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Old Thread: >>>/etc/1065


…or you can just ask to move that thread over here. http://boards.barachan.org/dis/res/7091.html#7091


The old thread's past its bump limit, though.


File: 1485609897237.gif (13.89 KB, 169x139, 1.gif) ImgOps Google iqdb


New edit or just a gif?


just a gif.


this site have a lot male rapers http://mugenspriteslover.tumblr.com/

but unfortunately they haven't realised
but maybe it can help you with ideas


this guy have a lot gifs for mugen



thank you>>3694


what did happen to The Blue Kim?

is he still selling his chars? I want to buy his little mac


They disappeared again.


okay I'll be waiting. :(

anyway do you know where I can get this version of jon talbain? http://video.fc2.com/en/a/content/201701215EEa0e4W/



I remember that person saying the aren't rapers because they didn't know how to actually put them into MUGEN. I may be confusing them with someone else though.


Someone exposed his illegal selling of copyrighted characters. He got all pissy and just left.


Yeah, those aren't actual character edits. Just sprites/animations made with flash.



MIGHT be the wrong link, was kinda busy at the time of posting this.



File: 1485855408699.gif (29.2 KB, 320x235, Image1.gif) ImgOps Google iqdb


he left mysteriously couple years ago too. guy must have a mental illness or somethin.


Y'know. I think people wouldn't have nearly as much issue with BlueKim if they were selling the characters one by one. At least only selling 'get this character 1-2 months before everyone else!' and not 'never giving this to anyone that doesn't give me money!'.

But they're using that terrible Patreon Platform. Not only do they have the problem of locking down a good number of characters behind a permanent (according to their page) paywall, but the whole monthly subscription thing only works if you're around every month supplying consistent new stuff. Disappearing, going months without giving anything new, it just shows off that maybe a lot of people should not have Patreons and instead have other methods of making money.


If we're being honest, it was only a small vocal minority that had a problem. Dude was making bank off the patreon, way more than the first time. So i don't think it was as big a problem as people liked to say. The majority of the characters were going to be released for free, and if he wanted to keep a couple behind a paywall, oh well, he doesn't owe that stupid talbain character to anyone. But if he left because a couple people bitched across all forums (they know who they are), then that sucks, because there was a lot more people who supported him and now he's gone.


3 were being released, 9+ stuck behind perma-paywall.


please can you help to get this char :3


I can't dl this one Unregistered users may not download files larger than 10 MB. Please register an account.even if I did the register


_.orso.-.woxy._ please can you reupload the Variable Dark Talbain, the link is down :) please


when you did say across all forums they know who they are

what kind of forums do you mean? those places sounds creepy


Hey, can someone over at MugenBaraTreehouse fix the registration system? At the moment I can't sign up because it says that nobody under 18 is allowed to but there is no way to put your age in at all to say you're over 18 so it seems to just ban everyone. Cheers


please somebody can make shun RP or Naruto



Either way, e-mail validation is now required. A lot of spam accounts were noticed.


Is someone able to share TBK's RP Superboy?




Is someone able to share TBK's little mac?



The people that have him and TBK's other edits have yet to share them.


Hopefully they do soon.


nah. you guys wanna bitch about bluekim, but then you want his edits? You guys are terrible.


bitch about bluekim, seriously I don't do that. come on!. here a lot of people love his work. and we want to see more. I'm ready to pay for the chars but he doesn't reply to an email :(


Sure, he does good work. I still don't think we should have any business buying edits, though.


Not talking about you specifically, just these jealous haters that want handouts. I supported bluekim and im sad to see him gone, to be honest.


Let's not derail the thread into drama. If there's something that needs to be discussed, take it to /dis/.


Back on topic, awhile ago I saw a video with the character 'Demon Jr.' that had r*pe moves as well as the vore ones. I was wondering if anyone had that version of the character?



You'll have to ask Eggbomber101 himself, but it's been a while since he's shared anything.


Yeah, Eggy's been on other projects lately. He might let you have it though if you message him. You can find him on FA easy enough.


Is someone able to share TBK's Little Mac (more than 11 NSFW submissive animations)?


I did found a new site (there are male chars too)

in some chars it say (A rape character that is surprisingly fun)but to be honest i couldn't figure it out how they work, or if they really have RP moves

anybody more experimented can tell how to use the moves? :(



Took a quick look at that character in FF3. Didn't see anything worthwhile, seems unfinished.


O3O :( I was waiting that lloiyd irving can have button moves


I thought he was taking a long break or something, guess not. Not gonna bother him about it myself since he never released it. Gotta respect his reason not to y'know?


Is someone able to share TBK's chars?


what kind of moves can do Takuma-ROTD? is this a rp



I've never seen him before. Could you provide us a link?


please can you tell me if this chare have any rp move?



