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I just discovered someone ripped the senkyokumaru model and I've been having fun making him pose to me, still I have been looking for some tutorials so I barely know anything about modeling, does anyone has some tips to try give him some nips or something else?
PS: he doesn't have actual legs, just the pants


hey there! do you have prior modeling experience? since it seems like you have the fully rigged and everything model you should look into: sculpting, and texture painting.

sculpting would make it super easy to add on nipples, and texture painting would make it a little more easy to color them


Actually I have almost no experience on modeling, but thank you so much for your reply, I'll look for tutorials and I'll update the thread when I add whats missing on this model ^^


no problem! i dont have a ton of experience but ill try my best to help you out



kinda off topic but >>1444 damn that model has a lot of potential, I wish sfm/3d artists did more with Senkyokumaru
he is such a good material…
also, best of luck!


I know, I actually stopped trying to edit the mesh because I couldnt make it look good, also the object is made all in tris which makes it even harder to edit with my current skills, if anyone knows how to properly model I can share the converted .obj because the person who shared it on deviantart uploaded it as a different format that blender cant open


i have a bit of 3D modeling knowledge, if you could share the obj that would be cool!


I think it is on XNALara on DeviantArt, at least the default one


Yep the guy who ripped the model is roxaskennedy or something like that
anyway here's the file: https://www.mediafire.com/file/374hnsrj4wr63gx/Senkyokumaru.obj/file
The funny thing is he specifically asked not to lewd the character, but I guess rules are meant to be broken haha


thanks for that

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