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TLDR; there is a furry Artist Called WASP who won a art contest for the game "Epic Seven" but then was to be disquallified for obscure reason

some speculate it's because he drew some NSFW of their character from the game (while in reality, he submitted a SFW) while other stated that it's because the jugde has a bias against furry/gay

what strange about this story is the fact some report that there was no regarding making NSFW stuff of their character but was then added after WASP has been dismissed by the judge


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for the person who ask, here the what the picture in question and the result of the contest


File: 1564740729204.jpg (735.36 KB, 2782x1500, IMG_20190802_104801.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

and the image in full size


I have no stake in this game but if drawing NSFW art elsewhere was truly a disqualification and was super important for brand protection then it would've been stated upfront to protect the companies image. Plus everyone except maybe literal 5-10 year old artists would be barred too.

As for the image it's nice and isn't anymore outwardly "gay" than a bunch of girls playing volleyball in bikinis are so I don't see the issue as a non-Furry lover especially since more people are gonna see the art in question due to making a fuss so you played yourself. If it's a Furry issue then….don't have Furries in your damn game. It'd be like if a strip club got mad that one of their strippers posed for Playboy, the hypocrisy would be deafening.

Now if it was truly a mistake tho then they should've admitted they forgot to note the rule, give the artist the prize as it was the company's fault then rerun the contest (which would get waaaaay less entries due to said rule but meh).


see this would be great if it weren't for the fact that pretty much everyone else in the competition also did nsfw work, it was just nsfw work of g*rls


What even is this game "Epic Seven"?
I wouldn't be surprised if Wasp just drew something non-related to the game but turned out way better than anything else others created and that got him first price. But in the end still got dismissed because his artwork had nothing to do with the game in the first place


It's korean anime inspired mobile Rpg that just so happen to have furry character


To make things worse, this most recent fan art selection has a winner that openly links their pateron which they do NSFW work there, but they allow that. It's a bad double standard.
Look at last fan winner and their their pateron as proof.

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