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Am I the only one that finds it odd that there's hardly any rules on the board? There isn't even an 18+ rule or an nsfw warning.
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File: 1565507736451.jpg (219.11 KB, 2430x1918, Da Rules from Barachan 201….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

>>1521 Here's the rules from June of 2015.


2015 seems so long ago but just as I thought shit has been the same for years so thanks! Now could 1 mod take 2mins to copy/paste one of those to the front page or it's own page for new users who don't know how this has worked for years? Or tell us there are no rules. Just be clear.

>>Still nothing going on with the rules. I hope whoever ends up owning the boards next is more competent than Tanz or Rexxar.

Considering the spam I feel like we'll probably be without a board again soon but I'd be glad to be proven wrong.


File: 1565675862145.jpg (949.85 KB, 2430x5532, Rexxar's Barachan News 201….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

>>1524 You're welcome! :)

The new page could include news, a FAQ, and some tips for posting, like getting larger Twitter pics, saving from archived threads, or even formatting codes. It'll take time since there's probably only one mod here, not including Rexxar who's very busy at the Discord channel. The Discord updates faster and probably has more users, giving more work there.


File: 1566805021791.mp4 (438.29 KB, 400x400, 1484458085641.mp4) ImgOps Google iqdb


File: 1567901778683.jpg (192.13 KB, 1500x2938, Barachan Discord Chat.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

If anyone was curious, Barachan went down because of a router. Thank you Rexxar for fixing it. :D


So I dunno if I can post this here but I have 3 temporary invites for gay-torrents.org site.

So if you want it, tell me your email adress and I'll send it to you via their automated thingymajig.

No hotmail e-mails (e.g. hotmail.com, msn.com, live.com, etc) and aol (aol.com).
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Damn, I didn't even notice this post.
if you got any room left noty3795@gmail.com


Hiya! If someone still has invites to gay-torrents.org, could you send one to me please, I would really appreciate it! Thanks in advance

My email is rosesandpines@gmail.com


I have invites for gaytorrentdotru


Just click the link and sign up. Have fun


Guys just visit this link

and click sign up


it's not hard to do

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Does anyone know what happened to nastibear, aka 707smoker? He used to have a pretty big presence across multiple websites (Tumblr, xtube, etc) and would post really regularly, then all of a sudden his pages got all deleted and all his content removed. Does anyone know where he went, if he still has a place he posts, anything like that?


Probably dead. Most likely lung cancer or COPD. You know, from the smoking fetish nonsense.

File: 1541292434670.png (291.49 KB, 631x467, Screen_Shot_2014-10-20_at_….png) ImgOps Google iqdb


Mine was Adam Spitz from braceface. While the show was meh, i've found myself watchign it just to catch glimpses of him shirtless in the show, which happeend a few times.
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File: 1553693240332.jpg (248.36 KB, 884x1280, 1633340 - Breath_of_Fire B….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

Goku and Leomon are pretty much a given. Other than them, it's Cray from Breath of Fire 4.


File: 1553917531988.jpg (27.88 KB, 576x448, untitled12.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

>The guy can draw like 6 faces and that's it.

6?!! You're being way too generous, it's 4 when Toriyama really tries which is like never. His creativity and detail shines when drawing machines or sometimes environments.

With that insult said mine was and still is Vegeta lol. Him training in tight black shorts was a sexually awakening.


File: 1554312613720.jpg (10.56 KB, 150x400, chuji_t1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

Obscure character coming through.
If only SE stopped focusing on Final Fantasy for five seconds to make a new Tobal game.

Another funny note is that Toriyama apparently did the character designs for this game. I'm beginning to see a trend here.


File: 1558908081844.png (2.19 MB, 1920x1080, vlcsnap-2019-01-20-12h50m2….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Does a transformation in general count, because I've been in love with Oozaru ever since I first saw it


File: 1565858519673.jpg (146.98 KB, 800x800, tumblr_p4mjgwIS1L1ulp8mfo2….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

I was going through adolescence right as sword and sorcery was hitting its stride. The cover art for this one…yowza. And by Tim Hildebrandt, no less.

Sadly, the only versions of this I can find online, are either very small, or else they're copies of the one higher-res version, where the scan was slightly damaged right below Rastan's pecs.

I'd REALLY love a clean, higher res scan of *ahem* an undamaged version of this image.

Though, honestly, I still enjoy just about any barbarian hero, whose muscular development is inversely proportional to his wardrobe.

A shame that style is not as popular as it once was. I have a hard time finding this sort of thing as of late.

