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Okay I have a question for ya'll. Is there a limit to having bad messages in porn?

Obviously we all know that rape, murder, molestation, kidnapping, assault, theft and other things are bad (I find it interesting that windows spell check wanted to end that sentence with 'enjoyable') but many shows, even on daytime television showcase all of those things for the sake of a story…. just not entirely in graphic detail….. so how much is too much in porn?

Understandably one could argue that porn is just fantasy and that there are no holds barred…. but does that really account for the message it sends across? Is there a limit?

I have a lot of stories that carry unintentionally horrible messages… some of them I can change with appends… but others are just kind of horrible….. It makes me feel a little irresponsible that I'm giving bad examples to potentially impressionable people……..Should I just say "Fuk it" and move on?
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File: 1453853993220.jpg (43.09 KB, 438x298, 1272478269578.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

Plenty of things are censored and restricted on the internet even if they're not explicitly illegal but much of the violent porn is not banned on the internet. Even revenge porn for example is only now being finally recognized as a crime but only in a few states. Child abuse pornography is rightfully banned but as we found out from the spammers even that is available in some dark shitholes of the internet thru international law loopholes, apparently. There's no censoring on the internet that I can think of as serious censoring of content because you can find anything. There's websites dedicated to snuff films, literal murder, actual recorded rape… I mean you should know this, you can see it on 4chan all the time.

I don't think porn is that personalized and individualized unless you're a straight white guy for whom all the categories of porn are tailored for. For example when I got to several of the mayor porn sites and I do a search for bears, or anal or even the name of a specific gay porn actor the sites usually explicitly lock out the actual content I'm looking for unless I add gay to the search or click on the gay filter. Even though the search results might contain videos with many more hits than the het search or videos that are a much better contextual fit to the search I performed. Why is this? Because straight men do not want to be exposed to any kind of porn they're not into even for a second and all these porn sites, the videos on these sites are tailored to their preferences. Porn with black actors is also filtered either under interracial or ebony or whatever as well as any other group who is non-white, these choices are not accidental. But in terms of Post too long. Click here to view the full text.


Furthermore, as has been stated many times in this thread, we're not recommending legal censorship; rather we're critically analyzing the porn we ingest (and produce hypothetically). We have power as consumers — though I don't know how many people here actually pay money for their porn, but I digress — and we have the power to change a market with our decisions, in theory at least.


While I would agree a majority of porn sites are tailored cishet white able-bodied etc. men, I think there definitely is something to be said about how many different kinds of porn are on the Internet. Pornhub, for example, immediately assumes its users are straight guys; but once a user enters a tag/subsection, a lot of variety opens up, which is what I think >>2739 was talking about.

Either way, if we're addressing the original question (how to responsibly produce pornography without promoting toxic ideologies), I don't think it particularly matters whether how much terrible porn is on the Internet.

As a content creator, I wouldn't care if society promoted what I perceived as caustic ideas; I would still want the media I create to promote my ideals.


>I would still want the media I create to promote my ideals.
I appreciate that. I think it'd be nice to see something revolutionary in porn though, don't you think? I remember a few years back we had a discussion in these very boards about an "artsy" porn that was being promoted lol. I don't remember what ever became of that but for a slight second I thought, hmmm… what if this works and it starts a new trend? IDK, but yes, I'd like to see more porn that falls outside the boundaries of the same 'ol. Everything else on this topic though I've already mentioned, at length. Nice thread.


Alright well "critically analyze" away. I'll be over here jacking off to my freaky shoe-licking French rape porn.

File: 1467692764209.jpg (199.62 KB, 1440x645, Oonyx Games Super Health C….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


Has anyone here played through more than just the demo of Super Health Club? The guys are total cuties, but is the game even good? About how long is it?
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I hate it, literally no imagination. And the art is from a crybaby.
Anyway, I'll drop some gossip, hope I can make it come true, but maaaaybe I'll be able to release Hunks workshop patch for august 1.