Sorry, but I opened it on FF and he hasn't got any NSFW movement. He's not a bottom nor a top.


File: 1487002445479-0.png (Spoiler Image, 25.05 KB, 358x421, Rozwel.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1487002445479-1.png (Spoiler Image, 10.78 KB, 288x402, Rozwel2.png) ImgOps Google iqdb


File: 1487002650427-0.png (Spoiler Image, 25.45 KB, 401x439, Gustab.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1487002650427-1.png (Spoiler Image, 9.05 KB, 289x399, Gustab2.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Rozwel,Gustab please.
I want,Nude verison..



Looks like it got copyright killed. Who was it?


It will be a pain in the ass to undress those char completely.


where I can dl the minotaur, the version can jerking off special chars like grant


Is there a download link for the game itself somewhere?


I did this for my friend's birthday, enjoy https://gfycat.com/EquatorialAdoredGuillemot


just in case you guys want to download the .gif for better quality, here's the source https://kristart.tumblr.com/post/157461944855/today-is-my-buddys-birthday-it-is-also-bruce


Wow man! Thank you for sharing them with us. It's an honour to have a pioneer amongst us, I remember that your Cyclops was the first male compatible character I had! :')


>>3839 yagami ? raper. so.. have it ?


<3 i'm glad that the MUGEN yaoi/bara community is still going on. Unfortunately for thebluekim though, i remember working with him, he does have the habit of suddenly disappearing though


You worked with him? Who are u?


Sorry, I don't. I don't think I've ever seen the character before either.


i used to call myself furryloverxbara, that was a long time ago


OMG, that must be impossible. :o
FLXB left his blog years ago and was never seen again, some people thought he died… though the characters you mentioned are pretty similar on their spriting, what happened to you?


File: 1487737001008.bmp (44.12 KB, 106x141, christent.bmp) ImgOps Google iqdb

hah, yeah.. i forgot the password for my blog.. You see, sprite art, for me back then, was hard and takes alot of my time, not to mention encoding them to the character for MUGEN is a little bit difficult. So i just pursued painting digital art. also, me moving to another country for studies made me completely forget about the whole MUGEN stuff.
Until recently, a friend of mine gifted me this awesome program called "Aseprite" (https://www.aseprite.org/) which makes sprite art a whole lot easier for me, so I gave it another shot.
and no, i didnt die :P in fact, i visit this imageboard quite often
"FLXB" haha, i like that xD


wow that aseprite program looks pretty good. Can you import sprites or PNG images, the kind you get from Fighter Factory 3? I might get this program, but if you can't import sprites then it's a dealbreaker.



I've used it before, pretty strong program for pixel art/animation. It should be able to load pretty much any non-developer exclusive image formats(I.E Photoshop PSD) as is standard issue with any art software. Mugen sprite files most likely won't be loaded, but you can always just export them as PNG or something.

Worth the price? Definitely, other programs would cost you an arm,leg and part of your kidney.


thanks dman, seems like a pretty good deal. gonna try out the trial version.



Hey guys, does anybody here have the peketo rapist from the old posts from barachan? I'm interested in modding characters for him like they did with Sol. Also, anybody here knows about other rapists who have vicious groin attacks like him?
Video showing him vs Sol: youtu.be/essdI-QFiNU?t=2m56s


I was just wondering if this game is real, and if is it, someone has any link to it?



…it's called "Mugen"….the game this entire thread is about. >.>


I think it is real, unfortunately. Its not really a game. Some jerk just gathered up MUGEN and a bunch of characters other people created and edited and is selling it all.


I know is it a MUGEN game, but I mean, the whole pack of characters, its sucks its costs since it has a lot of chars on it


you can get all those characters on Mugen Treehouse. Russ has them all in his folder. That guy Kroxco or whatever is a scammer, dont waste your time with him.


Link to the forum: http://mugenbaratreehouse.createaforum.com/

Link to said folder: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/9e5081454m52u/Mugen_Yaoi_-_Gay

Yeah that dude's a jerk but there's really nothing anyone can do about it aside from inform people that the stuff is actually free.


I just sent a message to that guy on youtube, now waiting for respond.
Well but my message are a little bit"rude" so….not to expect to much.


Hey there everyone, some of you might already know but I'm dropping in to give everyone a chance to vote on the poll I currently am holding. The poll will decide a character which will receive 2 updates (6 - 10 animations). The poll is open until
March 12 2017.

You can find more information about the poll as well as the poll link here: http://redflashgallery.blogspot.ca/


Here's CLUBDOGMApa's folder: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/l7yrbk0bxr0f7/Chars

He has some characters that Russ hasn't put on his Mediafire yet.