File: 1565661507795.png (617.47 KB, 800x596, EPvMmDP.png) ImgOps Google iqdb


So i am playing this old game from moritake secret society 2 transparency.
So i am trying to get this scene but i cant figure out how. there seem to be no guides on the net so if someone maybe remembers that would be great.


Also im not sure if i should post this Herę ?


>>1528 Don't worry, it's ok. Posts that involve games, visual novels, or other media go to the Media board here…


The link is at the top of this page between the Discussion board link and the Discord link…

[ bc / ptr / rs ] [ dis / → md ← ] [ Discord ] [ Telegram ]

There's also a Moritake New Game Guide thread there that might help you…


Good luck. :)


thank you


>>1531 You're welcome! :)

File: 1559143539863.jpg (584.39 KB, 1280x905, a2.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


So I am wondering what websites do people usually go to check for any new stuff related to Bara. For me,
its http://boards.4chan.org/y/catalog and this site,
and then check https://f95zone.to (with gay stuff on watch filter ofc),
then https://exhentai.org/tag/male:males+only as well as https://exhentai.org/tag/male:muscle (if the guys are hot in het stuff, why not :P),
then check https://furrybaraarchives.blogspot.com/
and https://myreadingmanga.info/.

and of course it used to be with tumblr as well, but since that one is gone, bummer.

How about you guys? Let me know what do you usually do.
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guys how do you work fumankong?
getting pretty sick of nothing getting shared anymore and chinese are ahead in the game it seems


virtually everything shared on the chinese forums are chinese translated versions, which are FAR from preferable


>chinese translated versions, which are FAR from preferable
well that is your opinion, plus i'm gonna assume that you don't understand japanese either. so what gives?

can anybody elaborate a little on how to operate fumankong now or not?


>plus i'm gonna assume that you don't understand japanese either

well that's where you would be wrong, I've been a (mostly anon) translator in this community for almost a decade, but chinese scanlations are practically worthless to me


>chinese scanlations are practically worthless to me
kudos to you then, doesn't mean it's the same for the rest of us here. so can you now help with fumankong or not?
or anybody else here for that matter?

File: 1564977253237.jpg (258.43 KB, 670x502, Ayahuasca-Visions.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


I need your help bara

So this past week I randomly struck up a conversation with another guy and it wasn't intentional, I don't even have their name or number.

But we talked for close to an hour, didn't get feelings but it was enough for me to realize I haven't had a real conversation with my actual husband like this in close to a year. Just an interpersonal conversation about our lives, where we want to go and hobbies. For a hour with a complete stranger at my job I was person, an actual person again and I cried the entire drive home because I didn't realize for a year what I was doing to myself.

Most of our conversations are fights

He's on his phone pretty much all the time

Peaceful suggestions turn into snaps

We haven't had sex in two years

We fall asleep in the living room or bedroom without any effort to sleep together

I hate alcohol, he's increased his intake I've given it up

Constant judging

He talks to me like I'm his child and has no confidence in me so I end up responding about how I'm not his child

I'm my affairs in order and talk to my partner this week. Neither of us have had the conversation but one of us has to initiate and it might as well be me.

But there's so much involved. A house, 2 cars, 3 dogs and financial assets. We'll end up having to sell the house as we can't afford it on our own regardless so there's my biggest thing. I feel horrible that I cannot tell him straight up I want out and just feel like I'm a warm body these days, I don't even know why I'm around I'm fucking miserable.


File: 1564986355628.jpg (177.59 KB, 1000x750, 47063291tonkinese_kittens.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

>>1493 When the time comes, you'll find the strength within yourself to resolve this, by confronting or leaving him. But maybe your marriage can be saved by looking for the problem, like money or health problems, the death of someone, or anything else. He may feel alone fighting something you can't see, always on the phone talking to friends about something he can't share with you. But whatever happens, you'll be alive and okay.


File: 1564989611007.mp4 (15.95 KB, 196x132, VID-20180430-WA0010.mp4) ImgOps Google iqdb

I've tried, I really have it's just the reality of the situation is that after 9 years and being married for the past 3 better or worse the past year we've just hit this point of existing together and it's where we are. That conversation I had was the most normal thing that's happened to me in a year… I've been coasting not doing anything but just school, work and existing

There's no more happiness
No more conversation
Our doggies have even picked sides
The home we share isn't really home anymore
He's more into his career and so am I
We've completely checked out on an individual level

Divorce happens, I get that but to not realize till you have a normal conversation with a stranger hurts. A stranger who left a more lasting impact on you than your husband has in a year

It's over, it's really over and I need to admit but I can't bring myself to have the conversation.