Wait, did you find a person who can hack that fucked up HSP engine?


File: 1468251797186.jpg (63.25 KB, 645x508, blacksquare.JPG) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

Hahaha, I'm doing it! I can actually change stuff. Now, the hard part and the one I want to cry about is Decryption. But I'm hoping Binaryfail knows all that stuff and help me out.
Actually I'm 4 files away from finish double checking everything.
After that I'll insert some more code for the "Day X" into the Exe… and that'll be everything. Actually HSP isn't that hard, and the variables he uses are quite easy to find after a while.
BUT, because every file is encrypted in a way, black squares appear. :(


I had basic text working in the game without corrupting visuals, but the encoding of the text completely fucked up in certain parts (text for choices). The text block is its own .dat file, so it shouldn't affect the images really. But as soon as I tried to edit any of the other .dat files, it caused pretty much all of the graphics to have an "offset drift", or in the worst cases actual corruption/crashing the game. I actually don't know where my old extractor/injector programs are, maybe I can dig them up…


Oh, I've worked that out. Yeah. No.
I've actually talked this with Binaryfail. Besides, I don't think any file around right now will help. I think I have to ask him to teach me what he did. xD
If de decrypted them maybe I can encrypt them all again.

File: 1464381029655.png (857.25 KB, 500x752, BOpN5CXCQAAQ_WU.png large.png) ImgOps Google iqdb


So it's no secret that relations between the Japanese artists and their Western fans aren't exactly, um, perfect. In fact, they seem to be dangling from a frayed thread, constantly on the verge of collapse. Actually, I've been interacting with a lot of prominent bara artists on Twitter lately, and most of them are actually pretty amicable - particularly to a filthy unwashed gaijin like myself, although the only reason they even give me the time of day is because I can speak Japanese. Which leads me to this thought:

Most of the people in this community actually can't speak/read/write Japanese, and considering even I wouldn't learn a second language just to be able to read porn, that's perfectly understandable. But I feel like this impenetrable language gap is a huge part of why we've not been able to make any real progress on fixing these relations. I know we tend to do a lot of things that the Japanese artists don't like (even beyond just pirating their doujins), but I feel like if they could understand our perspectives on things, they would be more open to us as people. Which could lead to more things being released in English, among other benefits.

With that being said, I have a proposal for the users of this board:

Have you ever had a strong urge to tell something to a Japanese bara artist, or just the artist community at large, but have not been able to because you don't speak their language?

If so, I'd like you to pose your comments/questions in this thread. This can be anything from a simple "sorry we pirate stuff" to more complex issues about the cross-cultural relations that underlie the context of this fandom. In particular, if you have a specific artist you would like me to address, mention it, and preferably link mPost too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I know, but I'm afraid to ask. I would ask if he would like a fan translation of his visual novels.


who are you talking about?


I'm answering OP. Maybe it was too vague? Haha.
I wanted to say that I know Japanese, but I'm really afraid to ask. And that I'd ask my favorite artistS if I could translate their visual novels… :v But I know they don't like that, so I don't ask. They'd ask me to shut whatever I'm trying.
The artist is Migiri :X


Nowadays almost everything is available as digital sale so we cannot really complain.


Exactly. And the ones that are prints-only artists have every right to make them like that. Items for true collectors so to speak.

File: 1465773661955.jpg (35.05 KB, 635x424, mass-shooting-pulse-nightc….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

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Even if I'm not a US citizen, I'm still interested on how the media/politicians use this on how they can push their agendas.

When I read articles/videos and especially comments, I expected to find condolences or grievances but alas that was not the case. Both sides are fueled by gun control, immigration, build a wall for trump and things like that.

WHAT I HATE THOUGH, is that some republicans have the audacity to feel that these people deserved it for 1) Being gay and not in accordance with GOD 2) For not carrying a gun and voting for trump.