Don't expect anything from him. I also sent him a message almost a year ago and he never answered. Seems like Kroxco disappeared, he isn't welcome here and I'm glad he learned that lesson.


Thank you for the sharing the poll with us! So sad that even with the new system there's still people who cheats… it's not normal that Zoro has a difference of 10+ votes while the others only have a difference of 3 or less.


There's even someone admitting to cheating in the comments.


I don't think Kroxco disappeared. 'New' stuff of his keeps popping up. He just refuses to reply to anyone that calls him out on being a thief.


My bad, I put it incomplete:


Now it also shows his stages and all his content.

Really? I thought he just stopped messing with Mugen and started selling some weird 3D stuff.


He's doing MUGEN and weird 3D stuff. And I wouldn't be surprised if he was stealing that too.


Clubdog hasn't been "stealing" anything. He's a reputable member of the Mugen society and has provided many top-quality works. People like you who haven't submitted any actual work yourself have no right to say such things.


pretty sure he's talking about Kroxco, not Clubdog, calm your tits.


Yeah, calm down there. I was talking about Kroxco.


calm your tits kroxco did fighters vs yaoi monsters 4 check his blog


to Anonymous No.3972

I Think your Falling In Love with him you always talk about him


Keep drama out of the thread, please.


Hello there! ^u^ to No.3965

lol but we already have all his chars we need true NSFW
TheBlueKim Cody Travers, Little Mac, Naruto Uzumaki,Inuyasha,Sasuke Uchiha, Son Gohan (1 NSFW dominant move


hey look everyone, it's kroxco lol. sad.


to 3981

lol you see kroxco everywhere



can someone help me with this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2IEl3DQIhvk


What of it do you need help with?


Nikumuchi in that video dellga dint Get body hole while but i did To my delga and it did aswel To other victims


I think he means that his Delga character doesn't get get pregnated like the one of the video, is that what are you saying?
If that the case, you might try download another compatible character since they are the same character with different versions


yep thats what i try to say,
i got most of bottom ones (male only)


In that case, I do think that just trying different versions until you find the one from the video is the best option.


how do you meen?


Now that you mention it I don't think there's any Delga compatible with Nikumushi, except the one that was made for the M.U.G.E.N Delga (and that one cannot be extracted)


Far as I know there isn't outside of the common stuff. It's such a minor detail to overlook especially when there's already an alternative finisher for the characters who aren't compatible.

Honestly I'd prefer a far less gruesome version of the other finisher over the impregnation.


Is this public?


File: 1488925355819.png (221.43 KB, 999x968, 1466639363388.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Edit and make this werewolf
into a Dom/Top character

and is ther Bane from Weapon Lord?


Can someone share bluekim´s batman? PLEASEEEEEE!????


I thought they never released them even to Patreon.


I was supporting him and I paid a lot of money
But he still does not work
Do you want to share?



File: 1489055218704.png (14.65 KB, 278x360, Masamune.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

he is bottom..?


Do you need other sharing?
I $ 60 was also cheated



Thank you so much for these! You're a hero.


Please do not mind
Minute that we have been deceived, was a gift to everyone



Sorry for bothering, but these links don't work:
Could you please re-upload them mister? I guess I'm talking in the name of everyone when I say we're grateful.


I am extremely grateful for your generosity, my anonymous friend! Thank you VERY much <3

I did notice that, on the Naruto one, you need to right-click -> save as the file to download it. Also, 72-75 files listed above don't appear to work. Says they're deleted. Would be even more grateful if they were re-uploaded <3


File: 1489095805203.png (2.96 KB, 204x85, URL.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Well …
It was judged as a bot


I'm sorry
Please use this image


I entered those into the URL bar and it just says they can't be reached or are not real website links.


Thank you man! You're very considerate!

Wait, I'll post a link with all the files uploaded.


File: 1489103611229.png (7.12 KB, 218x47, Link.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Here's the link. Just write it.


you guys are awesome. Thank you so much.


Thanks so MUCH!!!!


I was glad to hear that.
Please do not become his supporter
Characters are not sent


Thank you so much!!!!!!!!

maybe Can someone share bluekim´s Cody Travers? PLEASEEEEE!?

I'm sorry


Cody is not published
He has not sent it


Thank you


Don't know. Never seen that character before.



He is get URL,but he is not nude..

i'm he nude version..


Ty man <3
I had to wait an hour to fully download it since the site caps downloads at 50kbps, but it was worth it!


