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My Brothers Husband

Okay, so I need to talk about this. People that come from highly respected news sources are reviewing this 100/10 piece of art. Since its so good they review it well, bur heres the thing. They use Gengorah Tagames name! Now I just think Anderson Cooper from CNN really is into hardcore BDSM, and the reviews keep getting better.
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trade threads ruining /rs

Pic unrelated but same reaction to all the trade threads for me -.- . Can we move all the stupid trade threads from /rs to either /ds or at least limit them? there's like 4 different threads in the first 2 pages and they kill off actual genuine requests threads without actually contributing anything
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The Boys of Bara-chan - NSFW

This thread is where you can post your own dick pics and nudes, so that we all may revel in each others sin.
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Black HoopS guide

anyone wanna start a guides thread for BHS since its on steam now?
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hey general question.
How is this chinese?japanese? site called where people share there novels,art,games, etc.
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Epic7 Summers Art contest controversy

TLDR; there is a furry Artist Called WASP who won a art contest for the game "Epic Seven" but then was to be disquallified for obscure reason

some speculate it's because he drew some NSFW of their character from the game (while in reality, he submitted a SFW) while other stated that it's because the jugde has a bias against furry/gay

what strange about this story is the fact some report that there was no regarding making NSFW stuff of their character but was then added after WASP has been dismissed by the judge
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History / Continuity

I wondered if the Internet Archive had old versions of this site for everyone here to peruse through. It turns out they crawled this site multiple times (those horndogs, lol). So, rather than solely having to rely upon my collection of por-… uh, "archives", now here's a secondary source. ;)

It's only been around 6 years, so there's not much to see. Also, they haven't saved most of the pictures (that I have). But, at the same time I'll post some screenshots of my recently saved files for you to enjoy. Let me know if you also want screenshots from further in the past.

Maybe some of the previous regulars can comment on how the site was made, maintained, crashed, and such. Also, what happened to Tanz, Rexxar, and_is_w!kemono, baralover, etc…?

2012: The Xibia forums - https://web.archive.org/web/20120930005856/http://bara.xibia.net:80/

2013: The first Barachan imageboard - https://web.archive.org/web/20130318184101/http://boards.barachan.org:80/
2D - https://web.archive.org/web/20130319234333/http://boards.barachan.org:80/2D/
3D - https://web.archive.org/web/20130325163744/http://boards.barachan.org/3D/
Fur - https://web.archive.org/web/20130325163744/http://boards.barachan.org/fur/
The Barachan Forums - https://web.archive.org/web/20131203090712/http://forum.barachan.org:80/index.php/topic,2.0.html

2015: Barachan 2.0 - https://web.archive.org/web/20151006120945/http://boards.barachan.org:80/

2018 Jan: Just before this year's crash - https://web.archive.org/web/20180112125958/http://boards.barachan.org:80/
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Is depicting rape/sexual abuse in porn ok?

Wanna hear you guys' thoughts on this discourse. Is it moral/ok/whatever to make or enjoy porn (especifically talking about bara and gay furry here i suppose) that revolves around sexual abuse?
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Cross-Pollichanation Thread #1

I made this thread for us to see any interesting news, developments, interesting posts, or just fun comments from the other boards around the web. Those fans of other boards can also post here too. Please feel free to post whatever you'd like, no matter how crazy. We can also try to post the locations of new threads when they pop up. If there's any serious discussions needing more than a few dozen comments, please feel free to create another thread related to it.

Just a few of the other boards (some haven't been updated in a while):
4chan…. https://boards.4chan.org/trash/catalog , https://boards.4chan.org/y/catalog
U-18Chan. https://u18chan.com/gfur/index.html , https://u18chan.com/gc/index.html
Yes, even Reddit ;P : https://old.reddit.com/r/bara/new/ , https://old.reddit.com/r/Broceps/new
……… https://old.reddit.com/r/Gayporn90/new/ , https://old.reddit.com/r/anthro/new
……… https://old.reddit.com/r/dragons/new , https://old.reddit.com/r/furry/new
∞-chan: https://8ch.net/gachi/index.html , https://8ch.net/y/index.html , https://8ch.net/barafur/index.html
……… https://8ch.net/him/index.html , https://8ch.net/hm/index.html , https://8ch.net/general/catalog.html
……… https://8ch.net/bd/index.html , https://8ch.net/faggy/catalog.html , https://8ch.net/gfur/catalog.html
……… https://8ch.net/gdj/catalog.html
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No rules?

