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start off right
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Feels so good to be back. Huge thanks to those bring bac barachan you rock!


Big brother!!!!! Thank you for returning this website!!! Who would ever thought just by typing barachan for reminiscence I would not only see it but also access it, kyaaaaaaaa I thought I was only dreaming!!!! Thank you thank you thank you ssooooooooooo much!!!! Just one request I hope you can return the 3 file posting again just like before, cause the one file posting is quite a hassle, but if you can't it's OK also. Anyway thank you for your hard work!!!! Banzaii!!!


>>49 Wow, I wish I could take credit for this, lol, but I'm just a lowly anonymous poster and not an admin or mod, believe it or not. Sorry. :)

A few days after the site came back, I was happy, but saw that it was practically barren. So, to help it along and try to create a seamless experience (despite the 9 month gap, lol), I started posting just a few good images of each thread from last time (before it went down). I tried to recreate certain threads knowing that it would attract more visitors.

I hope you like it. If not please tell me, and I can delete a lot of my stuff.


Whoa it's back! Finally!
I agree with the fresh start approach, but hopefully the moderators will restore some of the old threads. Some of the /prt threads perhaps?

I think I still got some stuff from the old board somewhere, so I might re-post here and there.


Welcome Back! I fucking missed this board so bad!

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Last I remember, it was on /2D/ just fine and dandy. Why is it /alt/ now? (Pic included because I can't do shit without one)


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Also masked guys. Both threads are in alt now even though they were both 2D before. Can I request maybe a move from alt to 2D? Thank you.


I've moved the masked guys thread to /2D/. ( >>>/2D/886 )
We'll decide what to do with the mecha thread later since a fair amount of the content doesn't fit on /2D/ (like anthro planes).

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Made my own bara discord in case anyone wanna talk https://discord.gg/vC2x9f


or play vidyagems, we play WO, FGO, Housamo and some other pretty cool games.


recomend making a permanent invite link, cuse as of now i can't acess it


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My bad! I hope this link works then


What is wo?

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Why is cheek pinching so much cuter and better than head pats?


Because it shows a total different side of the dude when it's done on dudes. It has that grumpy big boi effect


Because there's something a little embarrassing about having your cheeks pinched, and I love a blushing embarrassed hunk


Cheek teasing is enduring.

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