Sorry if the download runs at a slow speed, but some people have problems with MEGA, the file was too big for TinyUpload… and other sites only host the files for short periods of time. :(


So, I have a fully animated Cody Travers victim that I got from thebluekim a while ago. It's got a ton of compatible animations and a special ending for kuromaru's vore and when losing in general. The issue when I tried to post it here (never shared files b4) by zipping it with winzip it was either too big or an "unknown file". How or where can I post it for you all?


Use this: http://www.tinyupload.com/
Where it says "File to upload" click on the grey button below and search the .zip or .rar file on your computer. Once you find it, double click on it and then click on the green button "Upload", then a new window might appear. Wait until it gets loaded. It'll appear "File upload finished", then click on "Close".

Finally you'll find a text that says: "You can download it from address:" and then copy the green text next to it and paste it here.

Is the file heavier than 50MB?


use megaupload, no problems there.


Megaupload doesn't exist anymore lol.
And if you're talking about MEGA, you have to register an account previously.

Either way, CLUBDOGMApa has uploaded Cody. I don't know if he's the same Cody you've got.




guess I don't need to upload it anymore anyway as that IS the same Cody. Thanks for posting it and thanks for all of you who tried to help me. In the future I'll use tinyupload


Does anyone know how can I perform the grab that performs the rimming/dildo moves with Minotaur? Please.


This is a Kuromaru I edited. It mainly uses the dog moves and acts as a support kuromaru for double battles.



Nice edit! This will make the double matches much more interesting!


Oh boy….
Can't wait for them to take people's money and split again.



I don't see any clue that he is back. It's just the same one from October..


thebluekim zelda link solbadguy please


Pretty sure its just that troll again trying to stir up trouble.

Does anyone know if there's any tutorials or videos for stage making? I'm thinking of giving it a shot but don't know where to start.


File: 1490450219496.png (87.3 KB, 448x589, 000001.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Crisis of fat men


Mind if I ask which Kuromaru is that? :) (If you made the sprites yourself then they really look like the original Kuromaru, good job ;))


get lost


this Kuromaru is awesome, where do you get it? or you made it?


These are original pixel art



This is a smaller version of Kuromaru which goes well as a support character for double battle. Most of his basic atttacks won't do any damage, only the special ones will. That way, the victims characters will not be defeated too fast.


Can someone please get me Ash NSFW




That's Brian Battler from King of Fighters. Unfortunately the guy who made that edit is kind of a dick when it comes to releasing his male characters/tops.


Thank you


It's the creator of Dong Hwan you can visit his blog just google gettag mugen


Is there no downloads for Dong Hwan or Brian Battler then?


DongHwan is here: https://we.tl/ga7v2tm409

I haven't seen any link for Brian, sorry.


Brian is still not released


Thank you
You do not have the character to SEX after the KO?


Do you mean with ripped clothes? The only one I know who has sex after the KO is Cody Travers.


Sorry, the translation site seems to be strange(´・ω・`)
Do you have any perpetrators to carry out SEX after KO?


We also created a file that weakens NARUT and Sasuke
They are too strong


Mmmmh… I only saw that on Cody and M.U.G.E.N Delga. Other tops don't do that. :/


I guess you're the same guy. Nice ones! :D


does anyone have the dl for sasuke char?


Sasuke is inside the pack of chars Anonymous gave us.



i downloaded the pack and all that is in there is just batman which i already have


Hmmmm I wish somebody would make Sol as a Raper …..


Are you sure? The file is too big to contain only one character…

I'm talking about this:

Not these:


the TheBlueKim is on private mode



Woah, I just stumbled on this inactive Japanese bara board site and found someone made a jacking off animation for Kuromaru.
Here's a link to the post http://bara.blue12.net/baron/res/428572#39, they also posted a working Mega link to download the Kuromaru: https://mega.nz/#F!xvwGAKQa!VqtcQiKA5OzsgqqB3fNdKA
They posted this as an example too: https://eroshare.com/yfj1ara6


Oops, my bad, just realized that the board is still active, but not very much so.



It's just uploaded around two days ago and it seems made by the same guy who made the handjob Minotaur.


Kim's blogspot is GONE as well. Looks like they really did just up and quit.


Naw, its back. I think blogspot was just having issues.


Hope i'm not being of topic

you know HDoom?
is there a BaraDoom mod?


Which Cody Travers?
May you link him? Thx


He's here:


Thanks xD


I can't trigger the vore K.O. animation for Cody. Which kuramru should I use btw thx


He hasn't got a vore K.O I think. Doesn't he got his clothes ripped off when he loses a fight?


He gets. But on blue Kim's blog it was said that he was compatible with kuromaru's vore also!


Try Kuromaro's other vore move. C button instead of Z or whatever. I know one triggers the finisher and one doesn't.

Yes, he does have a 'sexy KO' (where his clothes get ripped) too but I've never been sure how to trigger it. He's got a special KO too if he gets defeated normally.