Am I the only one that finds it odd that there's hardly any rules on the board? There isn't even an 18+ rule or an nsfw warning.
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3 invites for gay torrent site.

So I dunno if I can post this here but I have 3 temporary invites for gay-torrents.org site.

So if you want it, tell me your email adress and I'll send it to you via their automated thingymajig.

No hotmail e-mails (e.g. hotmail.com, msn.com, live.com, etc) and aol (aol.com).
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Does anyone know what happened to nastibear, aka 707smoker? He used to have a pretty big presence across multiple websites (Tumblr, xtube, etc) and would post really regularly, then all of a sudden his pages got all deleted and all his content removed. Does anyone know where he went, if he still has a place he posts, anything like that?
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What was your first bara crush?

Mine was Adam Spitz from braceface. While the show was meh, i've found myself watchign it just to catch glimpses of him shirtless in the show, which happeend a few times.
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Moritake Game help

So i am playing this old game from moritake secret society 2 transparency.
So i am trying to get this scene but i cant figure out how. there seem to be no guides on the net so if someone maybe remembers that would be great.
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Checking new content routine

So I am wondering what websites do people usually go to check for any new stuff related to Bara. For me,
its http://boards.4chan.org/y/catalog and this site,
and then check https://f95zone.to (with gay stuff on watch filter ofc),
then https://exhentai.org/tag/male:males+only as well as https://exhentai.org/tag/male:muscle (if the guys are hot in het stuff, why not :P),
then check https://furrybaraarchives.blogspot.com/
and https://myreadingmanga.info/.

and of course it used to be with tumblr as well, but since that one is gone, bummer.

How about you guys? Let me know what do you usually do.
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I need your help bara

So this past week I randomly struck up a conversation with another guy and it wasn't intentional, I don't even have their name or number.

But we talked for close to an hour, didn't get feelings but it was enough for me to realize I haven't had a real conversation with my actual husband like this in close to a year. Just an interpersonal conversation about our lives, where we want to go and hobbies. For a hour with a complete stranger at my job I was person, an actual person again and I cried the entire drive home because I didn't realize for a year what I was doing to myself.

Most of our conversations are fights

He's on his phone pretty much all the time

Peaceful suggestions turn into snaps

We haven't had sex in two years

We fall asleep in the living room or bedroom without any effort to sleep together

I hate alcohol, he's increased his intake I've given it up

Constant judging

He talks to me like I'm his child and has no confidence in me so I end up responding about how I'm not his child

I'm my affairs in order and talk to my partner this week. Neither of us have had the conversation but one of us has to initiate and it might as well be me.

But there's so much involved. A house, 2 cars, 3 dogs and financial assets. We'll end up having to sell the house as we can't afford it on our own regardless so there's my biggest thing. I feel horrible that I cannot tell him straight up I want out and just feel like I'm a warm body these days, I don't even know why I'm around I'm fucking miserable.
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So whatever happened to Logan Kowalsky? He vanished off everything last year and I'm curious if he died, it was pretty ridiculous how fast he vanished.
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sadpanda purge and fallout

Sadpanda is fucking dead. Ehentai will be dead soon too. Get your favorites out while you can.
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Experience with a man over 70

2 years ago i saw a thread here when one guy was sharing stories about sex and relationship with granddaddies.
And now im at the point where i might have one of those soon.
My man is 73 and i have known him for years (i remember the time when he had mostly grey hair with less whit ehair) but we came to the point of relationship only now.

