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Since many people asked how this works and surprisingly it's still not common knowledge I thought to write something up that hopefully will help out a little.
This guide could very well be way more detailed and thorough, so please add your info to it any time ^^
I'm only covering methods that I'm aware of and making use of, obviously.
Please make use of whatever translation device you got should you not be too familiar with the Japanese language.


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A) Buying from DiGiket (https://www.digiket.com/gachi/)

There are 2 ways to do this that I'm aware of:
1) Buying as Guest with Bitcash
2) Buying as Member with Webmoney

Option (1)
At first you need to buy some Bitcash over at (https://www.offgamers.com/gift-cards/buy/bitcash-gift-card-jp)
You have to open up an account there. Payment is done via PayPal or credit card. You'll receive a 16 digit hiragana code. It's a picture though and you have to transcribe it.
Over at DiGiket on the doujin page you want to buy, click on the blue button to buy as Guest user. Select Bitcash. 1st field and 2nd field put in your E-mail address. Put your Bitcash code into the next couple fields á 4x4. Next page asks you to confirm (you may want to use your translation machine of choice since I don't have any Bitcash at hand right now to cover this section). You'll get a confirmation E-mail with download link + loginID + password. Your file is not re-downloadable infinitely though.
That's it.


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Option (2)
At first you need to register at DiGiket. Click on register and on next page make sure to select the 1st option. Next page you have to fill out all kinds of info and you may want to use your translation device for support. Two fields you have to put in fake info. Your ZIP and your Telephone Number you have to make up. You can find address generators that'll take care of that. Next page asks you to confirm. You'll receive a confirmation E-mail and your very own MemberID and Password. Registration Done!
Now you need to purchase Webmoney over here (http://www.cn-usa.com/?cmd=buy&loc=193646)
There's no need to register. You pay via PayPal and you'll instantly get your Webmoney code.
You can however choose to register, but this'll take a long time for the system and if you're just out to get your quick code asap then you shouldn't do that.
Log into your account and check that your payment settings are correct. Make sure that the 1st option is still selected. Next you go to your charge page, check the Webmoney option and down below select the amount of Webmoney you got. You'll notice that there's a fee of 10% to charge your account. The right side number in brackets is the value of your Webmoney and the left side tells you how many points you'll add to your account's credit. Confirm a couple times and you'll see that your account has been charged with money. The 1st field is how much money you got and the 2nd field tells you how many DiGipoints you got. DiGipoints you receive for every purchase you do as a Member or if you leave a review comment for a dojin.


Over at DiGiket on the doujin page you want to buy, click on the orange button to buy as Member. Next page you'll see a breakdown of your charged money and DiGipoints. If your charge is not enough then your DiGipoints will be added automatically. Confirm and you can download your dojin. All of your purchases are listed on your Member account page 2nd option (https://ssl.digiket.com/user/history/user_log.php) and can be re-downloaded infinitely.
That's it.


B) Buying from Booth (https://booth.pm/en/)

All you need is an account over at pixiv (https://www.pixiv.net/)
You can buy via your credit card and for some countries even with a debit card. Can't give any info regarding debit cards since I don't use those. For non r-18 dojin you can even pay via PayPal.
Booth also gives you the option to give a "Boost" when you buy a dojin. "Boost" means that you can pay the artist more, sort of like giving a tip.
Everything else should be pretty self-explanatory, I think.


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C) Buying from DLsite (https://www.dlsite.com/gay)

There are 2 ways to buy from there: Buying with or without an account

Without account:
On the dojjin page you click on the yellow cart button and then on the cart button up above. Select the credit card button. Next page fill out the first 2 fields with your E-mail address, ignore the 3rd field and click on the button below.
You can download your file now and you'll receive an E-mail with download information should you want to re-download. This is only valid for a specific amount time and DLsite will send you a reminder when the deadline is approaching.

With account:
Click on the register option on top right of the screen. Next page enter your E-mail address and follow the steps until you're registered. Shouldn't be that complicated. Make use of your translation device for support.
The benefits for buying as a member are that you get extra credit for every purchase you do as well as when you leave review comment on the dojin you've bought. Similar to DiGiket.
And you can re-download all of your purchased dojin at any given point without a limit.

More info:
DLsite actually comes with a convenient English version (https://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/)
There used to be an extra English version just for gay material, but it seems to be gone now?
New dojin also take at least one week until they also appear on the English version, sometimes even not at all.
Therefore it's not that bad of an idea to register at the Japanese site. Your account is also exclusive to whichever version of the website you're using.


Thank you very much, the process is a pain in the ass, but it's worth it… More or less XD


On Oct. 10th, DLSite merged Girl's Maniax & G into one "Garumani" site. In other words, you'll see both yaoi and bara genre at the same page.

I guess that's because the G site is relatively less popular, so they merged it.

For some people, it may become a hassle, since they're going to flip through lots of effeminate male doujins to eventually find the bara doujins they're searching for.


You can extract original-sized material from DRM protected files(.dlst) by using this https://forums.e-hentai.org/index.php?showtopic=92167


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Hi sorry but I need some help. I use to be able to buy my materials from booth.pm My credit card has not changed and the system has accepted it and my account if not locked our. But anytime I go to the final step of purchase I get this red error line above. If you can help me I will appreciate it


It says that they don't accept your credit card.
…It's a bad sign. I hope this doesn't mean that they're blocking non-JP credit cards from now on.

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