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I'm curious what jobs you guys have.
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Tech support for a financial institution.


Tech support for a university


Eh,it's a living.


It got its ups and downs. Enough to ensure I won't go hungry or lose my apartment at least.

But am I satisfied with mine? Nope :\


love the business, the way it is ran, my coworkers are all like family. Pay would be better elsewhere, but I have a lot of freedom and perks

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After seeing how many weird or cruel things you can do in RDR2 i have an idea - can you get naked or get others naked?
>see a hot dude
>kidnap him
>strip him down
>release him and watch him running back completely naked


Hey, guys. I'm trying to build a database of Bara games, big and small.
Something like the now inactive: http://baragamer.com/

Does anyone have any advice on how to go about this? Really, I guess I am looking for a list of games to make pages to get started.


Hm maybe I should make it active again.

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How do you put a black bar over your sentences or put a spoiler tab around it?


put double asterisks around it
**like this**


Hey, do you know what the other codes for formatting are too?

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I wanted to know would it be better for Furry content to be separated into their own subs like Furry Alt, Furry Ptr, etc or does everyone like the current method?

I don't know how feasible it is to separate everything now but to me it seems a bit weird that 2D is separated but nothing else is. Its not horrible IMO but feels a bit disorganized due to this.

I also think it'd be easier for those into Furry and vice versa to find what they want beyond general 2D. Ex: Want Furries pissing and not Humans? Head to FurAlt vs scrolling past Human piss pics in Alt. Still I don't know if anyone else cares or if its possible, thats why I'm asking.
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I…. I'm flattered at the assumption, but I'm not a mod…

I'm just a lurking drawfag….when I have the time to at least….


>>But I think for the most part no one really cares if their peas touch their mashed potatoes, so why bother making a separate plate?

Its why I asked. I kind of care and agree with the other anon because if this were true why have Fur at all?

Not being able to hide individual images doesn't help either as one may be into the fetish or artist or topic but can't hide images when Fur, Human or whatever mix outside 2D/Fur. Having to mark threads as Fur or Human only would be the easiest solution as then either or could just be hidden.

I don't hate Furry and am glad there isn't the cliche weird hate towards it here but I wanted to know if others cared or if leaving as its been for years was fine. If not enough do then okay.


Because fur and 2d are the two largest categories, so it makes sense to separate them. If the were on the same page it would have around the same amount of content than 3d, mon, alt, bc, ptr, dis, and md combined…….. so something like that would be a mess to sort through. And as such it makes sense to separate them into separate pages. Alt not so much, alt has less content and so its really not as hard to sort through, so it really doesn't make sense to split them out into more pages that aren't really needed. Sometimes alt fetishes have such sparse content that any content is well enough, even if you don't prefer furry art, so the thread creator doesn't see the need to specify.


All other subs are small because the boards were down for so long many haven't come back/noticed like how /bc/ is tiny compared to the old boards not because less doujins exist or even /dis/ which isn't small cause the world is so boring now. More may return or increase but if that happens changing after that seems like a lot more work to me. Keyword is seems.

Since mods are still figuring out how this version should be laid out (ergo /mon/…for now) briefly having the Furry Comics sub is where I got the idea from as it wasn't a sub before but since Furry fans are a large base with a different enough fetish it made sense to have (so I ask should that continue). It was tiny too and is now gone but like the other boards its not because Kemono doujins are scarce.


Ohh I figured Fur existed because it was a unique niche that people would bitch about if shared and happened to also have a big base but with that big base known the other subs being small right now seems like more of a reason to test new layouts since they will get bigger.

I figured thats why we were gaining and losing subs. In this case all that would be added is Alt and Comics which allegedly we did have (I think I saw it once). Kind of think /md/ could be shared between /dis/ for talking media and /bc/ for sharing though but eh.

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Wanna revive the contact thread? I could use some new friends. I am interested in maybe making a new relationship, maybe even get to know a cute bear who wants to be my one, even though I am more poly-minded, x3.

Anyway, would love to chat in discord and get new friends to flirt, chat, game with, share art we find online, etc…

Current Interests: Gaming, Drawing, Writing, Reading, Cooking, Design, Tabletop RP, ERP. Currently Playing Skyrim and Guild Wars 2. Could do with Final Fantasy XIV if you don't mind playing with a freebie or some MOBA. Interested in Warframe. I wanna get to write stories and novels, I hope I get the guts to. Practicing my drawing and design skills. Wanna find nice pals to play tabletop rps like DnD5e and PF, maybe mixed with ERP. Could play any other ERP with good friends.

- Discord: Lance Von Alden#7350
- Telegram: Will post if asked.
- Kik: Will post if asked. Almost never checked though.


what is erp? enterprise resource planning? by the way also Gaming, Drawing, Writing, Reading, Cooking, Design, Tabletop RP and I'm not a bear, totally the opposite


Contact me through discord, let's see if we hit friendship or more… X3

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What are the ins-and-outs of the muscle worship scene?

File: 1539317077779.jpg (290.14 KB, 900x1200, uncut.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


Cut or uncut? pic related


cut :p


uncut, what sane person would mutilate his genitals?
besides, the only "pro" people bring about cut dicks is being clean, but an uncut dick is perfectly fine if you shower every day like you should anyway
honestly i don't know why male genital mutilation goes under the radar while women are fighting against female genital mutilation


It's not enough to just "shower" with an uncut cock, you have to peel pack the foreskin and clean around the glans. It's not super intuitive apparently as I've met several adult males with stank dick cheese.


Dick cheese is a no no.

Unless you're into that kind of thing


Thank you, Catholic upbringing!

File: 1539617059298.png (89.04 KB, 1109x450, yiffparty.png) ImgOps Google iqdb






The site is back to normal now, apparently.



File: 1539117737940.jpg (583.07 KB, 2560x1920, 91AIH3C4q7L._RI_.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


… Latest crush ( since a lOOOng time ! ). Don't know where it's going but totally seduced: pretty, intriguing, VERY original and even with a touch of unexplainable anguish. I need more gems like this…

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