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Small reminder that /ptr/ rules have been updated.
So please make sure you read the new rules to avoid undue warnings and bans.

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Please direct all comments, problems, suggestions and otherwise related to the board and Barachan as a whole into this thread, so that we can avoid /dis/ being cluttered by multiple threads on the subject.
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Imma save that pic right away. Thanks a lot!

File: 1500931989753.jpg (132.1 KB, 352x352, IMG_1308.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


Has anyone else done the mbti? Just curious about what types are here at barachan.

I'm INFP myself. I'm pretty social for an introvert, and even though I'm pretty sensetive, I'm not a big old crybaby like we're typically said to be. I do write though like it's my job, and think I'm pretty creative and very easy to talk to.

I'm curious to hear about your types, your experience as that type, and whether you agree or disagree with them.
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Took the test a long time ago, I think it's either INFP or INTP. I kinda forgot :\

Anyone know the link to the test?


There are several, but most people use this one.



Thanks, re-took the test again and I got MEDIATOR (INFP-T)



INFJ The Counselor/Advocate given its description I would have to agree, I'm idealistic and very determined with an active imagination, however I'm practical in the sense that I use those traits to help solve problems. Given the last years of my highschool and going into my college years I started to become more outspoken about my opinions and I'm an advocate for social change. Though I can a bit too sensitive when it comes to things I"m passionate about and have a hard time admitting when I'm wrong or meet an opinion that differs from mine, I'm getting better at handling my negative traits though i still have a lot growing to do.


I'm not suprised to see so many INxx types here. It seems we kind of run the internet.

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Hey guys,

So my boyfriend and I are both cut, and we both wish we were uncut. It's just our preference; we feel it's more natural. Anyway, he's been looking into tugging methods, whereas I'm more interested in finding an "artificial" foreskin of sorts.

Currently, I'm using a condom that I've cut the tip and the band, as well as some length off with. It's only day 1, but I actually like it a lot, and have been wearing most of the day. It's pretty comfortable, and when I get an erection it moves with me just fine. It also stays on pretty well too, even when Im not hard.

Im considering getting a Senslip or Manhood foreskin, but I'm not familiar with them. Does anyone here have any experience with either brand? Is anyone else trying this out too? And if so, do you have any other ideas for artificial foreskins? Any advice is much appreciated.


isn't there a procedure to restoring foreskin?


There is, but it's expensive and can cause damage if something goes wrong. I don't like the risks.

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Moved from /2D/ as the thread was getting really discussion heavy.
Fanart posts were split off to: >>>/2D/12299
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Thoughts of Joseph's route? I heard that the true ending is glitched.


So this game is basically like a PG-13 version of any regular dating sim we all know about, right?
That's kinda a total waste of time.
Oh well,
Comiket cannot come by any sooner and deliver new VNs that we've all been waiting for.


Well it is on Steam, also gay themed so we can't expect much -_-


Brian deserves a better route :( all of it is spent competing with him for like 10 minutes of actually cute lovey stuff. I don't mind a rivals to lovers story but his is so abruptly lovers its just. Blah. Oh well


I might be alone in this, but I really enjoyed the conclusion of Robert's route. It felt so, I don't know.. non-forced? More realistic somehow. I can get how some people might be frustrated with it but for me it sort of hit home.

Also tried out Hugo and Damien's routes and was pleasantly surprised by both. In the end, probably a toss up between Robert and Hugo as my faves.

Joseph has two endings at the moment and not sure if I would call either an inherently "good" ending. There's a controversial 'bad' ending in the code that goes unimplemented; Apparently there's a glitch with the 'Walk Mary Home' sequence that occurs on that route. The rumor is you have to have a positive score from that sequence to access the removed ending, but the truth is that 1.) If you take Joseph's route you can only get the sequence where Mary tells you off, and it erases any positive score you built up with her if you took other routes and 2.) No triggers remain for that ending.

File: 1466269539054.jpg (84.06 KB, 470x562, gaypirates.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


Alright folks, I've noticed many of the threads in /3D/ and even some in /req/ become "I NEED A GT.RU INVITE". From now on let's have this thread in /dis/ be the general Torrent Tracker Invite Thread. Any and all invite begging is to be routed here as it does not belong anywhere else on the boards.

Share your emails and invites at your own risk. I'm not 100% on what the rules are for trackers but I know gt.ru has some strong ones with users that don't seed and if I'm correct it affects the inviter as well? Maybe someone can give more details.

Anyway, share away y'all :)
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Anyone got an invite for gt.ru? I'll send you a dickpic in return..

mail: jens.verdedegem@gmail.com


gt.ru invites require spending the "seedbonus" you get, 250 points exactly. once i rack up enough i'll send an invite over.

some pointers,
the only circumstance people sending invites have is not to ruin your ratio.
- download free-leech torrents, and seed as much as you can (you can DL the large 50+ GB torrents with more leechers than seeders, than delete the file, unless you want it).

if your ratio goes below the 0.75 mark, you won't be able to download non-freeleech torrents and the person who sent you the invite will be penalized.




anyone got an invite for gay-torrents.org and gaytorrents.ru



if someone could invite videogamelord355@aol.com that would be much appreciated!

File: 1484726363265.png (51.03 KB, 552x640, trade.png) ImgOps Google iqdb


In this thread you can request or offer trades of doujin, comics, pics and otherwise bara-related material.

Please keep the thread civil. If you do not approve of private trading, hide the thread, do not post to let people know about your displeasure, that will earn you a ban.