I still can't trigger his special for kuromaru =/



Went through his file, that's actually the tentacle maiden, not a vore finisher.

The other vore move probably uses the same animation though.


Optimus Prime


File: 1492762521391-0.png (3.23 KB, 128x145, 1.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1492762521391-1.png (3.28 KB, 184x99, 1.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Hello guys Fromthe Baramugentreehouse.
Im new to pixel art. Since Im going to mod/edit minotaur's dick to be big.

Btw Im still working the balls.

Here my Edit:


Thank you for the edits! Can't wait to see them finished. :D

Have you seen his most up-to-date edit? It may help you with some sprites:



Anyone have the most recent version, I've still got 1.1, I barely got like 12 character slots or 9


so, are there any downloads of mugen that include all the new rapers and stuff?
I sadly am one of those that suck at manually getting mugen to work properly and such


I guess you could always download the one on my blog to get a working template (It only contains the characters I made so far except for Natsu, Naruto I think, I will update it soon). http://redflashgallery.blogspot.ca/p/starting-with-mugen.html

Otherwise TheBlueKim also has a mugen available for download but I'm not sure which version it is (Click on the picture on the left side of the blog)

These are the only two I know of, but maybe some people can share theirs.


just wanted to say, redflash, that your work is frickin amazing. Thanks for all you do, buddy!


Thank you very much and you can expect more to come ^.^


awww, you're the best :) I was wondering, was there any way to loop some of the finishers? They are so amazing and hot. I know ero helper can do some of them, but is there a way to extend the amazing delirium finishers (like with Link)?


Well you could always extend the time the finisher plays by editing Kuromaru as all the finishers are looping at the end.


Makes sense, thanks. Is there a specific line in the CNS I should be looking for? I imagine it's a simple fix and that I only need to change one of the time values for it, correct?


I never looked at this part of the coding, but because of the new project I recently started, I will be looking into it soon. When I do, I will tell you.


Thanks Red! I will try and find it as well and let you know if I do.


Found it while tinkering with the code, if you're using my version of Kuromaru, it should the line 1702 in the cns3.txt

the line is as follow:
trigger1 = Time = [0,1300]

change the number 1300 to a higher value, I think 2000 would be long enough.


Thanks soooo much, Redflash. Really appreciate it. That did the trick! Now back to enjoying your great work :)


You're welcome ;).


I know someone uploaded Bluekim's characters on here, but is it just me, or are these unfinished? They didn't have many animations at all. Were they really sent out like that?


If you mean ones like Inuyasha, Cody, and Naruto then yes they were only partially edited and sent out like that. At least the ones that were sent out.


are there any batman mugen videos around besides that one theblueim posted? been looin around for one


Is he finally mailing out these characters to all those people he owed or what? I wouldn't even think of resubscribing unless people got their characters first. He owes a lot to a lot of people.


….and we should care…why? They'l likely just make "premium" characters again and break the law…again.


yaaay I can't wait to buy editted characters for 30 fucking dollars until he disappears again!


WOW, seems I am not the only one who doesn't like Bluekim much.

By the way,remember the kuromaru in >>4242 ?
I am trying to make compatible victims to it's time pausing handjob move but I got stuck in some reasons and I am considering upload my WIPs to MEGA in the coming future


anyone know where i can found bara othello?


Far as I know this is the only version available.



Does anyone has the "Ken" from The Blue Kim ?
I mean this one : http://thebluekim.blogspot.com/2016/07/ken.html


no. Bluekim never released anything. clubdog has a ken i think, on his mediafire.



Does someone who's a patron of TBK already received the rapist version of Ken? Can someone share it?


Here's my work in progress characters compatible to the time pausing move shared in >4242.

I cannot finish them because I haven't figure out how to edit it by just reading the instructions in the Kuromaru's folder.So that I can only done about 40% of the edit to fit the move…

BTW,it only needs to press S to trigger the time pausing move and a,b,c,x,y,z,s+a,s+b,s+c,s+x,s+y,s+z are for different poses.Then, double tap S will leads to the end of the whole move.

…I think that's all about the move so far,I will update if I figure out anything new at Mugen Bara Treehouse later.


Hey, do you have the Kuromaru the question? The link is down on the post.



I see people saying Bluekim is back, and his patreon is updated, but did anyone get the rewards they were owed? I don't want to support him and he flakes again.



i dont think hes worth supporting at all.
shit, if I were rich, I'd dl all of his characters just to distribute every last one of them


I know some people don't like him, but the truth is, there are far more people that do. Just take a look at the amount of money he gets each month. People like his work. He does good quality stuff. I just wish he was more responsible with it.


