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Pic unrelated but same reaction to all the trade threads for me -.- . Can we move all the stupid trade threads from /rs to either /ds or at least limit them? there's like 4 different threads in the first 2 pages and they kill off actual genuine requests threads without actually contributing anything


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>>1548 There used to be a dedicated Trade thread made by Rexxar here…


I could make a new one and get it pinned, maybe even in the request board. What do you think?
If anyone is curious, those trading threads are here…


File: 1566800592120.jpg (590.35 KB, 2430x2927, Rexxar's Thoughts On Trade….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

>>1550 Rexxar also commented on it here…


<Rexxar> Well the people who are here for doujins also doesn't want to come here only to have every other thread be cluttered with "I'll trade ya <this> for <that> but only if you promise not to share with anyone".

<DK> Plus I assume linking/referring to an existing trade thread is also not allowed, right?

<Rexxar> Correct. There will only be one thread for all that stuff.

<DK> I suggested this before but how about a separate trade section, /trade/ ?

<Rexxar> Honestly, I'm not a fan of the whole "Secret club of trades" thing, and creating an entire board dedicated to keeping content from the public goes against what I want for the board. Hell it's against why I made the board to begin with. If people desperately want a clubhouse where they can do private trades they are more than welcome to buy a domain and server, and host the site themselves with their own money.

<DK> Or just one single sticky thread for all users that want to do trades within the doujin sections.

<Rexxar> Maybe. But considering that the thread will have exactly zero posted content, just a lot of text posts with people talking about what doujin they are willing to trade for what doujin, it fits a lot better on the section that's dedicated to text posts and discussions, namely /dis/.

<Anon> Oh god, finally some light on this issue. I think trading should be prohibited since it is against of what the board os meant in first place.

<Rexxar> I won't be entirely prohibiting it, no. They'll get a thread, that's it. I feel that's a good balance between yes and no.


>they kill off actual genuine requests threads
How so?
>without actually contributing anything
Lots of unfulfilled request threads contribute something?

Please elaborate, because your whole point seems to be that you are just upset that you don't get rewarded for doing nothing


Pssst, hey OP, what's the source of the thread pic?

Google pic search brings up nothing.


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>>1557 It's "Master and Audec" by Aenaluck…. https://www.patreon.com/Aenaluck

I made a Patreon thread with more links of her here…


Good luck. :)


if you know a mod, maybe you could get them to delete the CP spam on this board and on /3d/?


Seriously what CP? A woman isnt CP. The fact that people keep acting like it is is stupid. I dont think it should be here simply because its women and this is a Bara forum. But seriously. Its not CP I just checked. They are adults. The fact that you are seeing CP where there is none only shows that /you/ are thinking about CP.
Stop it. Get some help.


underdeveloped genitals + no pubic hair = assumed CP, please go troll elsewhere


There are literal threads where content was shared 5 months after the original request. Please shut the fuck up and shove your trade requests up the ass. Trading is just as bad and I'm pretty sure Masanori and Tagame aren't going to approve someone trading theirs doujin to get a free works. The original aim for this board was and has always been free sharing of content. If you're ready to download a doujin that was freely shared by someone but bitch about others when they request free shares, you're a hypocrite

@ Dedicated Trade Thread Barachan "archiver" yes that would reduce a lot of clutter please do


please don't bitch about this any longer, you simply have no argument.
trading isn't ruining anything. it's just a handful of people that do.
there are 2.5k members at the discord channel, therefore this board's traffic should allow for a great number of people sharing plenty of stuff.
how about instead of bitching about how you won't get stuff for free invest some time into buying stuff and share yourself? always give first before you're allowed to take


>>1568 I'll see about coming up with a standard format for posting. It can look like this…

1… Link or picture of collection.
2… Email address or Discord link.
3… Request for comic or art pack.

Then each reply can be just a post number then email or Discord. What does everyone think?

If anyone is curious, Rexxar's old rule #17 says, "Posts related to private trading of images, comics, doujins or otherwise should be restricted to the dedicated thread on /dis/. Going into a request or content thread and suggesting trades will be considered drama baiting and will result in a ban." >>>/dis/1320

He also posted here… >>>/rs/904


you (and others probably too) seem to think that somehow trading "hinders" sharing taking place. how can that be?
people just decide not to share, simple as that.
personally i like to have this extra option, but like usual when i'm low on cash i stick to request a book and hope that somebody shares

>Going into a request or content thread and suggesting trades will be considered drama baiting and will result in a ban
it's not drama baiting but it sure is annoying as hell. that shouldn't be allowed
>Posts related to private trading of images, comics, doujins or otherwise should be restricted to the dedicated thread on /dis/
trading threads should not got into /dis/ imho
if you take trading threads out of the sections that are all about doujin, /rs/ /md/ /bc/ , people wouldn't notice at all. it's just fact that trading has become an essential part of imageboards.
would be a lucrative idea to implement a section mainly about acquiring doujin with more of substantial methods (trading, proxy service, scanning service etc.)


the trading thread could be either here or in /rs/ as long as there is a containment thread for it


OR you could make your own sharing board and stop depending on people that come here waiting for things to be shared, how about that? For all that counts, you are also bitching. Just sayan.


"trading isn't ruining anything"

Umm yea it definitely is ruining a board made for sharing and requesting free content when there are 10 different trade threads killing off legitimate share requests. THE BOARD EXISTS FOR SHARING. NOT 10 DIFFERENT TRADE THREADS.

"always give first before you're allowed to take"
LMAO are you saying anytime you download or view a leaked CG set or leaked doujin someone generously shared for free, you also upload something or send the uploader a free doujin from your collection? If you don't then please shut the fuck up. You're a hypocrite.

Nothing worse than people who want to privately trade doujins come up on request threads to write shit like "Oh I have this set but I can only trade for this other ultra rare set. If anyone wants it for free then you're a leech lol I'm a saint!" No you're a sorry excuse of a human. Don't tell people asking free stuff to stop whining and asking for free stuff. This boards exists for this very reason and traders have no issues enjoying any of the free stuff which some generous people leak.

Now if only a mod could make one thread for trading and move all the spam from /rs


No problem with trades as long as they don't spam the /rs board with a new thread for each trader which is what is happening. A single thread for all traders on /rs is fine but every trader somehow ends up making a new thread instead of replying to one of the already existing thread so we need mod interference now. I don't have any bad feelings for traders. The problem is when they come up with this "I'm better than you leeches" attitude and tell the request making people to "buy it yourself". The boards were made for free sharing content not for traders to come in and give us attitude and kill off request threads because no one shared in 10 days.


There's a huge sense of irony that we're arguing about the principles and purity of stealing content from artists and then offering it for free versus trading others for it.


I thought he was just arguing that they should be moved from the request board or at least contained to one thread instead of it being spammed.


this is literally exploitative capitalism vs mutual anarchism


does anybody here truly believe that if trading were to be completely removed from barachan, sharing would actually increase?
or is it more like that sharing isn't happening so much simply because people just choose not to share?


maybe in a few years, but the damage has already been done by the toxicity that it has created


question…is it allowed to sell private commisions? (if artist say yes)


File: 1569145650978.jpg (169 KB, 2353x1225, Trading Toxicity.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

I made a Trading thread here… http://boards.barachan.org/rs/res/9655.html

>>1586 Toxicity. ;)

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