Im not an experienced person by any means… i had sex with a guy only once.
And i have so many questions about sex and life with a man older than 70…
like…what if i will break him, lol? Is it even possible? he seems weak (as an old man). And im a muscle cub… Im afraid to do anything wrong.
Obviously i should not fuck him like those bear guys fucking on porn videos? (fast and horny)

Please give me some advices.
Yes i like him very much and not going to step back. But i need so many answers at this moment.
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Blender Modeling

I just discovered someone ripped the senkyokumaru model and I've been having fun making him pose to me, still I have been looking for some tutorials so I barely know anything about modeling, does anyone has some tips to try give him some nips or something else?
PS: he doesn't have actual legs, just the pants
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A thread unlike the drawthread for artists far and wide to share their wondrous *ORIGINAL* art made by them and them only. Myself included~☆
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Let's talk about our favorite races and fantasy stories/settings from any media. I always have a soft spot for elves especially High Elves.
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Bara Discord

I hope this is allowed, otherwise I'll just delete this

Hi everyone! I Was given a discord from the previous owner and re-made it into a bara discord focusing on guys who like guys, with Artists such as Lvlv and Nainsoo. Come by and say hi if you're interested in a Bara Discord with no hetero content and full on gay, art, video games and a family like atmosphere! \o/ do know that we don't solely focus on nsfw and are also a community with a lot of FFXIV and Fate GO players.
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Worried about Rokudenashi

For the last few days, he's been talking about suicide and depressive stuff, and now he stopped posting after posting this pic. I'm really worried about him. Does anyone have a direct line to him that can check on him?
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Do you think that, if I delete all of my porn and stop looking at it all together it will help me be more bold to approach my husband to have sex?

I'm just worried that I can't perform the way I'd like to. This is, so far, irrational. Jerking off wasn't something I did for anything but stress relief. With anxiety and depression, stress is pretty common. I feel guilty that I'm using porn to jerk off to relieve stress and I'm too anxious to actually have sex with my husband.

Do you think cutting out the porn all together and not jerking off will help push me to be more bold with my husband?
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Currently translating a doujinshi

I decided to translate くの湯 十三発め ダッチワイフと経理男 on a whim, and I decided to share what I have done at the moment.

Don't know when I'll be finshed though. At the rate I'm doing this, and because I'm not fluent in Japanese, this may take me over a month at best. If anyone wants to help me out, that would be appreciated.
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Bara clothing

I'm looking for a bara shirt to take to Pride later this month. Anybody have suggestions?
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Talk Bara to me!


Does anybody look like bara? Bears? Musclebears? Chubs? Black bara fans? Other minorities?

It's just guys asking for pics. I want to talk about bara, roleplay, whatever ;) Where do bara fans meet?
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Pissplay questions

This is not "2d/3d pictures" thread i guess. I was just wondering - anybody had an experience with piss play?
Im asking because my partner wants me to do this. He wants to piss on me and me on him. I never did this. I find this weird however i also kind of want to piss on his face!
Also funny - that furry comics about piss that everybody was laughing about actually came handy - it actually answered my main questions.

But still - yeah i want to hear real experience about this from anons.
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mod-san or anyone just wanna ask I don't see any restricted or ban artist that aren't allowed to be posted in /ptr/. so it's safe to say we're allowed to repost the lost hydaria thread just like before? just want to ask that. if it's ok I would really start to post. hopefully people would share as well.
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Whatever happened to sakura.ne.jp/with_no_title better known as just with_no_title? Have they resurfaced in any social media like pixiv or twitter?
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Webcam site for chubbs and chasers

First really sorry if I posted in the wrong place, but this doubt corrodes. Why is not there a webcam sites for chubbys and chasers? It has that site c4, but the muscular guys do not like the chubbys. I wanted a site where lean, muscular guys could admire me and even play with me on the cam without me feeling embarrassed about being a hairy chubby guy. Is it. If they know of any tip of site put here. I at least do not know.
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360 Panorama

Not really sure what category this should go under but this is the first time I've seen bara art done in a 360 Panoramic view.


Source: https://twitter.com/tooboshoo
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The T in LGBT stands for "Tacked On"

Can we have a trans awareness thread? I feel a lot of gays don't properly know, or even care to discuss, the dangers of trans activism, specifically problems with reassignment surgery and how it's seen as an absolute despite it being incredibly dangerous especially for males trying to be female, and how it's essentially doctor assisted genital mutilation. Then there's the issues with bathroom sharing, specifically how it allows non trans individuals to claim trans status with impure intentions. And not to mention it opens the door for many other issues like transracialism, transspeciesism, transagism and so forth. Things normally treated for a mental illness. On top of this there's the issues with the blank slate theory that's commonly used to support transgenderism. The biological differences between males and females, and the issues with born males competing and destroying women in women's focused sports.

