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postings about old & young or dad & son
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source: Manga Shounen Zoom vol. 14


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fuck, that looks good


You nasties cant even tell the difference between age difference and pedophilia.
Age difference is when there is a difference of age ( d uh ) 20-40+
Pedophilia is when you do sexual act with literally a kid.
You might want to revalue your pointless life at this point and this site is even more disgusting to allow this


I don't know, I really think that having that kind of "interaction" with someone older than me can be an enjoyable and very pleasant experience (if you know what I mean( ° ʖ °) ).
PD: I'm 17 years old


File: 1565923388982.jpg (Spoiler Image, 229.55 KB, 960x1420, Ash (Pokemon).jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

Someone really pedophile could be this guy in Twitter who LITERALLY draw kiddos with bodybuilder bodies, and he says that all of his characters having their original ages (Ash have 10 yo in here)


You are aware that /FICTION/ DOES /NOT/ EQUAL /REALITY/ right? The fact that you can't distinguish between the two really worries me. I bet you think violence in video games causes violence in real life too, huh?
(Which btw has been disproven)


Butthurt shotacon spotted


Oh hell yeah~ imagining my younger-self being taken advantage by my own beefcake uncle oh boi~ I guess our kind is in the minority? haha

While I do agree with older males/females sexually interested in young kids in real life is dangerous and creepy, what about those who fantasize themselves as kids being attracted to daddies? Because I'm one of those.

I'm always trying to find age difference posts because I want to fantasize myself as the younger ones, being oomph by the older bigger males.

Do note tho, that even tho I love age difference posts (especially young kids/teens with older guys), I'm really against it if it happens in real life, because the kids in the drawings most of the time have addicted expressions and drown in ecstasy, in real life they would be crying and in pain, and of course that's out of line.


>smacktalking shota in the shota thread in /alt/

u should have been aborted


Let me guess you don't like anything "problematic" huh?
Bet you're the life of the party, people must just love you going somewhere you know you aren't going to like then getting butthurt about it.



Whenever one of you types of people pops up in places like this I always wonder at the kind of turmoil you're going through. I mean why would you willingly go into a forum that bothers you so much? Reminds me of homophobes who bitch about how "not gay" they are when in reality they actually are gay. Maybe you're a shotacon yourself? ;)

If not, there's plenty of other things you could be doing that would actually make an impact on what you're supposedly so upset about (IE - actual abuse of real children). Instead here you are trying to play at being morally superior.

Seems like you're the person that needs to reevaluate your life here. That, or you're a child yourself, can't distinguish fiction from reality, and shouldn't be here in the first place. In which case your parents probably shouldn't be letting you be on the internet unsupervised. However, in today's social climate I wouldn't be surprised if you're 40+ either.


My own fictional fantasies fall under small dom / big sub. There's not enough shotas being doms for my liking. I often fantasize about being a shota and dominating sexy older men. >;)



My own fictional fantasies fall under small dom / big sub. There's not enough shotas being doms for my liking. I often fantasize about being a shota and dominating sexy older men. >;)


I think anyone dumb enough to complain about legal porn on a legal porn forum should be immediatley banned.


File: 1566069925796.png (1.29 MB, 1200x900, 1566069706471.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

>coming to /alt/ - Fetish Bara (Extreme/Controversial Fetishes) to bitch about Extreme/Controversial Fetishes offending you
just ignore and report these moralfags getting triggered by cartoons


whose pic is this?


>just ignore and report

too bad reporting doesn't do jack shit, there's been literal CP on /dis/ for a full week now


you can find it with saucenao
then just ignore and keep posting art, they'll get tired of flexing their internet morals if no one gives them the attention they want






imagine having a 18 y son/ daugther and telling them how much you fapped on their pic them toddlers


Imagine being any age and having your grammar. Yikes.


Who would tell their sons/daughters about their masturbation escapades… Even thinking of speaking that kind of topic with them is creepy enough as a father/mother…


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Bump! Humans though not furry lol ;)




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post more


File: 1569172106936.png (1.12 MB, 1280x960, 1569172097118.png) ImgOps Google iqdb


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