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start off right


boy howdy I thought the boards would be dead forever


Hoorah they're back!


may you never go down again, barachan


Hooray, baraboard is my new childhood


I have always loved this page and doing some post on it several times, and I recomend it a lot, however it has more inner control on it keeping apart the furry non-bara stuff from the bara stuff (including furry-bara) as it should have always been. I love both themes, but I don't like the mixed-up mess between them, specially when most of the furry is not bara, and while the furry bara is quite worthy. there is a lot much more than non-furry bara which was the original goal of the page as a "true bara content". I think it's better to keep furry apart from bara (eventhough where might be some bara stuff there), for avoiding the non-bara furry stuff mixed there, and at the same time when posting bara stuff, keep it apart from the furry content (even if there is some bara stuff there), for avoiding the non-bara furry stuff. In that way I think there might be a better order inside the page: the non-furry bara theregoes separated from the furry bara stuff, and so avoiding the mixup with some non-bara furry stuff, and an overwhelming load of furry bara stuff from the non-furry bara stuff (i.e. human and human-like bara) that some might better like to see more thant the kemono/furry+scallies bara stuff.


Yep. It feels good to have mostly everything back. This place has a certain look and feel to it that you don't find in too many other places. Sometimes they're ok, like FChan, U18-Chan, 4chan's /y, or whatever, but they just don't quite get the psychology of this place.

In any case, I hope people weren't too put off by the near 9 month gap, and start coming here and posting more. That's why I'm trying my best to restore the past boards by placing a few of the old stuff (just before it went down) so that things get rolling again. By the way, what do you guys think? Am I doing too much?


you are absolutely doing too much. i would rather this board have a fresh start, and what's with all your pointless comments on like every single image post?

the "videogames general" OP pic is fucking disturbing but i dunno, maybe that's just me


>"the "videogames general" OP pic is fucking disturbing but i dunno, maybe that's just me"

You are absolutely right on that one. In fact, I only placed it because it was there before. My bad. Speaking of which…

>"…i would rather this board have a fresh start,"

Maybe you're right and I should back off. I only did it so as to very quickly have enough content to attract more visitors, and once they're here then hopefully they'll post on their own in a reasonable amount of time. Y'know, to get the ball rolling sooner rather than later, since I remember this board was very slow at times. Remember, certain boards (like /fur) had up to 15 pages of content which took months, if not years, to get up to speed (besides the reliable Canine and Feline threads).

>"and what's with all your pointless comments on like every single image post?"

Haha!, Ok, that was my mistake and I'm sorry if it really disturbs everyone here. Honestly, I remember the boards being very lively with not just active discussions in each thread (like /fur), but many posts would include small humourous comments with each picture. It made the place feel more alive with users, especially with all the "catty" content, so to speak. So a part of me was kinda trying to bring that back, in an unfortunately non-subtle, ham-fisted, way. ;) Also, it was late at night and I was tired, hehe.

Thanks for your feedback though.


Feels so good to be back. Huge thanks to those bring bac barachan you rock!


Big brother!!!!! Thank you for returning this website!!! Who would ever thought just by typing barachan for reminiscence I would not only see it but also access it, kyaaaaaaaa I thought I was only dreaming!!!! Thank you thank you thank you ssooooooooooo much!!!! Just one request I hope you can return the 3 file posting again just like before, cause the one file posting is quite a hassle, but if you can't it's OK also. Anyway thank you for your hard work!!!! Banzaii!!!


>>49 Wow, I wish I could take credit for this, lol, but I'm just a lowly anonymous poster and not an admin or mod, believe it or not. Sorry. :)

A few days after the site came back, I was happy, but saw that it was practically barren. So, to help it along and try to create a seamless experience (despite the 9 month gap, lol), I started posting just a few good images of each thread from last time (before it went down). I tried to recreate certain threads knowing that it would attract more visitors.

I hope you like it. If not please tell me, and I can delete a lot of my stuff.


Whoa it's back! Finally!
I agree with the fresh start approach, but hopefully the moderators will restore some of the old threads. Some of the /prt threads perhaps?

I think I still got some stuff from the old board somewhere, so I might re-post here and there.


Welcome Back! I fucking missed this board so bad!

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