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Well he said he would release it, right?

Maybe he didn't even see those messages after that yet.


Please do not say bad about him because I love his work(´・ω・`)


He doesn't show up anymore so I don't think he will release them and I mean never because I feel like he's running away maybe ? I've already give up hoping on Sol. So I'll be moving on to Redflash ~~


What work? He hasn't released anything yet.


Complaining won't change anything, and pressuring him to release anything is asinine because he doesn't have to release anything if he doesn't want to. >.>


Toledoman (victim) where can i find him?



File: 1505052229257.png (7.08 KB, 335x256, tol.png) ImgOps Google iqdb



You guys, I understand you want me to release it, but I really want to make sure it's cleaned up before I do. I'm sorry for the wait.


I'm tired waiting, lucky enough that I have TS4 with wickedwhims so I kinda want to leave mugen. It's so tiring to wait for character release. Maybe I'll back in the future '-'


thank you rennik(^^)/
I am looking forward to it(^^♪


Here it is finally you guys:


Thanks so much for waiting patiently. For Peketo, to do the attack, just hit any attack button. For the other two characters, I'm not 100% sure how to do the attack, but just play around with it until you figure it out. It shouldn't be difficult.

The only thing I ask of you all is that you not modify or edit the animations/sprites/assets/etc. This was one of the biggest reasons I didn't want to release it in the past. If you can please respect that, I would greatly appreciate it. Anyway, enjoy, and feel free to make videos. I'd like to see what you guys make.




thank you rennik( ;∀;)



Whoa there's a Kim Dong Hwan one? Can someone reupload please?!

Don't suppose there's one for his brother Kim Jae Hoon?


I was deeply moved by your wonderful file.
I made a file that added your NSFW sprites to the new version of toledoman
Do you know where to upload?


Actually I've got 2 Dong Hwan's versions. Here you have both of them:

I didn't edit Toledoman. CLUBDOGMApa has done all the work, I just shared him here.
I suggest you using TinyUpload or WeTransfer. You don't need to register and they're easy to use.


Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot to upload Kim's edit. Enjoy it!


What are the differences between the two Dong Hwans? They both seem the same when I open them in fighter factory.


I don't remember, that was why I uploaded both of them.
But if you say there's no difference at all… then I guess I should delete one. Thank you.


Thank you. Do you know where he is referring toledoman? I am grateful to him.
Because I can not speak English, I use translation services.

toledoman(victim) pass: ryona2


File: 1505571340758.png (9.41 KB, 120x140, M.Bison.png) ImgOps Google iqdb

M.Bison's portrait was changed by me.
An archive includes portrait image (PNG format and PCX format).

Original art:



Thank you, Dima!
Hot portraits :)


I didn't understand the question from your first sentence. What do you mean?
Which language do you speak?

I thought you disappeared! Nice to see you again.


CLUBDOGMApa has updated Toledoman a little bit more:
He's curious about what else you can do! He liked your work.


Wow! It's a wonderful update !!
I'm really excited when Toledoman is defeated by Kuromaru and Minotaur.
Where can I check the updated information of CLUBDOGMApa's work?


On the Mugen Bara Treehouse forum we have a Discord group.
Sometimes we forget to post updates in the forum itself, so they often remain only in Discord.
You can find the link to join the group in the General Stuff board.


Thank you. However, in order to participate in the conversation, it is very difficult because I can not read without translating English.
I will study English more.


You didn't answer my question, what language do you speak? If you cannot read English then I guess is because you're not used to read the Latin alphabet. Are you Chinese or Japanese?


너 한국인이야?


I am Japanese.
Because everyone is talking in English, I will make efforts to understand


Discordグループにいますか? あなたがそこにいると私に通知してください。




File: 1506119806567.gif (467.47 KB, 960x720, pix_sorggb.gif) ImgOps Google iqdb

blargsnarf pixel art
but looks good to be use for Mugen


Doesn't that stage already exist?


>dog STAGE
???? what is the password?


Sorry ryona2


I know some of you don't follow my works since I'm not an exclusively bara artist but the update I did this week might interest some of you as it was Leon from Resident Evil.


Also, it never was posted here, but there's also my spiderman edit.


These two characters have some minor compatibility with Kuromaru, but they were made my my original raper in mind (DDC)

That's all, have fun!


Thank you Redflash! MBT made a good thing for linking your blog!


Can someone share TBK's rapist version of Ken?


I guess he never released it.

By the way, here you have a new stage:


Does someone have this DongHwan?


Here you have:
I'd be pleased if you could give me those characters in the video, specially that Yashiro Nanakase!




Two questions:
1. Is he a victim character or a aggressor character?
2. Are you (or whoever is making these) making more with more MK characters?


1. He's only a victim.
2. No. I made him with some help at coding, but it was only to test myself. I'm not taking requests.

By the way, here's Sub-Zero:

They both are compatible with Kuromaru's 4 basic movements, and Reptile's also compatible with 3 Minotaur's movements. None of them will receive more updates from me, so feel free to do whatever you want with them.


This DongHwan did not had bottom moves,but still thank you. By the way I don't have any characters in the video. Sorry about that


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