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2 years ago i saw a thread here when one guy was sharing stories about sex and relationship with granddaddies.
And now im at the point where i might have one of those soon.
My man is 73 and i have known him for years (i remember the time when he had mostly grey hair with less whit ehair) but we came to the point of relationship only now.

Im not an experienced person by any means… i had sex with a guy only once.
And i have so many questions about sex and life with a man older than 70…
like…what if i will break him, lol? Is it even possible? he seems weak (as an old man). And im a muscle cub… Im afraid to do anything wrong.
Obviously i should not fuck him like those bear guys fucking on porn videos? (fast and horny)

Please give me some advices.
Yes i like him very much and not going to step back. But i need so many answers at this moment.


Try things first then tell us how it went and take it easy, by the way, it might not be related but read the thread in this very same section in which someone had problems with watching porn, there are some advices that may apply to you I think, in the aspect that of taking it easy


>tell us how it went
i will


the fact that you want to fuck a 70+ old man is beyond me…are you looking for money or something? else i cant find the reason…


You trying too hard to be retarded - it shows.


none asked you fan boy


You seem upset.


not at all just dont like insults


Gentlemen, while I don't intend to simplify this example or insult it, there is a fetish for everything.

Sexual attraction and love work in mysterious ways. I believe you should all take this as reassurance that there will always be someone who can love you.


excuse me there is a difference between i have a fetish ( for example muscle men,superheroes,big dicks,pecs etc) and "im broke im selling my body to a living fossil"


File: 1561111640078.jpg (25.11 KB, 500x500, 15595481208560.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

You sound mad as fuck.
I have only 2 versions that explain your butthurt over me.
1) you had a fuckbuddy and he left you for an old guy
2) you are a lonely bitter looser that leaked here from 4chan. You probably are ugly or underage too.

I highly doubt anybody would live with you so let's end with the argument "2".


File: 1561111855256.jpg (21.42 KB, 500x449, 15585220999910.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

>Sexual attraction and love work in mysterious ways.
No shit sherlock.

You will be shocked but in most of countries attraction to MEN considered fetish and degeneracy. And it's either illegal or has a death penalty.
The whole idea of a man being attracted to a man considered a "deviant fetish" in most of places of planet Earth. So…yeah

i never stop being surprised when a gay judges other gays for being "not like them". But there are always low-tier people in any community so such gays (i dare to say "faggots") will never stop existing.


Maybe there is an actual sexual interest? You are in the nichest place to be even thinking like that.


> Faps to fantasy characters.
> Gets mad people have interest in real people because of age difference.

Just eat a dick sir.


dude honestly if it is to end up fucking the real life version of mum-ra im prefer to die alone


i did :D maybe you should do it too..it does wonders for stupit people like you


on one hand im admire your will power to do this i mean fucking(or getting fucked) by a corpse takes guts
on the other hand i cant look away from the obvious things here…you are selling your body to a man at the end of his life….its obvious you doing it for money..and there is a word for what u doing


>im prefer to die alone

If you are the way you are presenting here, don't worry, you surely will. Enjoy your superhero body pillow.


File: 1561155586567.jpg (81.7 KB, 625x500, 1aiev4.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


Old people need love too, and all of us get old. Doesn't mean we should be any less worthy of being loved.


>If you are the way you are presenting here, don't worry, you surely will. Enjoy your superhero body pillow.

said the slut


oh my, pathetic you guys…
try channeling all of your negative energy into buying doujin instead and post them all here. would be MUCH more constructive then belching all of your toxic prejudice over this thread here


Yep, for sure.


Definitely something I would not do, but to each their own. If both of you are happy, there's nothing wrong with it.
That being said, the real question is: are you prepared for the future? A person who is that much older than you will also pass away too soon for you. Are you confindent that you will be able to rebuild your life after that?
I know it's not a pleasant matter to think about, and I do not mean to sound cruel, but it is the way things go. Life with an elderly person can also become physically taxing, as normally old age brings about more and more problems.
As long as you are ok with all the aspects of having an elderly partner, go for it. But if you have doubts, think twice before taking such a step.
As for breaking him… it's difficult to say, you should literally ask a doctor: some people's bones grow fragile with age (it mostly happens in women, but it's not unheard of in men), while others remain strong enough. If he does seem week, though, be careful and gentle.
Whatever you choose, take care and good luck.


Very well said. This is the advice OP truly needed.



File: 1561399248171.jpg (78.92 KB, 1920x800, 9f7.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


Even for a troll, buying in a sharing board, that's so funny, tell us another one


lol it's funny how stupid you apparently are
do you know what needs to happen before anything can get shared?


Apparently not, can you please enlighten me with your knowledge?



I still don't get it, can you be more precise?


lol hey everybara check out this champ of a troll who actually believes people are laughing with him when we're all actually laughing AT him. so unique and precious

ANYWAY back to the topic: Yo OP any updates? We're rootin for your happiness dude


Yeah, he screwd it up, when you say we, you mean your body fat? disgusting, root for your happiness you need it


>'no u fat' retort on a board dedicated to the appreciation of various types of big men



Trolls definitely have no lives, but the fact that y'all are still responding shows that everyone is desperate for attention.


then have an orgy or how many you feel you are with yourselves, hahahaahaha


Im geniully evying you. I would love myself to have relationshap with hot silver fox…
And photo on OP post - can you share more of him? He looks incredibly sexy.


I think you kinda missed the main essence of this thread


hello troll, let's feed you, open up




File: 1564148257503.jpg (246.5 KB, 1510x1086, IMG_20190725_205037.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


Will be avaiable on Fancy Frontier34 7/27~7/28

I guess this is an advance request or so….


sorry, can a mod delete this, i made a mistake

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