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Where is Bruno? We need Bruno
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… And try to add some pages when i feel it necessited. Like here…


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See you !


Your work, as always, is an inspiration. Thanks so much for continuing to share


That's one of my favorite comics from you Bruno! (basement instincts) awesome! Thank you!! will you draw anything Christmasy? :P I always thought Santa makes a good daddy xD have a good holiday all of you!


File: 1545795204402.jpeg (343.15 KB, 660x1020, 2A7EA80B-7B29-41BD-B0D0-8….jpeg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Wanted to color a page.


Hey ! Your coloring looks way more human than my psychedelic one !! It gives depth to these old drawings: well done. Juanola: i'm afraid i'm a bit late for a Santa-bear; but if i can find the time, i'll try to draw one…


That coloring is awesome! Can you make more? :)


>>2844 I think I can do one more. The first one took a while due to different layers and shit .


Which comic is this one from? I can't remember.


" Beer Buddies ", but i don't remember which Handjob Mag it was published in…


File: 1546359853142.jpg (206.13 KB, 900x1446, 08 A Day At The Beach.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

A little something, to say " HAPPY NEW YEAR " to everybody around here ( but absolutely non-seasonal !! ).


Bruno do you have a twitter?


File: 1546375962982.jpeg (203.96 KB, 484x810, B402531F-8A95-4829-8C62-3….jpeg) ImgOps Google iqdb

Colored another one.


No; but i'm gonna have to find a new site to get " creative stimulation " since Tumblr became such a freezing radical censored place…



Well a lot of artists I use to follow on Tumblr moved to Twitter since it allows adult content.

Would love to see you on there Bruno.


If you join Twitter, be prepared to have you work duplicated, copy, reused and posted EVERYWHERE.


I love A Day at the Beach, thank you!! Happy new year to you. If I can make one request, as this is the board for "Extreme and controversial fetishes" can we see a scat drawing of yours? If you don't want to go full on, at least one that suggests is?


I agree, sadly, that Twitter may not be the best place for Bruno. Hopefully some other platform will emerge to fill the vacuum left by Tumblr.

Meanwhile, we can all enjoy him here! Can't wait to see the full "Day at the Beach" story. Dad needs to lose his jockstrap, what's left of his T-shirt, and what's left of his inhibitions by the time it's over. And his son needs to lose his virginity.

And the guys watching need to lose their loads! (And maybe a whole lot of piss too, at the very end).


The machine and the basement were really good. Can't wait to see more of the sea party




Can't believe he's back love your work Bruno especially The Sauna is to small.


Your art will be appreciated in whatever you post then, Bruno. No worry. We hope you have a good time doing the nexts drawings! :)


Sorry for the abscence: been working a bit ( at my real paid-job ! ) and too much preoccupied by my country sudden quasi-civil war: seems killing regular citizens ( with flash-balls: anti-riots grenades ! ) became government's official milicia's favourite past-time, recently. I'll be back to porn in a few days: only thing that can help me out of this nauseating nightmare… Thanks for all the comments.


Stay safe Bruno. Thanks for keeping us posted man


Just a heads up for Bruno (and all of us, really). A couple of my favorite blogs from tumblr have now moved over to 2mblr.com They seem, at least for now, to be filling the void, without censorship, at least for actual photos with nudity.

Something to consider, in addition to posting here, of course.

I'm sure it's nowhere near as populated yet as tumblr was at its height. But maybe if we spread the word?


Thanks ! But it won't let me register…?! I suppose new sites are gonna be soon filled by Tumblr' emmigrating population: we should have a lot of choices.



Did you try cumblr ?


File: 1547805733617.jpg (460.36 KB, 900x1446, 04 Loosing Control.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

They're still working on the site… The good part of the whole Tumblr mess is that i'm spending more time drawing, now that almost ALL the interesting accounts have been erased. Why: there EVEN was one dedicated to my favourite baby-dull-bulldog-sad-face hunk: Vladimir Kalinichenko… Though i already had most of the exciting pics, it was great to go there with anticipate pleasure. I sure hope futures sites will have the same " archive" presentation: so easy to pick and choose in one blink of the eye. Anyway: i'll soon post an old comic but, since this thread seems to be full ( it keeps getting farther in Alt' ), i'll probably create a new one.


Beautiful. Love the huge legs and always great to see more rimming images from you!! Please post here if you start a new thread, I have this one bookmarked (and check every day!)


Please Bruno, give us some direct Scat drawing! I can't wait for it!!!


Love Lessions is my favorite comic of all time from you


That sounds like Venezuela to me, lol. Don't tell me you're from here too haha


can you share your other old comics too with higher resolution pls


I'm french: seems the whole country - if you believe medias ! - is back into the nazi collaboration era… Students beaten by their ( masked) teachers: not one arrestation, they leave the school protected by the police and vanish in nature. Others - minors and in their school - on their knees with their hands on their head, in front of armed and aiming anti-riots brigades; walking protestors shot in the head - eleven deaths till now and countless mutilated… The country of the humans rights needs a serious checking.


I'm from Brazil and something similar happened here. Less violence, more craziness. In the end, a right wing militia became the presidence cabinet.


I suppose that's where we're heading, though i do think we haven't seen the real street reaction yet… But we should stop this digression: it's too sad to mix with Alt !!


Well.. what have you been doing, Bruno?


I've jerked off to your sauna comic more times than I could count. Can you please add a few more frames?


How have you been Bruno?
It's been a long time since the last time we've seen you here.


New here but I just had to say that I LOVE Bruno's work. As a french "boy" I'm extremely proud that we have such a hot artist in the country !
Please Bruno, never stop posting ! Especially rimming stuff :p


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