He had me at Ken Masters. I signing up just for that. Hopefully he'll add that vampire Demitri I always wanted to see rape.


There was this one pixel bara game, i know it's not mugen but it's kind of like side scrolling, there was a scene where he kisses an enemy and the enemy starts fucking another enemy, then when he makes the enemies cum, the enemy explodes


The kissing dude is the bartender right? If so the game is called Strange Flesh


File: 1495788446756.jpg (52.26 KB, 384x224, 63076402_p1_master1200.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb



is this a preview of BK's Ken character? Or did someone else make this themselves?


sauce pls


Can someone give me venom that in Mugen archive, I'm not a member so I can't download it. It says uregistered member can't download larger than 5 mb files


Could you give us the link? There's more than just 1 Venom.



I want to see his move list



Thank you



Thanks! Very nice stage. The soundtrack is a plus too, very hot. If you are wondering how to get the BGM, add it to the Sounds folder in Mugen.


Guys, does any of you have TBK's rapist version of Ken? If you do, can you share it?


yes, i have it! It's amazing :3 Totally worth the 30 dollars imo, especially that vore finisher.


I wanted that Ken version too : \


I want that Ken too, If someone would be nice enough to share it '3'


File: 1498391744213.mp4 (1.31 MB, 640x360, bara268.mp4) ImgOps Google iqdb

where can i get sol?


Can someone send a link for a mugen build to start with?



rebumpity bump


File: 1499571730607.gif (8.3 KB, 150x150, tumblr_mmpwfrMln61sqfxh6o1….gif) ImgOps Google iqdb

need template sprite sheet
of this humping animation


just get it from fighter factory


does anyone know who's the character name is?
not Robin, but the purple blue guy?


File: 1499629133445.gif (3.95 KB, 137x107, werewolf-humping.gif) ImgOps Google iqdb

finish with this werewolf from
Night Slashers


that is the standard kuromaru. you can find him in any version of kuro in various positions.


thank you very much



I want Redflash use this as base ^_^


That's what I want to know too. Looks like Rennik doesn't really want to release the character, maybe because it's not done yet or he just likes to show off.

If it's the latter then it's a pretty shitty thing to do, but it's not like we can force him to release it.


yeah i always thought it was weird how defensive rennik was around that character. He didn't want anyone to edit or anything, and never shared it. It was like he was just cockteasing the community. Eventually i just started paying no attention to any of his updates, not like he gave any anyways.


File: 1500183851843.jpg (177.09 KB, 548x595, Sugoroku.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

It had been a while since my last editing Big Bear…
This character Sugoroku was seen in this post long long time ago, and I finally finished it now!
However, I had no time to make him naked…
Anyway, hope you guys enjoy it!




looks great! Thank you very much!


Awesome! I guess I'm talking for everyone when I say we missed you so much. :D


Wich char is that horse Raper from???


ero helper


File: 1500321440204.png (6.9 KB, 131x136, 0.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Shang Tsung has fun with Sub-Zero and… Sub-Zero lol


Wonder what could've happened to santvil. He never came back. :(


Thanks, Do you know how to activate that move tho???


it is one of the positions of Ero Helper, can't remember which one. There is a tutorial up at the mugen treehouse.




File: 1500384962847-0.gif (319.53 KB, 252x277, 1.gif) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1500384962847-1.gif (1.69 MB, 252x277, 2.gif) ImgOps Google iqdb

File: 1500384962847-2.gif (428.45 KB, 138x137, 3.gif) ImgOps Google iqdb


does anyone know the controls for this character? I have seen this character before but have no idea how to use him.


There's supposed to be a finisher that happens, but I have no idea how to trigger it. Never seen it in action before either on any of the characters that have it.


File: 1500481589287.png (10.03 KB, 120x140, Inuyasha.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Inuyasha's portrait was changed by me.
An archive includes portrait image (PNG format and PCX format).


sweet, thanks!


Dude, not sure if this is only on my version of berserker, but I activate that move using down+back and C, which will catch the victim. Then You press either X or Y, pretty quick or the victim will be released.


There was another version where you could freely use the move. This one has a finisher setup that seems to only work on certain characters if not made for specifically one. There have been a few more characters that have this same setup with the same problem.


