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Thread for Shunta/Hesoten's upcoming bara game.
Created to remove clutter from the artist's /ptr/ thread.
First few posts have been moved form the aforementioned thread.
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the game's jinxed, really xD
before shunta mentioned that it's completely done besides bugchecking and that one scene missed the voice files from a certain voice actor he wasn't able to contact.
this means, it's all because for that one damn unvoiced scene that the game's release has been dragged for this long…
i hope that shunta finds a new good one, the previous voice for the character wasn't that good tbh


So, as far as I could understand it the game is completely done and ready except for just one scene with one of the game characters missing the voice parts.
And Shunta cannot add these voice parts since the voice actor bailed.
Which means Shunta has to cast a new voice actor and has to record all voice files for that particular character from scratch.

I don't know. All we get is one bad news after another. As good as the demos look, we still haven't seen any of the actual gameplay so for all we know so far the game itself could be absolute crap except for the ecchi scenes. Hopefully this will get fixed very soon and finally see a release.
Shunta cannot afford to delay this even further for this whole issue is getting slightly more embarassing.
In the end other producers such as Moritake or funa will release their games even earlier and they haven't been producing for more than 2 years already…


September is over now. Any news?


tbh your best course of action would be to completely forget about this asshole of an artist and just be surprised whenever someting comes up if ever at all


Alright, I just checked Shunta's Enty and his progress report has been updated.
It states "最終更新日: 2017/10/14 19:47"
But after reading it I don't see any changes at all. It's still the same as it has been ever since August. Therefore how about you guys actively supporting him(for whatever reason), have you received a personal message where Shunta actually reveals any new info?

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I guess this is sort of a meetup/new contacts thread.
Feel free to use if you want to do the same.

I met a lot of cool people in this community online and a few offline and would love to meet some more.

Are there any bara fans near Philadelphia, PA?

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Is it just or has the Priapus manga gotten worse with each volume? I mean, the last one was pretty dissapointing…
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Nobody said anything about that.
Read more thoroughly before jumping to conclusions.


If you call "bitching in a pseudo intelectual way" to have substance, you sure can have a lot of fun in this thread.


And what exactly are you contributing to this discourse here again?


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Yea…. well there are far too many versions of the same stories and each depiction is different. Sometimes Eros is a primordial god, and sometimes he's the son of Aphrodite. Sometimes he's an adult male with a blindfold, and sometimes he's a putti angel.

Though what I find more interesting is that Mentaiko only seemed to address half of Priapus's 'qualities'. The reason he has a 'permanent erection' is because Hera (Zeus's wife) cursed him before he was born (in the renditions where his mother is also Aphrodite, as punishment for a snub or something… you'd think Hera'd be used to it though… because it seems to happen quite often) cursed with ugliness, a permanent erection… and ironically, impotence. Meaning he can't actually keep it up when needs sex.

Though that could also make a neat twist. Maybe Priapus could fall in love with a human and not be able to have sex with him because he actually has feelings for the human….. and Eros could be the one who made him fall in love to teach him a lesson…. that'd actually be pretty interesting to read…..


Hera is kind of a bitch eh? Always angry and jealous and cursing people around.
Well, partly it's Zeus's fault too. The dude can't keep fucking around with all every living things.

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Anyone have any tips for the actual game? I can't read a lick of Japanese so I've just been stumbling and leveling up my favorites. Any help would be appreciated.
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I highly recommend to find a friend with bless ability (Gabriel or Youl) or a Lv50+
and do the dailies (Energy: 5/15/25/35) to get stars


Is there any word of this ever planning to release outside of Japan?


sadly , it will not happen and with the bad blood some artists have with the west ,that nullifies the chances of seeing an English release .They need a company to publish it , include localisation for other areas apart from the US,and deal with censorship shit and other policies


Is there anything to censor in this game? I thought it was a non-H game with no sex scenes whatsoever?

It's a shame it won't come to the west. Someone I suppose would have to make an unofficial English patch somehow.

It'd be nice if they decided to at least make an H-Game sidestory to actually get the characters in explicit scenes.


Didn't the circle's previous game get a translation? I don't see why this one wouldn't get one as well.

The ecchi train has left the station a looooong time ago for 4jh, ever since his back then latest Ero games (Rental Athletes, Wrestle Fight!) got massively shared.

