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So I am wondering what websites do people usually go to check for any new stuff related to Bara. For me,
its http://boards.4chan.org/y/catalog and this site,
and then check https://f95zone.to (with gay stuff on watch filter ofc),
then https://exhentai.org/tag/male:males+only as well as https://exhentai.org/tag/male:muscle (if the guys are hot in het stuff, why not :P),
then check https://furrybaraarchives.blogspot.com/
and https://myreadingmanga.info/.

and of course it used to be with tumblr as well, but since that one is gone, bummer.

How about you guys? Let me know what do you usually do.


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Oh before anyone is asking, the artist is DreadfulAlibi btw


baramangaonline for doujins
yiff.party for patreon leaks
https://yupdates.neocities.org/latest.htm for etc artist dumps

twitter + pixiv is still the best place for japanese artists, especially furry/kemono


Does anyone know any chinese or japanese sites to keep an eye on? You know, the ones that tend to have stuff up before every other site.

I only know www.darknight.blog. It's where I first found Rycanthropy's Fate/Grand Order doujin among other things, but there hasn't been any updates for a while.

Well, I guess there's Baidu, but from my understanding it uses somekind of point system? Meaning that you either have to contribute or pay to see anything in there.



there is fumankong.com

it works on the point system, but if you log in each day you get a random amount points, so after a while you'll be able "buy" what you want

tho there are some threads that require you to pay


So, I tried registering to fumankong, but am stuck at the registration part, i have to insert answer for this ' 耽美中的1和0指的是 ' which I dont even know how to answer it nor what it means exactly. Any idea for it?


oh right, i completely forgot about their security system…

try with "同志关系中两种", tho you'll most likely get a new question so rip

i also struggled a lot with that part



I retried and got basically the same question asking about 1 and 0 and used your answer, but it says wrong answer or something like that :/


I also had a fumankong account, if I'm not mistaken I think I have a lvl 3 permission on that site. I didn't know how I did that in the first place XD but I remember you had to buy lvl 2 using your points.

Anyway way back when I first register on that site I didn't get any questions like that whatsoever instead I register normally without any problem. It seems they are a bit strict lately. Especially now you can't access the porn game stuff if you don't have the proper permission, unlike before it was way more easy. All you need is to reply on that thread you can unlock the download link, or buy the thread key to unlock the thread.


耽美中的1和0指的是: 攻和受

腐女喜爱的动漫和漫画简称: 腐漫


Thanks! I got through with the registration

Yeah it seems like there's a lot of regulations and I barely understood any of them. Google Translate take the wheel.



Cheers, I managed to register as well. Now to figure out how to navigate the site, heh.


if you need some help to unlock some few stuff you can easily make a list here and ill try to share the link if I can.

my advice gain points first.


just a question
is this fumankong forum similar to eg ponyking or tt1069? meaning that certain threads require a certain amount of "points" to access and you gain these "points" by sharing stuff?
and can you yourself set such a "point access limit" to any thread you create too?


Can anybody help on how to navigate through the fumankong forum? Where's the section for bara for example?


come on barachan


Pixiv is pretty good if you mess with the bookmark tags and recommendations.


guys how do you work fumankong?
getting pretty sick of nothing getting shared anymore and chinese are ahead in the game it seems


virtually everything shared on the chinese forums are chinese translated versions, which are FAR from preferable


>chinese translated versions, which are FAR from preferable
well that is your opinion, plus i'm gonna assume that you don't understand japanese either. so what gives?

can anybody elaborate a little on how to operate fumankong now or not?


>plus i'm gonna assume that you don't understand japanese either

well that's where you would be wrong, I've been a (mostly anon) translator in this community for almost a decade, but chinese scanlations are practically worthless to me


>chinese scanlations are practically worthless to me
kudos to you then, doesn't mean it's the same for the rest of us here. so can you now help with fumankong or not?
or anybody else here for that matter?

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