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>damn are you broke beggards whiny
SO on point!

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Previous thread(s) >>6753 >>2437

As before, this is a thread for anything you make. Drawings, paintings, sculpture, crafts, (no, it does not have to be bara related) either just to show off, or to ask for criticism.
Remember to always keep conversation civil and polite. We're here to share ideas and help each other.

Have fun!
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Wow!What a perfect body.
I think you should torture him thoroughly. LOL


File: 1510969537427.jpg (107.07 KB, 540x960, 1510969340419.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

Learnt how to crochet last night. Made a hat.

It's too tight though….. so guess I'm giving this one away.


Hi guys I currently have a furaffinity account. I was wondering if I can share my ideas for my art here.
I have a lot of ideas but I want to stick with one so it’ll be easier. Is that okay?


Taro that's a cute hat, I love it! :3

Maybe I should crochet something for my bf too. Got any good crocheting tutorial vids?


I guess it's ok. It's /dis buddy, not /2D lol

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Choose a game.
Copy the password.
Open the pan.baidu link.
Paste the password.
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I don't think I'm gonna bother anymore, it's just too much hassle (and I don't really care about it THAT much to go through all this trouble). Already tried several other ways, Jdownloader for example, which is supposed to work for baidu but mine just gives me an error after it's starting to download.

Thanks for the help though. :) I did manage to get the demo from a different site, so I can at least check out what the game is like.




Thanks you it works!


Thank you very much

File: 1508870375779.gif (164.1 KB, 418x363, tumblr_inline_oyc8emBv7X1t….gif) ImgOps Google iqdb


hey people a new bara game has been released, enjoy!!!
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So, not much to say about the game that hasn't already been said. I really like the sex scenes, and the drunk sex scenes are by far my favorite.
But the real point I'm trying to make is that, when trying to use debug mode, I cannot switch between different spawns. This is to say, pressing 1 and 0 does nothing and I can only spawn a bunch of "Average Joes" :^)
Anyone know what the deal with this is? I mean I suppose I can already tp to the den of lust or whatever it's called and just die there, but dying while being surrounded by 6 or more of the jacked out Joes sounds really fucking hot and appealing to me.



The keys are bound to the letters I and O, not the numbers 1 and 0



Well don't I feel silly… Thanks for telling me. It works fine now.


As someone who's dabbled in game dev:
Holy shit, this game is great, and I'm super impressed that you wrote your own engine. I think it's the perfect length because I have absolutely no idea what else you could add.

I've been thinking of writing up a blog post about it and doing a deep-dive analysis.


I made that mistake, too

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Now that y gallery is dead. Do you know similar websites (where artist post their art) to check artist gay arts except Fur affinity/pixiv/Tumblr and twitter?
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Keep in mind that they are trying to make a comeback. You can follow the announcements here: http://ygalannouncements.tumblr.com/

And the developer has a tumblr where they answer questions here: http://y-gallery.net/

They're trying to bring it back and get it into Beta. I'd even guess that they'd try to go live with that next year around valentine's day (the original date that Y!gallery went live).


What exactly happened to it? And when?


The site was hacked, multiple times in a short period. They tried to recover the site data but ended up being unable to.


Well, there's this: https://barabox.io


I wish y gallery was gone for good… it was just a hub for other sites like patreon and a infinite source for drama, bans, furry controversies, shota, nagas everything and multiple accounts

File: 1510874222264.jpeg (22.53 KB, 155x200, 28D65B69-A3CF-4CAD-8E0F-6….jpeg) ImgOps Google iqdb


Can someone explain to me why being “edgy” means people need to resort to being a bigot by using racist statements and being homophobic?

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his last post is from November 2nd


On his patreon which can only be read by those who are patreon


his patreon posts have titles and even if you're not a patron simply by reading those titles you get a good idea about the status of the game


The last post on my art blog is a year old, but not those on the development blog of the project itself. Last entry from October 7th.

Regardless, the last public version, which does have a public changelog, is a bit dated by now and will get a much needed update in the following days.


Oooh! That's good news ^o^

File: 1494310006297.png (1.16 MB, 800x600, ClipboardImage.png) ImgOps Google iqdb


Thread for Shunta/Hesoten's upcoming bara game.
Created to remove clutter from the artist's /ptr/ thread.
First few posts have been moved form the aforementioned thread.
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It wouldn't have been so bad if he only charges when there are new content and I've pledged ever since his enty went up. Now I'm just sticking with my pledge so that it wouldn't be obvious who I am when I share it within the day if no one beats me to it.

If he's still planning to use WolfRPG, what's the point? It hasn't significantly improved within the past 2 years. Makes more sense to slim down the existing game, rather than start from scratch using the same tools.

He's not a developer and he's not fluent in english so his alternative tools are the same ones he picked from before and then settled with Wolf.


No one is forcing you to support his Enty. Just end your support whenever there is no content. His Enty's purpose was so he could have side income while working on the game. Well good luck seeing future content with that attitude. I'm going to share the game because he didn't finish on time boo hoo.


>Well good luck seeing future content with that attitude
Well thanks to Syunta's attitude and way of dealing with his fans and active supporters, I hardly doubt that too many would be concerned at all if Syunta stopped producing.
It's just very sad how the game looks like it's gonna be pretty decent but on the other hand its creator is such a gigantic asshole.


For being apologetic? Some of his late responses have been questionable and the game wouldn't be "pretty decent" just for you to support him on Enty. Honestly, most people other than you don't really care as long as the game is released. I'm down for cleaning the game and bugs instead of a rough draft being crammed to finish.


Every time there's a status report it's just apologies and more delays. That's how it has been for 2 years now and the status reports come very irregularly. No wonder people are getting angry, especially those that are subscribed to his Enty. There's a limit to how many times you can fuck around with people and it's very apparent that Syunta has well overdone it already.
The game itself though looks kinda good, still I wouldn't mind somebody sharing it at the day, would be a nice compensation at least.

File: 1481780437518.jpg (17.57 KB, 636x358, 1274855214.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

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old thread:
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>totally decent graphics
Yeah, that sounds cheap


>Blackmonkey worse than this

nice jape


once the realization kicks in it sure is
even more so if you think about how people regard any of that awful artwork by blackmonkey/mazjojo as "bara"
hilarious how ridiculous that is, but of course calling this game's artwork "garbo af"


Anyone played that new furry VN, Nekojishi yet? What do you think? Bit too short IMO and kinda disappointed in the amount of CGs it had. Only 3 NSFW scenes. :/ The art quality was really nice though.

You can grab it here btw:


The limited edition is the one that includes the NSFW scenes.


File: 1509923028911.jpg (292.43 KB, 1000x1000, meme_artistvsart.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


So do you know the face who draws the stuff you like? Here is a thread to post the real identity pics of an artist you know!
This is Random Bara Dude artist, I'm shocked he is hot as fuck!
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He posts selfies every so often but then deletes them later


I'm not jealous honey


are there any artists who are chubby irl? i wanna see some thicc cuties


I totally read that in trixie's voice.


>>9809 The same here lol

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