But I'm happy to talk about things like this with other gays if you're up for it.
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Been in a bad mood lately. Looking for some lgbt movie recommendation, particularly ones with good ending. Because let's be honest, we've got too many sad gay movies already.
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Protagonist for a game

What target group should i base him on?
I kind of wanted to start with an older man 45y/o but something tells me i should make protag as a younger male.
What level usually plays bara-games? Is protagonist being the 25lvl bear cub a good idea?
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Bara for the 2019 Licensing Survey - Manga Gamer

the 2019 Licensing Survey from manga gamer is up and the Top Three games from the poll i set up a while ago is over, if you missed the poll or the three games are not what you want, still vote as we need to encourage them to localize Bara games: http://bit.ly/MG2019Survey

The top 3 are:
1. Ana Holic! by Underground Campaig
2. ChinQue! - Chinchin no Sei to Mittsu no Negai by Hanrangen
3. Loops by Rycanthropy
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new game

There has been a new game, thats added to the LGBTQ section on NUTAKU

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Looking for Literature & Smut

My mind is craving for a well written smut (+++ if it comes with plot). Looking for recommendations.

Just finished Extracurricular activities VN by WolfByte, was skeptical about a half-finished game, but after finishing one story line, it had a surprisingly high word count, and that story was perfectly satisfying and feel-goody. I wish i could get my hands on more!

Been reading things off of Nifty for a while and I was hoping someone could direct me to another source of gay stories. Here are a few of my favs.

By Xavier - Written in first person, and the way the story is worded I found weirdly refreshing.

Simple and effective knight vs demon smut

Also tried some popular m-m romance novels like:

Personal favorite of mine.
Hot Head - by Damon Suede

This one was… a miss for me. I found the main characters too erratic. It was well received by the audience so I gave it a shot.
Cut and Run - by Abigail Roux

Again, looking for recommendations. Thanks in advanced :)
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Looking for helmethead fiction

Hey, so I'm normally not into bara unless the guys in it are wearing helmets, and while this site certainly has plenty of images, I can't seem to find any erotic literature in that genre. If anyone knows any, would you kindly help a knight out and post it? If there isn't any, I'd be more than willing to make some with like minded guys! Credit to the image is bughemoth btw
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change.org petition to ban this headass from posting in /alt/


nobody's laughing at you, stop shitposting
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Where is all the Thanos Anal Vore :/
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Friendly invitation

This is a friendly reminder to check out my site: https://baraaddiction.net/ it features the work of over 400 artists and creators of all sorts related to bara, furry and lgbt art in general :)
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Are we post peak bara?

Does anyone else feel like since Tumblr got rid of porn that it's become way harder to find things?

Everything is now on a twitter here, a furaffinity there, blog here or some absurd website? Sites that tried to come in to the fill the gap so far have all sucked

Anyone else feel like that? It's become a pain to find new artists and new art.
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DNP List?

So…do we have a DNP list or something? I ask because someone speedily deleted the 2nd Kokuhane thread in /ptr and then deleted the thread that started it all in /rs.
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Artists Taking Commissions?

I'm looking to get a commission of Scott from MP and another character. Anyone got recommendations for artists whose commissions are open and can do decent bara?? Feel free to plug your own commissions too. I like having choices.
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Summary Please

This manga from Shunpei Nakata tittle Kon
Can somebody summary this chapter please..
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Have you ever tried it? I did it twice as the fister and I quite enjoyed it, now I'm wondering about trying to be the fistee. Feel free to give some advice or just to share your experiences.
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Video Gaming

What video games are you all playing these days? I'm currently juggling Mario and Luigi Dream Team, Witcher 3 (never beat it the first time I played), and Tales of Berseria. Always looking for recommendations though.
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Any good artist to ask for a comic commision?

any artist want to tackle a comic commsions i have in mind ?
10 page black and white
reply for more info
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Paypal Policy Change

possibly off-topic but what does the upcoming Paypal policy change mean for Patreon customers? share your thoughts and opinions
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Why do guys make their instas private?

