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Am I the only one that finds it odd that there's hardly any rules on the board? There isn't even an 18+ rule or an nsfw warning.


Mods/admin said a rules page was coming when the site came back but it hasn't happened yet. Most who were on the various old boards are just assuming the old rules are in play.


What were the old rules?


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Shouldn't reinstating those be a priority? Not having a clearly stated 18+ policy on a porn server is risky to say the least.

It'd be good to have clear rules for boards that don't have any currently either, like this one right now.


Looking at the Chiri threads you linked and the rules Big Guy posted on the discord, it doesn't seem like rules are a high priority for Rexxar. In fact from the way he writes them himself, it looks like he doesn't even want to deal with them at all. It'll probably have to be on the users and the mods to make any of it happen.


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… Maybe Rexxar and the Mods judge we can rule ourselves alone a bit longer: till now, few threads have been posted by obvious trolls/trouble-makers. We're obviously not that numerous on this board and therefore it shouldn't be that complicated to behave ourselves. The 18+ policy in an official way, allright; but i do believe the fewer-the better… Like sub-categories in the board itself, should i say.


The 18+ policy has always been like pulling teeth here. There was no policy on it until Chiri mentioned it in 2016 and now it's gone again. On the discord, it wasn't considered a priority at all and now that it's there, it has a passive-aggressive "it's not my responsibility" post attached to it.

It's never seemed like something that's been all that important to any admin that's run barachan, which really says a lot.


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I mean…. has one of those rules ever deterred a single underage person from viewing porn? I've been exposed to porn since like 12, and have been drawing porn since at least 14…. I remember the Mr Hands and 2 girls 1 cup videos were the word-of-mouth memes of the time when I was 11. You can make any rules you want….I doubt it will deter anyone under 18 from viewing the site if that's what they want to do.


It's a shit excuse when it comes to the law. It's one thing to realize that people will lie about their age but another entirely to allow minors to be on an adult site. It's against the law for good reason.


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I don't think he meant it as an excuse but more as a fact. As for children and Porn - or any other adult ( ?!) entertainment- when you want to replace parents authority, you just give into censorship thus creates transgression, which children can't resist: they're programmed to ask and try and learn and even more what's forbidden. Frankly, even though things can go rather far in this particular category, even here on a board mostly dedicated to drawn pics, i fear young generations always have been and still are and will be exposed to far FAR more horrific and traumatizing things through mainstream media or their own lifes… Your concern seems honest but if you want to do something that's really effective, making people - even too young by legal standards - enjoy Porn as what it should be - entertainment - and not what it's usually used for - escape - i believe you'd really should work the problem beyond our very inoffensive playgrown: there are tons of things to better in this crazy world of ours and adding rules on a Porn site -beyond the obvious- will do nothing.


It has nothing to do with the bigger picture though.

An 18+ notification has to do with the law. If it's not there, there's nothing to protect you if a complaint goes down. If you're not actively stating the age limit and enforcing it, you create an all ages site. The people in charge of the board could get in a lot of legal trouble and have no defense.

It's a terrible excuse because it puts the board and its users at risk, just because kids lie. By that logic, businesses shouldn't check IDs and dating apps shouldn't have an age limit.


Admin abandoned us and we might have one semiactive mod. This site is a walking corpse.



Do not expect it to keep up on its own; even if you post in this forum, it will no longer be a site of your choice.If that isn't enough, even if this was really modded like this, we don't really want to take any credit for it."I used several of their scripts in my own mods. I hope they all found their way to the mod, and don't mind having a modding site for them. It's only a matter of doing so, and putting it in a usable format.If you liked this, consider helping me out with another mod; this probably means helping with something in other realms as well, if one existed. Just let me know of the requests, and if you are interested in supporting me, I'd love to be able to pay it and be able to maintain quality.


eigo de ok


lol wat


Rexxar's never gonna do it. Does he even do anything around here besides shitting out the money for the servers?


File: 1557498794077.jpg (255.47 KB, 1080x1080, d15ca3475877059.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

he does on the discord if you @ him lol
there's like 5 people that keep him on speed dial whenever they want him to ban someone


Does he really ban people that easy?



