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Been in a bad mood lately. Looking for some lgbt movie recommendation, particularly ones with good ending. Because let's be honest, we've got too many sad gay movies already.


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Truth is auto-repression is very common in the LGBT creative productions, whatever the media ( check the Comics/Manga litterature: lots and lots of " I fuck- i get punished… ". There are some UFO's (!!) movies, but with "rich" stories i appreciated, like: " Le Roi De L'Évasion ", with lots of moonings :); " Boulevard ", with Robin Williams ( hard but positive ! ), " Pas De Repos Pour Les Braves " ( kind of oniric but fun ); " Priscilla…", of course; " " In & Out ", beautifully made; " Maurice" though, even positive about the principal character, it also displays the sad side of the less brave ones… " Milk" was fantastic, even though very sad - but Hitorically justified. Plus Gus Van sant is a great Director ! Check also the less ( ?! ) obvious Homo-oriented Cinema: thousands of movies can easily be seen through the man-to-man filter Directors barely hidden through writing, usually. You know it's mostly a Gay industrie.


I forgot: Vimeo https://vimeo.com/search?q=gay+short+film There are tons of Gay-themed movies - though it's difficult to know what you're gonna watch untill you watched it ( surprises, surprises ! ). " James " was beautifull - and i just watched one called " Rite ", a bit stressful (! ). There was one about a father and adult son, agreeing to have sex over a 2 millions dollars bet… The money-deal kind of horripilates me but the clear desire of the son ( AND the sparkles in the father's eyes ! ) made this short movie a very erotic one - but without any nudity or even closeness. Can't remeber the title, sadly ( and the search bloked aroud the 22'th page !!). Worth a try, anyway.


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Frier Fall was really good, it ended kinda sad but the second one is coming out, so hard to say if it will be a happy ending or not.

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