz You're my Boyfriend)

I think there still more but I recommend to watching this series


"The Way He Looks" (2014) - good ending, and is an expanded version of the short film "I Don't Want to Go Back Alone"



Frier Fall was great, and hopefully the second one will be released next year as scheduled.
I love Hawaii :D

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