Just to be clear, it's only the trolls who got banned from the Discord. These people, these trolls, are obsessed though and are now primarily here on the boards. Hence the recent pickup in activity here.


My selfish ass….

So can we post hetero/bi content in alt again or no…or does no one even care what goes on over there lol? I just wanna be sure.


There's still trolling on the discord all the time.
One of the active people there called people from Mexico "venomous niggers" not too long ago.
I think you called someone a "nigger faggot" too.
For whatever reason Rexxar allows you guys to do it.


Someone on the discord got banned for posting straight porn.
I don't know if the board is any different though.
From this thread, it doesn't seem like people want any rules.



>Hence the recent pickup in activity here.

Trolls or not, I'm glad there's some activity again. Barachan's been pretty dead ever since it came back.



The matter of the joke I made was already discussed to death in the trans thread. There's a thing called shock humor and even us more socially progressive people can enjoy it. My joke that you love to bring up so much to perpetuate your own bigoted worldview was used in an acceptable context, which I already explained in the trans thread that was locked.

Meanwhile, I could look through your posting histories, since it's quite obvious who you are, and find countless examples of you using it in hateful and unacceptable ways. It wouldn't be difficult to even find examples of people leaving en masse because of your group.


The rule should still be there. Just putting a warning up asking the user to confirm their age is enough to keep the site safe from a takedown.

Can you guys shut the fuck up about discord? Nobody cares about your vapid catfights. It's just annoying. The only people who care about who's right are the people involved in the retarded argument.


Exactly. Most of the people on barachan over the years have the opinion that minors are gonna come here anyway, so why bother? The main reason 18+ rules exist is to protect the people on the site. Refusing to add it shows how little the admin cares about the site and the users.

On top of that, even if it wasn't about protecting us legally, would you really be OK with a minor saving your nudes and interacting with you sexually?There's no reason not to have it.

Dude, you sound fucking crazy. Don't try to tank this thread too.



You… you are aware that Barachan is a community, right? The board, the telegram, and the discord are one community. If you think this boils down to "vapid catfights" and don't realize how the discord affects the board go take a look at the trans thread and if that doesn't paint a clear picture for you then… you're utterly delusional and bigoted.


Your post is telling of who is in the right here… why even respond?


Seriously, if you're gonna go off-topic then fuck off. Nobody gives a fuck about that thread.



… have you read the thread?


>it's a community
Not really. It's a chan, so most people are Anonymous. It's hard to say that's a community. Whatever happened on Discord isn't relevant here.






>>1261 I brought back the Straight / Bi thread, and it welcomes Bi stuff too…


It's only labeled the Straight Thread out of continuity, but you can think of it as the Straight / Bi thread. I almost called it the Straight Bara thread, but then there would've been this whole debate on what is bara and what's not. Just look at the previous threads to find out. Also, if you think the thread should be a little different, then let me know since it's only been a few hours.


He's got issues man, Idk. lol He does this a lot.

Nice! I don't know exactly why it happened that way off the board, but it's cool that it's still open here.


As long as I have a thread to share and find more stuff it's fine as is. Thank you :3

Also you put in a lot of work here, were you previously a mod on one of the older boards or are just a passionate fan?


Anyone else notice the bumping in /ptr as well?
I don't personally mind it, but I would think that staff would have done something about it seeing as like 50% of comments are just bumps


Still nothing going on with the rules. I hope whoever ends up owning the boards next is more competent than Tanz or Rexxar. I don't get why an 18+ rule wouldn't be their first priority. "No CP" isn't an 18+ rule.


File: 1558118037981.jpg (66.94 KB, 999x990, Noot Noot Motherpingu!.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

>>1275 Thanks, I appreciate it!

>were you previously a mod on one of the older boards or are just a passionate fan?

>or are just a passionate fan?

Anon, I… might have a problem. ;P


>>1277 Speaking of rules, is anyone here currently in the UK? I'm wondering how those new laws are affecting you now. They said that spanking, bondage, restraint, and even consensual verbal abuse or whatever cannot be produced by any artist. But they also had that credit-card age check thing. Does anyone here have experience with that?

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