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File: 1546033178069.jpg (19.54 KB, 288x512, 2c44d63a6334cc4d3ce9dd6373….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


Myreadingmanga site is down? Anyone know why or if it will be back up? Their Twitter doesn't say anything about it. I hope it isn't permanent, they were great with updates and everything.
Also, what other vara manga sites do you use? I find Image boards more difficult to read manga on
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Their twitter said its an issue with their server. They will have it fixed sometime soon


Hey it's up and running now :D


Wait I think it's down again :\


Aand it's up


Sweet! I don't know may other sites that have what they have unfortunately, I'd hate to see it go

File: 1543875913182.png (50 KB, 1016x227, Tumblr_3_(logo).png) ImgOps Google iqdb


sooooo…let's talk about shall we ?
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If you download Tumblthree you can download all the pictures from any tumblr html you paste into it. Pretty handy if you are trying to panic download a bunch of shit.


So… anybody knows which bara blogs to back up? like bara drawing, bara videos damn even real dudes, i just few of them and searching them up its impossible.



Whoops sorry false alarm(I hope). Early infos said that the site mods are a strict sob. But now apparently it's like Reddit, with each sub-domain maintained by different mods.


File: 1544206769010.png (232.37 KB, 400x400, 1544206753099.png) ImgOps Google iqdb


Jesus Christ I scrapped over 90 blogs and I'm not even done yet.
Maybe I'm over doing it.

File: 1543677190670.jpg (37.63 KB, 338x500, 19120727cc0817f779b7f4298e….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


I'm looking for a good brand of jockstrap for everyday wear. Being a hairy dude, swamp ass is a major pain. With a jock, I could get some better airflow.

In the past, I've had a few brands (bike,saf-t-guard, & Andrew Christian) and have been left wanting.

So, here's my checklist for the perfect fit.

Material that holds up to regular washing without fraying.

Isn't a woven pouch. (Like the usual bike, which leaves a nasty impression on my junk.)

No fancy package enhancing pouch. (I've only found these to cut off blood flow to my junk and, thus, be very uncomfortable.)

Optional (Because the world isn't perfect.): Decently priced, so I can grab a few for everyday use.



i like these a lot, I wear them often enough but not "daily" so it's hard to tell how well they hold up compared to regular underwear but I've never had problems with them

File: 1538450117025.jpg (911.31 KB, 1200x1784, r45296-2-0-1200x.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


Been in a bad mood lately. Looking for some lgbt movie recommendation, particularly ones with good ending. Because let's be honest, we've got too many sad gay movies already.
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Another good one I forgot to add:
Out in the Dark - https://imdb.com/title/tt2318625


I don't like to watching western BL movie bcozs a lot of Bad ending. So how about Asian BL especially Thai/Korean/China/Taiwan. They a lot of series/drama that have a good ending.


~LongTimeNooSee - 타임노씨 GCINEEwebsite
~2Moons The Series 2017
~Addicted(heroin) Webseries (Uncut)
~越界 Crossing the Line
~HIStory2 Right Or Wrong
~Advance Bravely
~Together With Me BL
~不可抗力 (Uncontrolled Love)Part1 & 2 Uncut
~Waterboyy The Series
~Make It Right The Series Season 1 & 2
~A Round Trip To Love Season 1 (Good ending)season 2 (Bad ending)
~Web Series Counterattack Uncut
~Kiss Me Again จูบใหไดถานายแนจริง (Mix love stories Straight and BL but the BL part is make me walllaaaaaa…)
~อาตีของผม (Bcoz You're my Boyfriend)

I think there still more but I recommend to watching this series


"The Way He Looks" (2014) - good ending, and is an expanded version of the short film "I Don't Want to Go Back Alone"



Frier Fall was great, and hopefully the second one will be released next year as scheduled.
I love Hawaii :D

File: 1543484121673.jpg (398.09 KB, 1280x720, g.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


Hai, anybody know this Japanese porn actor name please..I cant find his name.


File: 1543484140303.jpg (368.91 KB, 1280x720, gg.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


File: 1543484166396.jpg (324.65 KB, 1280x720, ggg.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


Moved to >>>/rs/1987.

File: 1538297878295.png (649.27 KB, 741x835, 1441156943.koyote_lapres_a….png) ImgOps Google iqdb


Does anybody know a decent community / forum / site / chat for Erotic role play?



Only one I can think of is F-List. Probably the most robust ERP site available.

File: 1539056808459.jpg (453.96 KB, 962x1503, Logan_Porky_3_11.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


So whatever happened to Logan Kowalsky? He vanished off everything last year and I'm curious if he died, it was pretty ridiculous how fast he vanished.
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many artists stop when they find a job and are getting fed up with their work getting shared all over the internet.
just how it goes. if you wanna keep an artist you like, don't share his/her stuff


>he just found a job
Im from a circle of artists from gay comicbook industry. Logan's disappearance was a shock for us too..
Nobody knows what happened - even people who were close to him and had conversations with him in privates.
He just disappeared.

I doubt it's because he got a job. Logan is a very passionate horny in a good way person. i DOUBT he would completely deny his gay-art part.


>many artists stop when they find a job and are getting fed up with their work getting shared all over the internet.
just how it goes. if you wanna keep an artist you like, don't share his/her stuff
>many artists stop when they find a job and are getting fed up with their work getting shared all over the internet.
just how it goes. if you wanna keep an artist you like, don't share his/her stuff

Logan is an older dude and he was drawing porn stuff since late 90s-early00s. This is absolutely not the reason he would disappear.


OP here sorry I haven't responded in a while.

I figured something was up because I did a tumblr comment on a repost wondering where he went too because they just stopped hearing from him. And I'm also curious because Porky was completed when I last heard from him and just needed coloring and submission.

Wish I could know what happened not even because of his smut but because of him as a person.


Actually, that is not the truth. The real truth it was that is last comic he was selling didn't go sell exactly great (this was before Patreon ever exist), so, he give up, expend time on the real world and finally concentrate on real world work.

Last time I contact him was after new year of this year, he sure sound great for not drawing do.

Anyway, if anyone want to visit is main page, here is:


File: 1535044366070.png (275.83 KB, 620x456, dfghjkkiuytg.PNG) ImgOps Google iqdb


So…i just ended a relationship (my very first romatic relationship mind you) that lasted two years. We both no longer felt like being together was healthy and such, decided to break up.
Even with that, i still feel crappy and can't get him out of my mind. Any tips or experiences that can help?
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Btw Source for the pic pls?


Pretty sure this is the place as it's "general discussion,"… no need to be an ass.


Source please



https://www.mindful.org/10-tips-for-being-mindful-right-now/ (these tips are supposed to keep intrusive thoughts in check but i bet it can help you to forget ur ex too)

File: 1534653220877.jpg (63.09 KB, 600x450, 91099a69-efb5-4682-8902-89….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


I'm curious what jobs you guys have.
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Tech support for a financial institution.


Tech support for a university


Eh,it's a living.


It got its ups and downs. Enough to ensure I won't go hungry or lose my apartment at least.

But am I satisfied with mine? Nope :\


love the business, the way it is ran, my coworkers are all like family. Pay would be better elsewhere, but I have a lot of freedom and perks

File: 1542108024004.jpg (852.39 KB, 2108x3252, 15421004648892.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


After seeing how many weird or cruel things you can do in RDR2 i have an idea - can you get naked or get others naked?
>see a hot dude
>kidnap him
>strip him down
>release him and watch him running back completely naked

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