Seriously wtf
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Upcoming Manga Gamer Licensing Survey

Manga Gamer has confirmed to me that the licensing survey is coming soon and with that, I've set up poll,

the poll is to narrow down what games to vote for when the survey is released, the games on the poll are some of the more higher profile titles available but only three suggestions can be put on the survey,

if we vote for the same three, then theirs a high chance of one or more games making it to the final top 20, even if the top three on the poll are not what you want, please sill vote, we have to encourage them to release more bara games

the pull ends February 22nd.
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A Companion to the Barachan Discord and the Licensing Survey

Hay, i would share a Discord channel, it was started by game developers participated in the Barajam since then, it grown into a home for the English Bara Community, so if you make Bara content or just a Bara fan that wants to talk about it and support content creators, then come on over,

i hope this will make a good companion piece to the Barachan Discord, we also have a channel to talk about the Manga Gamer Licensing Survey and joining joining forces to get one or more Bara games on the list: https://discord.gg/YwTpKvm
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Personally, I'm not much for jumping into a discord server, I find it very hard to start being social in a big server with people already in it, and would much rather go for 1 on 1 convos, so I thought I'd give this a shot in case anyone else feels similarly.
My discord is Miek#8502, feel free to add me if you want to chat. I also play some games, like Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm (both on EU, neither one extremely competitively), in case gaming together would be something you're into.

(I didn't see a discord accounts/profiles post nor did I see rules against it, but sorry if that's the case)
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Collab Thread

Not sure if it goes here or in /md/

A thread for people to make connections and work on projects together!

For example; Artist looking for writers, coder looking for artists, etc.

Things to include:
>Your skills (Artist, writer, coder, etc.)
>What you're looking for (And how many.)
>Size of the project
>Stage (e.g. 'In pre-production', '10% done')
>Paid work? (Y/N)
>Contact information (Your twitter/tumblr/instagram handle, e-mail, discord, etc.)

Feel free to add any other information you feel is necessary.
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Arts, Crafts, and Builds

Show us what you make!

Drawings, sketches, crochet, knitting, sewing, weaving, carpentering, music, cooking, yadda yadda. If you made it, post it. U can post it just for show, or ask for critiques.

(Yes I know there's already a thread similar to this from a few months ago, but the subject was a bit too narrow, so I wanted to widen it.)
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Let's Talk Self-Esteem

I'm 5'7", I'm not fit but I'm not very overweight either. I have a 6" dick, I don't have a monster cock.

Sometimes seeing all these hot muscle guys, bara guys, and well-endowed porn stars can create this image of the world where those are the only guys who are out there and I'm the one dude who falls short in every single way and it can really feel shitty.

It feels shitty when dudes ask "are you hung?" I mean … no, I'm not. Most guys aren't. Most guys are average. Saying "no" is almost always a deal-breaker, which is fine because if you're a size queen then maybe be up front about that?

I happen to prefer smaller and average-sized dicks 'cause I can actually 'do' stuff with those. I'm honestly not into big dicks.

I'd love to be fit, too. I'd love to be a hot fitness model kinda guy, but that's a fucking expensive lifestyle with how much you gotta eat and workout - and working out to get that kinda body means you really gotta know what you're doing, it means either having access to a good gym or having an amazing home gym. Not to mention the supplements and sometimes even drugs you gotta use to get a body like that.

Just kinda sucks sometimes. I can remind myself what the reality is, but all the porn and the way we talk to and about ourselves online just paint this totally unrealistic image of what most dudes are really like. I'm betting I'm not the only one who feels this way.
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/mon/ Drawthread Creation

I'm not really sure where to ask this, so I hope here is ok. Since all the art based boards have one, can the mods create a drawthread sticky for /mon/? I checked and I believe there isn't one.
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Myreadingmanga site is down? Anyone know why or if it will be back up? Their Twitter doesn't say anything about it. I hope it isn't permanent, they were great with updates and everything.
Also, what other vara manga sites do you use? I find Image boards more difficult to read manga on
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Tumblr New Policy Controversy

sooooo…let's talk about shall we ?
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Jocks for everyday

I'm looking for a good brand of jockstrap for everyday wear. Being a hairy dude, swamp ass is a major pain. With a jock, I could get some better airflow.

In the past, I've had a few brands (bike,saf-t-guard, & Andrew Christian) and have been left wanting.

So, here's my checklist for the perfect fit.

Material that holds up to regular washing without fraying.

Isn't a woven pouch. (Like the usual bike, which leaves a nasty impression on my junk.)

