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Yes, I understand why the mods are scared of having no flood ban. But the fact that we can only post 1 page/pic at a time is also troublesome. Can the mods fix it so we can at least post 3 pages at a time or remove this "wait" period between posts?

I've just posted over 50+ pics and this flood ban and 1 page/´pic at a time really made this whole thing take much longer than it should have.


+1. The previous Barachan allowed for 3 images in a post, which was much more convenient for image sharing. Until that's put back in place, I don't really see any incentive to posting here.


The flood time between posts from the same IP is 10 seconds without a message, and 2 minutes if the IP + post message matches a previous post. This is to avoid things like child porn spambots filling up the board in mere minutes.
I could remove the delay entirely, but then I'd have to implement a captcha, which would most likely end up being the ever so fun "Please select the bridge"/"Please outline all the cars"/"Please highlight all the street signs" one from Google.

The previous board also usually broke horribly whenever you tried moving posts or threads, deleting images willy nilly. The current setup works (mostly) perfectly.
So if you want multiple image uploads, you will also have to accept that your posts/threads/images will be deleted instead of moved/spoilered/whatever in the event that you posted it in the wrong place or something.



Thanks for everything you've done so far, I REALLY appreciate the work you're putting in. :) I hope this site stays up for years to come!

Speaking of which, please no captchas, lol. I'd rather not feed the "botnet" more. Also, I think the wait time is fine, since 10 seconds is VERY reasonable, considering I had to wait longer before. It just means I can post 6 images in a minute, and since we're not exactly flooded by new art, then that's fine.

By the way, the new drag and drop feature that you're rolling out, at this minute, is nice. Thanks again!

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