File: 1564992319378.png (601 B, 15x15, sad_deviantart_sad.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

i trust you've tried to find a way to please him, and a way to get what you need out of him. you've been very patient. i don't recommend hitting the hopium again. it's clear you have your life in order more than he does. i don't know about his disposition but you should contact a lawyer and show your husband you're serious about this. if he wants to continue what you have, get a generous postnup first. if he doesn't agree to it he's probably not serious about fixing things. if no postnup, just go. you've been miserable long enough. i'm being more cynical than i usually am, but i thought this might be an important option for you to at least consider if you're going to confront him.

File: 1539056808459.jpg (453.96 KB, 962x1503, Logan_Porky_3_11.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


So whatever happened to Logan Kowalsky? He vanished off everything last year and I'm curious if he died, it was pretty ridiculous how fast he vanished.
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>he just found a job
Im from a circle of artists from gay comicbook industry. Logan's disappearance was a shock for us too..
Nobody knows what happened - even people who were close to him and had conversations with him in privates.
He just disappeared.

I doubt it's because he got a job. Logan is a very passionate horny in a good way person. i DOUBT he would completely deny his gay-art part.


>many artists stop when they find a job and are getting fed up with their work getting shared all over the internet.
just how it goes. if you wanna keep an artist you like, don't share his/her stuff
>many artists stop when they find a job and are getting fed up with their work getting shared all over the internet.
just how it goes. if you wanna keep an artist you like, don't share his/her stuff

Logan is an older dude and he was drawing porn stuff since late 90s-early00s. This is absolutely not the reason he would disappear.


OP here sorry I haven't responded in a while.

I figured something was up because I did a tumblr comment on a repost wondering where he went too because they just stopped hearing from him. And I'm also curious because Porky was completed when I last heard from him and just needed coloring and submission.

Wish I could know what happened not even because of his smut but because of him as a person.


Actually, that is not the truth. The real truth it was that is last comic he was selling didn't go sell exactly great (this was before Patreon ever exist), so, he give up, expend time on the real world and finally concentrate on real world work.

Last time I contact him was after new year of this year, he sure sound great for not drawing do.

Anyway, if anyone want to visit is main page, here is:



Just a bump. Any word on when he is?

File: 1564152352179.jpg (163.16 KB, 864x864, sad-panda.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


Sadpanda is fucking dead. Ehentai will be dead soon too. Get your favorites out while you can.
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Good news: The efforts of many people have been able to get sadpanda rehosted and back up running, but it may yet be a while before you can access it since everybody and their mother's doing the same.


The true question now is: How long will it last?
With this puritan wave going on, trying to cleanse the world of what they percieve as sinful or wrong or just distasteful, we're on the way for the sanitized version of everything…


the only reason that certain major platforms have been trying to get rid of nsfw stuff is because of SESTA-FOSTA, sites hosted outside of the US/EU are pretty much immune to this issue


No man im fucking done with that shit. the govermenment can do whatever the fuck they want with that CP cesspool meanwhile im stuck with a 200 gb block of shit saved up thanks to tumblrs dumb as a retarded rock antics. i am tired. i dont want to do this anymore. FUCK


Hard to tell. With the userbase panda has built over the years, I think there's people who are willing to step in even if the owner wants to pussy out again, it's just a matter making sure he doesn't ghost the entire admin team and burn the place down on his way out.

There's also the financial aspect to consider. Server costs gotta be paid somehow, but Heinz doesn't want its ketchup ads being displayed next to 2D wangs or cheap camgirls shoving a baby watermelon up their cunt.

File: 1560790025370.jpg (224.29 KB, 900x1200, 1560766603713.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


2 years ago i saw a thread here when one guy was sharing stories about sex and relationship with granddaddies.
And now im at the point where i might have one of those soon.
My man is 73 and i have known him for years (i remember the time when he had mostly grey hair with less whit ehair) but we came to the point of relationship only now.

Im not an experienced person by any means… i had sex with a guy only once.
And i have so many questions about sex and life with a man older than 70…
like…what if i will break him, lol? Is it even possible? he seems weak (as an old man). And im a muscle cub… Im afraid to do anything wrong.
Obviously i should not fuck him like those bear guys fucking on porn videos? (fast and horny)

Please give me some advices.
Yes i like him very much and not going to step back. But i need so many answers at this moment.
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I think you kinda missed the main essence of this thread


hello troll, let's feed you, open up




File: 1564148257503.jpg (246.5 KB, 1510x1086, IMG_20190725_205037.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


Will be avaiable on Fancy Frontier34 7/27~7/28

I guess this is an advance request or so….


sorry, can a mod delete this, i made a mistake

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