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Wanna hear you guys' thoughts on this discourse. Is it moral/ok/whatever to make or enjoy porn (especifically talking about bara and gay furry here i suppose) that revolves around sexual abuse?


It depends on the tone/level of romanticism of the media in my opinion.

As I've aged and grown more aware of the dangers of several forms of sexual abuse, I'm generally less compelled to fully enjoy new doujins and novels involving rape, unconsensual harm, etc. But, I think as long as the artist focuses on hot and the sexual aspects rather than relay of message of "so-and-so is hot and everybody should do it", it's mostly in the "fine" zone of the fantasy-realism spectrum.

If you're anywhere near Killing-Stalking levels of problematic romanticism or draw unironic underage shit tho I'll cut ya


Obviously to each their own.

I personally think that in fantasy/fiction they is no limit to what is acceptable. That includes porn for me. I personally love depictions of violent and nonconsensual sex in bara context. I know that they're fantasies and I have never felt the urge to act upon these fantasies in real life myself. I am also of the opinion that individuals that do act out unacceptable stuff in real life would do that regardless of what is depicted in fantasy.

I think that behind your question lies the issue: "If you enjoy porn that depicts rape, you are a risk for society" and I disagree with that. As a comparison: Horror films depict violence, abuse, murder and much worse for entertainment. Some stories do not have redemption arcs or punishment for those acts. Most people are perfectly fine with that.


I agree with Gonku, other heinous acts are depicted in graphic detail in many other media outlets. I wouldn't see why a special line needs to be drawn for this particular heinous act.

I am curious to know the statistics on stuff like this as being raped is actually a fairly common sexual fantasy.

Though it's not as if any depiction will cause someone to normalize the behavior. I mean, just look at how many millions of times the 'violent video games make people violent' theory has been disproven.


Hmmmm. Depends on the region and societies that govern the work being distributed.

Safe answer is to follow protocols and check laws regarding artistic freedom of work and possession of deprecating material.

As long as this 'fetish' remains obscure in the art world, it should be borderline wrong, no one is getting hurt. If this material become popular and influential that when problems start to arise. More people = more chance of of getting offended or emulating the material.


anything in fiction is ok because it's fictional

shota, incest, rape, it's all fine, because it's NOT FUCKING REAL

also 1) if something triggers you no one is forcing you to look at it and 2) there are people who actually are able to use such media to work out their own traumas, believe it or not there are actually a lot of rape victims who like rape porn and engage in rape roleplay as a coping mechanism, there are plenty of ACTUAL pedos who use shota as a way of curbing their real life attraction to minors, etc etc, and denying them their coping mechanism is honestly much more problematic than the existence of the art itself



"A lot of rape victims who like rape porn and engage in rape role-play."

If we follow logic, can they still be considered a 'rape victim' in this scenario?


if your house is destroyed by a tornado but then you later become a tornado chaser that doesn't exactly make you no longer a victim of a tornado, does it?

now go to sleep child


What kind of dumb logic are you following? lmao



Ethics, mainly based on Kant's theory of Deontology.


following this logic, if you play GTA, you must be a homocidal maniac.


A person transforming their traumatic experience in something they can find some sort of enjoyment in order to cope with the pain doesn't take away the fact that went trought that. A rape victim is still a rape victim even if they start to like that fantasy in fictional porn.
As long as a person doesnt hurt themself or other, i really dont see the problem.





Thanks for the explanation. ^-^ Makes waaay more sense now.

Also, I missed the word 'coping' and misinterpreted the whole sentence. Sorry lads.


and THIS is why you ALWAYS read the WHOLE comment BEFORE responding


I know this thread is slightly dead but I still feel the need to reply.
It doesn't matter. It's FICTION and fiction does NOT equal reality.
You can enjoy whatever you want in fiction. Rape, shota, incest, bestiality, gangbang, bdsm, LITERALLY WHATEVER since its not real.
If anyone tells you that you can't or that you have to be "coping" they are wrong. Even if I was using something to cope, I don't have to tell anyone. I don't owe it to anyone.
They are simply trying to be the moral guardians, and thought/fun police.
More than likely if they are going out of their way to try and police you, such as going to a subforum for extreme fetishes, and then a specific thread, then complaining that it exists, well… sorry that I had to be the one to let you know, but they are probably into it as well and in denial.
Contrary to what they'll try to say, expressing your desires out in fantasy is encouraged by every psychologist worth their degree. And also people who are into controversial fetishes in fantasy are usually some of the most ardent defenders of people who suffer from them. Example most people who like shota and loli would probably torture and kill an actual child abuser.


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If you know it's a fantasy, and you're content to leave it there, then hey, de gustibus non disputandum est, amiright?

For instance, I kinda enjoy imagining that I'm the captive of a jaguar warrior, who gets unfailing advice for his battles, from the gods…which he gets, by topping his oracle (me) into semi-consciousness, whereupon I start blurting out stuff that makes no sense to me, but that he understands. And since I'm his personal connection to the gods, they have to know it's really him before they speak, ergo, he has to cum inside me.

There's a whole lot of historically inaccurate stuff in there. The Aztecs would just as soon sacrifice a captive, than keep them around for that sort of thing; and depending on the location, gay sex would have been a huge no-no, arguably for their elite warriors, and DEFINITELY for commoners. As for joy juice being the nectar of the gods, that's closer to a Viking idea than anything Pre-Columbian. And eroto-comatose lucidity would probably have been an unknown concept at the time, anywhere.

So, yeah, I get it: that kind of scenario is not realistic, and it's not even close.

Still, try telling me THIS dude isn't easy on the eyes…



Lol. That guy doesn't even look vaguely nahua. He looks like the male equivalent of a Vegas showgirl.


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It's not okay but it turns me on so idgaf


I usually don't care as long as it stays as fiction, I really dislike stuff like shota mostly because I don't like sexualized children but if it stays as fiction and doesn't evolve into real stuff it's okay I guess.


What game is this?



Slots Era, by Murka Limited.

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