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What target group should i base him on?
I kind of wanted to start with an older man 45y/o but something tells me i should make protag as a younger male.
What level usually plays bara-games? Is protagonist being the 25lvl bear cub a good idea?


I like Orsino Jack from See No Evil and he's older. If the story fits with an older guy that would be better than trying to force in a younger MC.


thats what i was thinking too. i focus on bears and i was not sure if i even want to make a game if i will be forced to "fit the target group" ugh


What kind of game you making? Just curious.


actually, it's perfectly fine for you to have an older protag. its more common then you think. God of war, Heavy Rain, Resident Evil, The Last of Us, etc. All have male leads in there mid to late 40's The key things with them is that they tend to pair them with a younger character so they have someone to bounce off of in terms of world view and game mechanics.

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