Is that Suyohara art ? 'w' Seems familiar to me~


File: 1500616860384.jpg (194.18 KB, 1138x640, r5.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

hey i have that game and the guy is cute to make victim sadly it wil bit hard for me to make one :/


Are the vids/gifs with sol badguy jacking off/getting jacked off still around? Used to be some on youtube, I recall a really hot one with slayer sucking him off but I can't find it anymore, I think it was a video


File: 1500865797308.png (3.55 KB, 110x111, walk.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

can someone make this char can be playable, this char auto fight and rape


what this is? CHAR?


anynone know where can get NSFW wolf o'donnel? rp or bottom or versatille i dunno


File: 1501290142892.gif (8.76 KB, 105x126, werewolf-humping-2.gif) ImgOps Google iqdb

He's a werewolf from the arcade
night slashers
these are just edits i've done


File: 1501524142872.png (10.1 KB, 120x140, Ken.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

Ken's portrait was changed not by me.
But I've found Hydaria's set here:

So, cum covered Ken and he is cuming again
An archive includes portrait image (PNG format and PCX format).


Cool. Thanks!)


Does anybody still have that video with Sol and Peketo? It was on youtube but apparently got deleted.
The name of the video was solmugen33


Rennik sol badguy new video please(*_*)



I'm just curious about your Sol.
Will you ever release your Sol ?
Or You would never release him ?
I'm waiting for the release but If you don't release Sol then I can stop waiting for Sol. ~('-'~
It's really good victim but ya never release and just showing the vid. ~~


Yeah me too. I want to use the Sol it doesn't matter if I can only use the handjob. Won't you at least release him with Peketo ?
But if it's no good then I'll just wait spiderman from redflash '-'


oh thank you new video(*'ω'*)


Yo, I've heard CLUBDOGMApa's looking for a good idea for his 200th video. What do you say?


I want to watch more videos


I want to release them, but I'm afraid that it will mess up since the coding is really poor. I mapped some of Sol's voices to Peketo instead of Sol by mistake, and so it won't really work with other victims. Also, there is some violent stuff in Sol's pack. If you guys are okay with that, I can release it, but for not it's incomplete. I don't know if I'll ever finish it.


Thank you Rennik for all of your hard work! Totally ok with Violent. We all would really appreciate if you release both Sol and Peketo. Just don't get discouraged if you don't have time to finish it right now. Also don't let the release before it is done discourage you from future work on it. We appreaciate all of your hard work and hope you keep it up! Work in progress is OK. I hope to see you finish them and more releases from you in the future. Great artwork takes time. Rennik will finish it in time. Rennik's artwork is awesome!

Please release your works in progress of both Sol and Peketo!


Yeah I don't mind using incomplete character at least release them. Because I love it and I think everyone would be pleased if you release them. Keep up the good work and don't give up any hope


I'm okay with everything on your Sol even if it's still WIP. I'm interested in mugen because of your Sol. Pretty please release him with peketo. I don't mind about violent or anything, I just want your Sol and Peketo to be released ~ ( ^-^ ) ~


Don't worry.
Your sprite is very amazing.
There are a lot of people willing to finish this sol in Mugen Bara Treehouse.


What are you waiting for everybody is happy when you come back, Release both of them. Hurry up come on >w<
I'm soooo excited that you decided to release them if we don't mind the little stuff, of course we don't really mind little stuff likr that so come and release them >w<


Hmmm well I was waiting but yea it seems waiting is useless '-'


Let's wait patiently(^^)


lol, he's never gonna share that character, yall are so stupid. Just let it go.


I think that it is his freedom to post a character(´・ω・`)


If he has no intention of ever posting it then he should stop showing it off in videos and such.

Going "Look what I have! You can't have it!" is just being a jerk.


Well he said he would release it, right?

Maybe he didn't even see those messages after that yet.


Please do not say bad about him because I love his work(´・ω・`)


He doesn't show up anymore so I don't think he will release them and I mean never because I feel like he's running away maybe ? I've already give up hoping on Sol. So I'll be moving on to Redflash ~~


What work? He hasn't released anything yet.


Complaining won't change anything, and pressuring him to release anything is asinine because he doesn't have to release anything if he doesn't want to. >.>


Toledoman (victim) where can i find him?



File: 1505052229257.png (7.08 KB, 335x256, tol.png) ImgOps Google iqdb



You guys, I understand you want me to release it, but I really want to make sure it's cleaned up before I do. I'm sorry for the wait.


I'm tired waiting, lucky enough that I have TS4 with wickedwhims so I kinda want to leave mugen. It's so tiring to wait for character release. Maybe I'll back in the future '-'


thank you rennik(^^)/
I am looking forward to it(^^♪


Here it is finally you guys:


Thanks so much for waiting patiently. For Peketo, to do the attack, just hit any attack button. For the other two characters, I'm not 100% sure how to do the attack, but just play around with it until you figure it out. It shouldn't be difficult.

The only thing I ask of you all is that you not modify or edit the animations/sprites/assets/etc. This was one of the biggest reasons I didn't want to release it in the past. If you can please respect that, I would greatly appreciate it. Anyway, enjoy, and feel free to make videos. I'd like to see what you guys make.




thank you rennik( ;∀;)



Whoa there's a Kim Dong Hwan one? Can someone reupload please?!