Why not admit the REAL reason that this happened at all because people like them whether Muslim or right wing fanatics PROMOTE HATE AND INTOLERANCE. The fault lies to those who can't accept people who are different from them I mean the LGBT community is a small compared to the hetero counterpart. Why won't they leave us alone?
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No but we are on our way there, they need to legalize it first because US is a country that SEPARATES church and state. THANK GOD



>No but we are on our way there
on the contrary. christians will always be at their loudest and meanest when they feel threatened that their influence is waning, which is waning. so that proposed bill you submitted is no cause for alarm. its a swan song.

a proposal?


I'm not religious at all, but even there there's sometimes a bit of confort…


yes, i watched that the day it was posted. religion needs time to evolve, but it is evolving none the less. this is an example of the "enlightement" i mentioned.

thanks bruno for bringing this up.


My roomate did Peace Corps in Zambia. Evangelical Christianity is rife there, and the homophobia promulgated by these missionaries is downright dark. There is suffering right now under people of all kinds of creeds and color.

Enough of this ecclesiastic debate. If an anon wants to believe that Islam is equivalent to ISIS or that 1.6 billion muslims want Sharia, and the same kind of Sharia, and that everyone else are innocent cows, then that's the anon's prerogative.

But know this: The only way to control a belief system is to control people's ability to access, express, and interpret ideas. If anons in this thread wish to set themselves up as arbiters of faith and thought to ensure their security then they are welcome to that destiny. I'm not interested in becoming a priest.

File: 1462684695050.gif (752.09 KB, 180x240, IgMyx.gif) ImgOps Google iqdb


Let's have a thread about our thoughts and experiences with men who are in open relationships.

I've recently begun skanking again after about 3 years of being off the field and I've noticed how massive the presence of men partnered men in gay hook-up spaces is. It's always been like this I suppose but I think its gotten even bigger recently because there's simply so many guys like this. Now, I'm not personally against open relationships or any other configuration as long as its safe and consensual but I've had many negative experiences throughout the years with folks in these set-ups that turned very negative. I'm wondering how you guys in /dis/ feel about this phenomenon. Let's use this thread to discuss this in a fun and casual way. What are your personal philosphies/rules about fucking the partnered? What experiences positive or negative have you had? Do you prefer guys who are partnered or not? Let's go at it :3

Rules: No attacking of other members directly, no unrelated shitposting or derailment.
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I completely agree that you need agreements/limits/communication with your partner(s), but what's the point of a written contract?

I don't wanna make Anon paranoid, but writing something down doesn't make it innately more official than a verbal one. It's like a wedding ring; it's supposed to be a concrete signal that you're "taken," but you can always slip it into your pocket when you go to the bar. People can always brake contract.

Point is, there's no way to magically make people more trustworthy; you just gotta find trustworthy people to be friends/fuckbuddies/partners with.



I imagine it serves more as a reference for the couple than for anyone else, so you're not going to be displaying your contract to others, you'd be reading the contract for a solid, clear reference on what you agreed to do/not do, in case things need to be clarified. Putting it down in writing means you have a document of your agreement from a set point in time, which makes any kind of discussion or negotiation around it a lot more clear (plus there's less of a risk of misunderstanding or forgetting said agreement).


I work in project management. You have the idea of a contract all wrong. Contracts aren't supposed to do anything. The point of a contract is to document and clarify a relationship. That's it.

Contracts aren't a signal of devotion, they aren't a list of demands, and they sure as hell weren't invented to make people trustworthy. If you don't trust someone you shouldn't sign anything with them in the first place. If the incentives for a fruitful relationship did not exist prior to the creation of a contract then there is little hope of it ever surviving.


Ah, that make a lot more sense. Thank you for politely explaining that to me :)


File: 1466410286768.jpg (118.84 KB, 480x624, 16635821_11916684_pm.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

i'm quite amused of the postulations and hypotheses in this thread. aside from myself and ruffcub know what it means to live in an open relationship. i was contemplating on giving you guys insight but then i changed my mind but i will tell you guys this: 16yrs in an open relationship, living and working together from the start. our relationship is not perfect, but then again nothing is perfect.

pic unrelated. or is it?