Furthermore I'd also like to make you aware of Global Rule #17: http://boards.barachan.org/rules/#g17
Any and all trade requests or offers shall be confined to this thread. Posts or threads made anywhere else will be considered drama baiting and will at best earn you a swift post deletion.

Happy bartering!
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Hit me at nandinhonandes94@gmail.com
As I said I do have some old games that I could share, and I am not sure if all of them have been shared already.
I am not able to buy anything right now, that´s why I would like to trade for this game.




I can say he is trustworthy and he always delivers albeit a bit slow sometimes xD. Also he is really nice and if you have any further questions, he'll answer them.

Recommend trading with him.


I wonder if anyone on these boards would be up for straight up selling their doujinshi….


File: 1500911474775-0.jpg (2.73 MB, 1995x2117, haves1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

File: 1500911474775-1.jpg (254.16 KB, 1000x376, haves2.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

File: 1500911474775-2.jpg (350.29 KB, 1000x501, wants.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

Haves & Wants:
Check the pictures for the doujins and the GoogleDoc for corresponding link with previews. At the bottom you can switch between the 'Haves' and 'Wants' tab.

Send me a message (E-mail: d33k8y@gmail.com) if you either want to trade stuff or if you want to save money and do some shared purchasing.

File: 1462232143404.png (1021.73 KB, 1280x684, tumblr_o67hx15nuC1t8ix4do6….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

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I'd merely like to politely suggest a more informative map. Something with a marker of where you are, and where the areas of interests you can fast-travel to would be remarkably helpful for trying to find something while being sure I've not doubled back or otherwise wandered too far away (instead of having to use the impending darkness as a guide to walk around the outskirts before finally finding what I was looking for).

Anyways, thought it may help someone.

A beautiful environment and I really love what you've done so far, and looking forward to what comes next!


I personally think it's fine right now. Everything is pretty close to each other and you get the runes marking to let you know where to go.

I can't wait to see what you have planned for the island or the cursed rings quest! Keep up the amazing work, Hogswild.




omg i found it 2 minutes later ffs…. Follow the flying rocks and you'll find it……


File: 1500907587879-0.jpg (589.34 KB, 1634x822, dialogues.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

File: 1500907587879-1.png (1.69 MB, 1741x862, cap6.PNG) ImgOps Google iqdb

the dialogues thoroughly explain how to get there, and the rune you must follow immediately appears next to the place where you stand, right after. really.

File: 1494310006297.png (1.16 MB, 800x600, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps Google iqdb


Thread for Shunta/Hesoten's upcoming bara game.
Created to remove clutter from the artist's /ptr/ thread.
First few posts have been moved form the aforementioned thread.
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he didn't ask for money before so who care if he was consistent or not, what count is that he was consistent during the enty. I mean, high possibility, drawing porn is just a side job for him you can't ask him for much more.

and nope he is super fast compare to the other. 1-2 years to make a complete game alone is pretty decent. Do you see a lot of people doing game alone ? There are like 3 artists that does that at the moment …


Why did he even create this webpage about the game when he's not updating it and not replying on the question board?
Well we still have to see how much content this game will feature do call it a decent production within 1-2 years.
The game itself looks pretty good so far, no doubt, it's just the artist himself that is just so not like-able.
If he screws up with his plans once again, well then I guess the last bit of respect will be gone too.
And he must know that as well.
So yeah, 2 weeks remaining…


anyone have the cgs?





Does anybody know how to hook the dialogue from the recent demo? AGTH won't work anymore and in a similar fashion to prepare for funa's new game it'll be good to be prepared for this one too.
I heard that VNR might work but that one only gives me errors.
Any ideas?
I'm sure many already know about a working solution and I would be very happy if you guys could elaborate here.
Explanations please, not just the "just use this…" or "just go there…"
Please help me out here orz
You'll do a big favor to everybody here.
The game is on its way to get released afterall ;-)

File: 1471134202694.jpg (1.25 MB, 1700x1500, 95359b39-8314-42e4-b393-e0….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


Yes! Now can support him more easily! https://funa.booth.pm/

He's put up a new small Illustration package (the pic) too that he showed at Comiket90 I think, though his whole game library is available now. I'll definitely be purchasing his last two:

Chin-Chin-Quest: https://funa.booth.pm/items/299501

Natsuriba!: https://funa.booth.pm/items/299541
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Moved from /doujin/



Can anyone upload the link for the full game again please and thanks.


Can someone give me a link to Dekariba and/or Chinchin Quest? Thank you!



File: 1499525879916.png (169.23 KB, 400x266, Ridin it.png) ImgOps Google iqdb


i have just found this new game that is releasing.
No one seems to know about it so i wanted to share this.
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The main plot wouldn't work with an human because i do think that there is some underlying thing happening in this town, especially at the gym.

SPoiler ALERT:
The other ape that appear in the webcam show look like the one that work in the protein shop.

It's weird that the manager of the gym don't want you to work there just by looking at you.

I feel like the humans are using/transforming ape into sex slave/addict but it's just my theory.


it might be a coincidence too but the only one that have an erection in the gym is an ape too.


An' just like that, after only a few days of teasing what'll be in Episode 2, they're taking a "Break" from production of Episode 2 due to low sales of the 1st.


So are we going to be getting yet -another- long hiatus with no word or info coming out? Since I feel those have been hurting this studio tenfold ever since Thingie in the Basement was cancelled.


Why are you giving your feedback here and not on their site?


They have bad PR. I never would heard for theme if there wasnt for this site.

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