Don't suppose there's one for his brother Kim Jae Hoon?


I was deeply moved by your wonderful file.
I made a file that added your NSFW sprites to the new version of toledoman
Do you know where to upload?


Actually I've got 2 Dong Hwan's versions. Here you have both of them:

I didn't edit Toledoman. CLUBDOGMApa has done all the work, I just shared him here.
I suggest you using TinyUpload or WeTransfer. You don't need to register and they're easy to use.


Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot to upload Kim's edit. Enjoy it!


What are the differences between the two Dong Hwans? They both seem the same when I open them in fighter factory.


I don't remember, that was why I uploaded both of them.
But if you say there's no difference at all… then I guess I should delete one. Thank you.


Thank you. Do you know where he is referring toledoman? I am grateful to him.
Because I can not speak English, I use translation services.

toledoman(victim) pass: ryona2


File: 1505571340758.png (9.41 KB, 120x140, M.Bison.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

M.Bison's portrait was changed by me.
An archive includes portrait image (PNG format and PCX format).

Original art:



Thank you, Dima!
Hot portraits :)


I didn't understand the question from your first sentence. What do you mean?
Which language do you speak?

I thought you disappeared! Nice to see you again.


CLUBDOGMApa has updated Toledoman a little bit more:
He's curious about what else you can do! He liked your work.


Wow! It's a wonderful update !!
I'm really excited when Toledoman is defeated by Kuromaru and Minotaur.
Where can I check the updated information of CLUBDOGMApa's work?


On the Mugen Bara Treehouse forum we have a Discord group.
Sometimes we forget to post updates in the forum itself, so they often remain only in Discord.
You can find the link to join the group in the General Stuff board.


Thank you. However, in order to participate in the conversation, it is very difficult because I can not read without translating English.
I will study English more.


You didn't answer my question, what language do you speak? If you cannot read English then I guess is because you're not used to read the Latin alphabet. Are you Chinese or Japanese?


너 한국인이야?


I am Japanese.
Because everyone is talking in English, I will make efforts to understand


Discordグループにいますか? あなたがそこにいると私に通知してください。




File: 1506119806567.gif (467.47 KB, 960x720, pix_sorggb.gif) ImgOps Google iqdb

blargsnarf pixel art
but looks good to be use for Mugen


Doesn't that stage already exist?


>dog STAGE
???? what is the password?


Sorry ryona2


I know some of you don't follow my works since I'm not an exclusively bara artist but the update I did this week might interest some of you as it was Leon from Resident Evil.


Also, it never was posted here, but there's also my spiderman edit.


These two characters have some minor compatibility with Kuromaru, but they were made my my original raper in mind (DDC)

That's all, have fun!


Thank you Redflash! MBT made a good thing for linking your blog!


Can someone share TBK's rapist version of Ken?


I guess he never released it.

By the way, here you have a new stage:


Does someone have this DongHwan?


Here you have:
I'd be pleased if you could give me those characters in the video, specially that Yashiro Nanakase!




Two questions:
1. Is he a victim character or a aggressor character?
2. Are you (or whoever is making these) making more with more MK characters?


1. He's only a victim.
2. No. I made him with some help at coding, but it was only to test myself. I'm not taking requests.

By the way, here's Sub-Zero:

They both are compatible with Kuromaru's 4 basic movements, and Reptile's also compatible with 3 Minotaur's movements. None of them will receive more updates from me, so feel free to do whatever you want with them.


This DongHwan did not had bottom moves,but still thank you. By the way I don't have any characters in the video. Sorry about that



I want to see the correspondence of kuromaru




File: 1510520023736.png (1010.41 KB, 1020x1600, 20 Ken - Kuromaru Compatib….png) ImgOps Google iqdb

thebluekim ken download?


i crave for that versatile ken too


seems like CLUBDOGMApa's videos on youtube were deleted. you guys think he could reupload them somewhere else again?


anyone has Marco? Cant find the raper version only the victim


I have been told he would upload his videos in Vk.com, so I guess it is just a matter of time until he re-uploads all he lost… it is very unfair, you know.

Here you have: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=41774134918696817963
It is weird, though, since the victim version was made using the raper version as the base.


I always glad to see and get your updated chars ;-)



Hooray! ^_^
Thank you, Rennik :)





Thank you
I want to received a slime



Does anyone know where to get that peketo that matches with Sol?


File: 1512887717294.png (504.89 KB, 727x684, sol Rennik.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

i want Rennik's sol Download

who are sent DL E-mail?

mu E-mail is j4712361@gnail.com please, i want he…



5038 download link

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