File: 1451413477989.png (639.73 KB, 458x630, dc40a106f95db716019c791176….png) ImgOps Google iqdb


Whats the connection information for the irc?
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Have an infinite invite link:
I have to say, I'm kinda surprised nobody's made one yet. The option is right there.


I haven't messed with the options much… but anyway the good thing is that we have folks actually joining. This is the only app service that worked.


>"have an infinite link"




File: 1466025193689.jpg (83.14 KB, 300x450, billy_porter-300x450.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


I used to use bearroulette all the time, but it hasnt been working for weeks. Bear411 used to have a random cam thing but they shut it down. And bearchatroulette never has anyone on it. Where do you guys go to jerk off with strangers on the internet?


I wish there was a bear dedicated one… even though im a chaser myself… either way boysroulette sometimes have some.

File: 1465890048020.png (1.14 MB, 1080x1080, tumblr_o87c8xZ4Ii1txbh7oo1….png) ImgOps Google iqdb


For a long time I thought about how useful it would have been for me to receive good advice about what it means to come into adulthood as a gay person in the world. How much I would have appreciated to hear about what it means to live in and survive in a world filled to the brim with homophobia and deeply hostile to gay people. I think more than likely I was not alone in this. SO! Let's have a nice advice thread since there's quite a bit of young people who browse these boards.

Ask questions about the Gay Lyfe, what you're worried about, concerned with or wondering about, the closet, coming out, friendships, relationships, work, pride, bars, etc…

Rules: Let's keep this as a general advice thread. If one specific topic causes derailment or we get too off on a tangent please make an individual thread.


File: 1465893694281.jpg (563.19 KB, 900x1125, CahierDeHiéroglyphes.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

Due to my lasy "art de vivre" personality, i never had any other choice but to be who i was, whatever my surroundings. But my social reality, though deprived of obvious Homosexual official representations other than caricatural ones at the time of my youth ( 70's-80's ), was a very confortable one so i'll never know if things would have been the same for me anywhere else ( and not necessarilly too far: Italy is WAY harder on the matter when the Homo question becomes a public one ). Anyway, i'd say you have to be the truer possible to your nature to achieve something as a decent life: it's a deal you make with yourself and it goes WAYYY beyond the matter of sexual preferences, identities,Etc… Work to become a useful positive part of society ( professionally and socially ) and you're alfway there: you'll eventually find acceptance for WHO you are, and not only that fucking "tolerance" for who you fuck with (How i hate this notion associated to so-called " minorities"!). You don't have to scream your sexual preferences to the whole world to exist: just trying to be yourself will allready be a challenge and get you plenty enough of foes just because " you don't fit". The matter of sexuality is usually just an easy way to pin you out in the crowd of rebellious cheeps: let's stop them reducing us to that.


My advice: you are never going to make everyone happy, and you're going to find yourself in a lot of situations where you don't want to please. If coming out to your parents will hurt them, then so be it. If someone wants to have sex with you and you don't, or do stuff with you that you don't want to do, say no and mean it. Don't let other people make decisions for you unless you are acutely aware of the implications and prepared for them. Be very explicit with what you want and don't want, like or dislike, in your relationships, whether it's with friends, romantic/sexual partners or work. The sooner you clear any ambiguity, the better, and the less likely it'll be to bite you in the ass later.

If you're in a difficult situation, e.g. you're still financially dependent upon a homophobic family or work environment, get out if you can (and realize that you have more options than you think). There are a ton of LGBT resources in practically every state that have in-depth guides on how to deal with your situation, where to go and how to become independent. Even if you don't live in the States, there are often still resources for you to contact. Leaving a familiar environment for an unfamiliar one is terrifying, but it's significantly better than the prospect of living your adult life surrounded by people who hate, disrespect and potentially threaten you. If you're not yet at an age where you can get independent, you can still contact those same resources for support, and to meet with other gay youth. It's important to realize you're not alone, there are many more like you who will understand what you're going through, including people near you. Even if you live in a violently homophobic country, there's still a gay community in hiding there, and trPost too long. Click here to view the full text.