No fancy package enhancing pouch. (I've only found these to cut off blood flow to my junk and, thus, be very uncomfortable.)

Optional (Because the world isn't perfect.): Decently priced, so I can grab a few for everyday use.
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Does anybody know a decent community / forum / site / chat for Erotic role play?
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How to deal with a breakup

So…i just ended a relationship (my very first romatic relationship mind you) that lasted two years. We both no longer felt like being together was healthy and such, decided to break up.
Even with that, i still feel crappy and can't get him out of my mind. Any tips or experiences that can help?
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I'm curious what jobs you guys have.
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Can you take people clothes off in RDR2?

After seeing how many weird or cruel things you can do in RDR2 i have an idea - can you get naked or get others naked?
>see a hot dude
>kidnap him
>strip him down
>release him and watch him running back completely naked
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Bara Database

Hey, guys. I'm trying to build a database of Bara games, big and small.
Something like the now inactive: http://baragamer.com/

Does anyone have any advice on how to go about this? Really, I guess I am looking for a list of games to make pages to get started.
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How do you put a black bar over your sentences or put a spoiler tab around it?
R: 9 / I: 2

Seperate Furry Subs?

I wanted to know would it be better for Furry content to be separated into their own subs like Furry Alt, Furry Ptr, etc or does everyone like the current method?

I don't know how feasible it is to separate everything now but to me it seems a bit weird that 2D is separated but nothing else is. Its not horrible IMO but feels a bit disorganized due to this.

I also think it'd be easier for those into Furry and vice versa to find what they want beyond general 2D. Ex: Want Furries pissing and not Humans? Head to FurAlt vs scrolling past Human piss pics in Alt. Still I don't know if anyone else cares or if its possible, thats why I'm asking.
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Contact Thread Reborn?

Wanna revive the contact thread? I could use some new friends. I am interested in maybe making a new relationship, maybe even get to know a cute bear who wants to be my one, even though I am more poly-minded, x3.

Anyway, would love to chat in discord and get new friends to flirt, chat, game with, share art we find online, etc…

Current Interests: Gaming, Drawing, Writing, Reading, Cooking, Design, Tabletop RP, ERP. Currently Playing Skyrim and Guild Wars 2. Could do with Final Fantasy XIV if you don't mind playing with a freebie or some MOBA. Interested in Warframe. I wanna get to write stories and novels, I hope I get the guts to. Practicing my drawing and design skills. Wanna find nice pals to play tabletop rps like DnD5e and PF, maybe mixed with ERP. Could play any other ERP with good friends.

- Discord: Lance Von Alden#7350
- Telegram: Will post if asked.
- Kik: Will post if asked. Almost never checked though.
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What are the ins-and-outs of the muscle worship scene?
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Cut or uncut? pic related
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yiffparty donation

R: 0 / I: 0

Anime or Manga advice ?

… Latest crush ( since a lOOOng time ! ). Don't know where it's going but totally seduced: pretty, intriguing, VERY original and even with a touch of unexplainable anguish. I need more gems like this…
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Non-english sites for bara/furry content?

As the title says, I'm curious that does anyone know any non-english (most likely Chinese or Japanese)sites to keep an eye out for when it comes to bara/furry content.

I'm mainly asking because I feel like usually when stuff like doujins get shared, it usually happens in those kind of sites first before they make their way to more popular, english sites like e/exhentai, myreadingmanga etc.
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Can posting flood rules be changed?

Yes, I understand why the mods are scared of having no flood ban. But the fact that we can only post 1 page/pic at a time is also troublesome. Can the mods fix it so we can at least post 3 pages at a time or remove this "wait" period between posts?

I've just posted over 50+ pics and this flood ban and 1 page/´pic at a time really made this whole thing take much longer than it should have.
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Any food I/we enjoyed eating

This may sound off-topic but I was wondering what you guys usually eat in your daily lives. For me I always like instant soup bowls cuz they're good and cheap. So again what do you guys eat everyday? I'm really open to have discussions
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welcum back

start off right
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Why is Mecha /alt/ now?

Last I remember, it was on /2D/ just fine and dandy. Why is it /alt/ now? (Pic included because I can't do shit without one)
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bara discord

Made my own bara discord in case anyone wanna talk https://discord.gg/vC2x9f
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Why is cheek pinching so much cuter and better than head pats?