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Black HoopS guide

anyone wanna start a guides thread for BHS since its on steam now?
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Nutaku LGBTQ Games

I hope nutaku will release this 2 games very soon cause i am so excited to try this games
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This is a new site focused on BARA and LGBT+ content called https://baraaddiction.net/home . Since Tumblr is dropping all of it's NSFW content, this can be a good alternative for artists and users to display and find content!

The site is still in Beta phase, but if you want to create your profile and start uploading your art right now, feel free to do it :D

Let me know what you think!
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Tumblr New Policy Controversy

sooooo…let's talk about shall we ?
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Jocks for everyday

I'm looking for a good brand of jockstrap for everyday wear. Being a hairy dude, swamp ass is a major pain. With a jock, I could get some better airflow.

In the past, I've had a few brands (bike,saf-t-guard, & Andrew Christian) and have been left wanting.

So, here's my checklist for the perfect fit.

Material that holds up to regular washing without fraying.

Isn't a woven pouch. (Like the usual bike, which leaves a nasty impression on my junk.)

No fancy package enhancing pouch. (I've only found these to cut off blood flow to my junk and, thus, be very uncomfortable.)

Optional (Because the world isn't perfect.): Decently priced, so I can grab a few for everyday use.
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Been in a bad mood lately. Looking for some lgbt movie recommendation, particularly ones with good ending. Because let's be honest, we've got too many sad gay movies already.
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The Boys of Bara-chan - NSFW

This thread is where you can post your own dick pics and nudes, so that we all may revel in each others sin.
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What was your first bara crush?

Mine was Adam Spitz from braceface. While the show was meh, i've found myself watchign it just to catch glimpses of him shirtless in the show, which happeend a few times.
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Anybody know this porn actor name?

Hai, anybody know this Japanese porn actor name please..I cant find his name.
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Does anybody know a decent community / forum / site / chat for Erotic role play?
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So whatever happened to Logan Kowalsky? He vanished off everything last year and I'm curious if he died, it was pretty ridiculous how fast he vanished.
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Video Gaming

What video games are you all playing these days? I'm currently juggling Mario and Luigi Dream Team, Witcher 3 (never beat it the first time I played), and Tales of Berseria. Always looking for recommendations though.
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A thread unlike the drawthread for artists far and wide to share their wondrous *ORIGINAL* art made by them and them only. Myself included~☆
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How to deal with a breakup

So…i just ended a relationship (my very first romatic relationship mind you) that lasted two years. We both no longer felt like being together was healthy and such, decided to break up.
Even with that, i still feel crappy and can't get him out of my mind. Any tips or experiences that can help?
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I'm curious what jobs you guys have.
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Can you take people clothes off in RDR2?

After seeing how many weird or cruel things you can do in RDR2 i have an idea - can you get naked or get others naked?
>see a hot dude
>kidnap him
>strip him down
>release him and watch him running back completely naked
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Bara Database

Hey, guys. I'm trying to build a database of Bara games, big and small.
Something like the now inactive: http://baragamer.com/

Does anyone have any advice on how to go about this? Really, I guess I am looking for a list of games to make pages to get started.
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How do you put a black bar over your sentences or put a spoiler tab around it?
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Seperate Furry Subs?

I wanted to know would it be better for Furry content to be separated into their own subs like Furry Alt, Furry Ptr, etc or does everyone like the current method?

I don't know how feasible it is to separate everything now but to me it seems a bit weird that 2D is separated but nothing else is. Its not horrible IMO but feels a bit disorganized due to this.

I also think it'd be easier for those into Furry and vice versa to find what they want beyond general 2D. Ex: Want Furries pissing and not Humans? Head to FurAlt vs scrolling past Human piss pics in Alt. Still I don't know if anyone else cares or if its possible, thats why I'm asking.
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Contact Thread Reborn?

Wanna revive the contact thread? I could use some new friends. I am interested in maybe making a new relationship, maybe even get to know a cute bear who wants to be my one, even though I am more poly-minded, x3.

Anyway, would love to chat in discord and get new friends to flirt, chat, game with, share art we find online, etc…

Current Interests: Gaming, Drawing, Writing, Reading, Cooking, Design, Tabletop RP, ERP. Currently Playing Skyrim and Guild Wars 2. Could do with Final Fantasy XIV if you don't mind playing with a freebie or some MOBA. Interested in Warframe. I wanna get to write stories and novels, I hope I get the guts to. Practicing my drawing and design skills. Wanna find nice pals to play tabletop rps like DnD5e and PF, maybe mixed with ERP. Could play any other ERP with good friends.

- Discord: Lance Von Alden#7350
- Telegram: Will post if asked.
- Kik: Will post if asked. Almost never checked though.
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What are the ins-and-outs of the muscle worship scene?
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Cut or uncut? pic related
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yiffparty donation

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Anime or Manga advice ?

… Latest crush ( since a lOOOng time ! ). Don't know where it's going but totally seduced: pretty, intriguing, VERY original and even with a touch of unexplainable anguish. I need more gems like this…
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Non-english sites for bara/furry content?

As the title says, I'm curious that does anyone know any non-english (most likely Chinese or Japanese)sites to keep an eye out for when it comes to bara/furry content.

I'm mainly asking because I feel like usually when stuff like doujins get shared, it usually happens in those kind of sites first before they make their way to more popular, english sites like e/exhentai, myreadingmanga etc.
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Can posting flood rules be changed?

Yes, I understand why the mods are scared of having no flood ban. But the fact that we can only post 1 page/pic at a time is also troublesome. Can the mods fix it so we can at least post 3 pages at a time or remove this "wait" period between posts?

I've just posted over 50+ pics and this flood ban and 1 page/´pic at a time really made this whole thing take much longer than it should have.
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Personally, I'm not much for jumping into a discord server, I find it very hard to start being social in a big server with people already in it, and would much rather go for 1 on 1 convos, so I thought I'd give this a shot in case anyone else feels similarly.
My discord is Miek#8502, feel free to add me if you want to chat. I also play some games, like Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm (both on EU, neither one extremely competitively), in case gaming together would be something you're into.

(I didn't see a discord accounts/profiles post nor did I see rules against it, but sorry if that's the case)
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Whatever happened to sakura.ne.jp/with_no_title better known as just with_no_title? Have they resurfaced in any social media like pixiv or twitter?
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Any food I/we enjoyed eating

This may sound off-topic but I was wondering what you guys usually eat in your daily lives. For me I always like instant soup bowls cuz they're good and cheap. So again what do you guys eat everyday? I'm really open to have discussions
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welcum back

start off right
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Why is Mecha /alt/ now?

Last I remember, it was on /2D/ just fine and dandy. Why is it /alt/ now? (Pic included because I can't do shit without one)
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bara discord

Made my own bara discord in case anyone wanna talk https://discord.gg/vC2x9f
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Why is cheek pinching so much cuter and better than head pats?