Addendum: pretty much any gay event, whether it be Pride, Folsom, P-town, IML, etc., is going to require preparation. You will have to plan your itinerary weeks or months in advance, set aside money (and be realistic about how much you can afford to spend), set yourself a schedule, bring supplies, maintain strict standards of hygiene and, if it comes to that, test yourself after sex and keep contact with the people you've slept with (and warn them if you might have given them an STD, no matter how embarassing that might be for you). Events like these are hotspots for diseases (most of them mild, though, like the flu), so make sure your shots are in order. Make sure the next few days after those events let you either recuperate at work or not work at all, not just because you might get sick, but because events are fucking exhausting. Get your rest before and after, because during you might sleep very little, if at all.

Events like these are also a perfect opportunity to make lasting friends and integrate yourself in the gay community and its various subcultures. Chances are you will associate at least with one (e.g. bara, bears, etc.), and it's almost certain there's a community for that, which means there are also likely events. You should not feel obligated to attend these, and you don't need to attend events to integrate with those communities, but if you do (and prepare accordingly) you're in for tremendous fun.

File: 1463979806657.png (12.8 KB, 128x128, avatar_c3e4159043d7_128.png) ImgOps Google iqdb


Okay so I was curious how to purchase stuff on dijiket id I live in america, does it work, do I need a membership, what happens after I download the file, etc?


This guide still works somewhat, just replace the first link with http://www.sutowebmoney.com/


You can also check if what you want is on dlsite.com, which has a smaller selection than the big sites, but it accepts international credit cards.


You can buy from there as a guest user. For that you just need a vendor for either Bitcoin or Bitcash, like this person said >>4457
After purchase you'll be directed to a download page and get assigned to password for that file. Maybe even the option for getting mailed to download link perhaps? Never bought as guest user, so not 100% sure.

As a member though you get so-called DiGi-points for every purchase. Those you can use later on, but of course no combination with electronic money possible. Creating yourself an account will require to get a bit tricky though(faking and address and telephone number). At least it was like that some years ago…

Better options are of course booth, dlsite or torusell because those accept credit cards around the world.
torusell sometimes less censored, dlsite usually same as digiket and booth occasionally even more censored compared to digiket(moritake sells more censored versions of his games at booth compared to the digiket versions). Dependent on the artist.


Does anyone know if the japanese site for dlsite accepts american credir cards cause I swear it wasnt taking it just the english site was.


Only if you create yourself an account first

File: 1463646537446-0.png (169.34 KB, 663x1024, image.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1463646537446-1.png (601.92 KB, 1280x1067, image.png) ImgOps Google iqdb


I just wanna start a discussion thread about smut artist who have an odd style of art. This is NOT a bully thread, just a discussion to critique their style… Not to berate them.

I've have been going back and forth, left and right on the Internet and I've come across some nsfw artist who have a weird style in heir art, whether it's just monotone or overly extreme. AND there are other long running artist who've we've seen hasn't changed their style, meaning that their ghastly works haven't improved over the years.

Needed to get this off my shoulders
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I think anon meant those cheap tricks deviantart people use to have attention of larger fandons using tags, like paint a random character hair blue and call it "humanized sonic the hedgehog"…


Or he means their tendency to have the same faces and bodyshapes which is something that's a problem for artists in general.




More like coucheverybaraartistcough

Tagame in particular has about 3 recurring faces: young man face, skinny mature man face, and heavy set mature man face. Sometimes, he even gives his characters similar hair styles, resulting in the alien from Planet Brobdingnac looking like Mike from My Brother's Husband, or the gay guy from The Winter Fisherman Lodge looking like Yaichi from the same manga


I just said it's a problem with artists in general. Dunno why you're all insisting on pointing it to specific people.

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