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Okay, so I need to talk about this. People that come from highly respected news sources are reviewing this 100/10 piece of art. Since its so good they review it well, bur heres the thing. They use Gengorah Tagames name! Now I just think Anderson Cooper from CNN really is into hardcore BDSM, and the reviews keep getting better.


That's… his name? The name of the author and illustrator? It's literally printed on the cover? I do not understand what you are trying to say.


I'm trying to say that it's funny since the person who is largely tied to the bara subculture in japan, and has been making hardcore porn, is being complimented by CNN, a company highly revered to be "safe". I forgot since it's like 7th grade stuff, and its been like years, but I think its dramatic irony? Idk seemed funny at 4 am.


stop it. get some help

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