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Can we have a thread discussing erp? Post your f-list profiles, discord groups/usernames, Skype names, tox codes, forums you use, or whatever else you use to ERP.
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>heavily moderated and filled with tumblr users
elaborate? i might have some for you


Basically the overly sensitive, holier than thou assholes that tumblr is filled with, the type of person who would rather make a public statement than to let people do what they want.


File: 1506963855480.jpg (120.05 KB, 489x600, 033_1435180214.pirun_mehh.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

Ok, I'll bite, I know I'll regret this
I'm Baghera on the Barachan Discord
I'm looking for furry bara RPs and random chit chat.


Might as well post mine. https://www.f-list.net/c/the%20big%20fag%20network

I'm on pretty much every few days but I'm currently trying to cut back on fapping so I probably won't be able to rp much until I hit my goal. I do go the extra mile for people I do like though.


discord is rengoo #2534 https://www.f-list.net/c/rengoo

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It's Okinawa Slave Island. I'm surprised how no one has bothered translating this.


why should have anybody bothered?


Crap, I forgot to add the subject. I was asking if anyone wants to help translate this game.



Because it's hot bara


well apparently not enough for people to get interested working on a translation.
besides there isn't much story to it, even if you don't have any knowledge of the language you should be able to guess what's happening just by looking at the pictures.

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I just found this game on tumblr.
It is short but really good so i wanted to share.
just download for free but pls support the artist>


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okie, thanks



Oh hell those scars on Wolf are definitely Zelolee's style. It's very common among his characters.

He's not talking about his involvement with it though. Not even on his weibo account where he talks about everything he does.


Huh, that's interesting.


The way he drew the abs it's surely Zelolee's style.

But since he doesn't say anything, maybe it was someone with similar art style?


File: 1506654855865.png (373.12 KB, 384x487, uuuh.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

how do I unlock others suits? (of buddies/honey)

File: 1505711714676-0.jpg (191.82 KB, 816x624, 1a14ce17-ec57-4324-b9c8-06….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

File: 1505711714676-1.jpg (142.39 KB, 560x420, 0d88ed36-913d-4c52-8c2a-54….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

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Thought I would try a thread that compiles who the current bara game makers are and where to find them. And also determine if they are still active or not.

UGCP - http://ugcp.sakura.ne.jp/ | https://twitter.com/ugcp_pr | https://ugcp.booth.pm/
Most Recent Game - Gilly's Pharmacy (Released 2017)
Upcoming Game - ??? (no word at all)

Moritake - https://twitter.com/fore_st | https://moritake.booth.pm/
Most Recent Game - YokkoraSex https://moritake.booth.pm/items/452704 (Released 2017)
Upcoming Game - "Mystery Country-Life Game" https://twitter.com/fore_st/status/879654630472298499

Funa - https://twitter.com/f_una/ | https://funa.booth.pm/
Most Recent Game - Natsuriba https://funa.booth.pm/items/299541 (Released 2015)
Upcoming Game - Chin Chin Quest 2 https://funa.booth.pm/items/594524

Zekken - https://twitter.com/zettokenPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Should we add Obscurasoft and Mazjojo and others?


Don't really want to make a new thread and not sure where to ask this, but anyone know how to unlock all the CG in Yokkora Sex? I got to the sky level and stuck there. I heard that in order to proceed/get more CG you gotta farm reputation by collecting shit and give it to NPC in town. Is it true? Can anyone help me with this?


Why do you even play when you neither know Japanese nor make use of a text-hooker plus translation program?
Either one of thone two options is always the basic for playing a VN.


Because I want to unlock the CG? I'm sure this game has a deep and philosophical storyline that affects every little young gay men in existence.

Honestly though, I used to have some translation program for Japanese VN but I found it as helpful as google translate. Therefore, now I don't even bother.


Maybe you should make sure that you're playing the recent version. For that just go to your purchase history and download the game anew, it'll be automatically updated.

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File: 1490711703538-1.jpg (110.42 KB, 800x600, 018Futoshi_douzyoufuck.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

File: 1490711703538-2.jpg (112.88 KB, 800x600, 019Futoshi_policefuck.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


Anobody knows a walkthrough to this game?


What's the name of this game?


Okinawa's slave island

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