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mod-san or anyone just wanna ask I don't see any restricted or ban artist that aren't allowed to be posted in /ptr/. so it's safe to say we're allowed to repost the lost hydaria thread just like before? just want to ask that. if it's ok I would really start to post. hopefully people would share as well.


You probably won't get a response. Just go for it.


I'll try to wait for a few days. if they don't I'll will try to post them in /ptr/. hopefully they will reply soon.


there is not and there has never been a DNP list, there has only been the unspoken rule of "don't post works by artists who are extremely bitchy about their stuff being shared" like, for instance, hydaria

feel free to post a thread but expect it to cause a massive shitstorm


it doesn't really matter. if it get deleted then it's ok. if. not then it's super ok XD

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