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Anyone have the most recent version, I've still got 1.1, I barely got like 12 character slots or 9


so, are there any downloads of mugen that include all the new rapers and stuff?
I sadly am one of those that suck at manually getting mugen to work properly and such


I guess you could always download the one on my blog to get a working template (It only contains the characters I made so far except for Natsu, Naruto I think, I will update it soon). http://redflashgallery.blogspot.ca/p/starting-with-mugen.html

Otherwise TheBlueKim also has a mugen available for download but I'm not sure which version it is (Click on the picture on the left side of the blog)

These are the only two I know of, but maybe some people can share theirs.


just wanted to say, redflash, that your work is frickin amazing. Thanks for all you do, buddy!


Thank you very much and you can expect more to come ^.^


awww, you're the best :) I was wondering, was there any way to loop some of the finishers? They are so amazing and hot. I know ero helper can do some of them, but is there a way to extend the amazing delirium finishers (like with Link)?


Well you could always extend the time the finisher plays by editing Kuromaru as all the finishers are looping at the end.


Makes sense, thanks. Is there a specific line in the CNS I should be looking for? I imagine it's a simple fix and that I only need to change one of the time values for it, correct?


I never looked at this part of the coding, but because of the new project I recently started, I will be looking into it soon. When I do, I will tell you.


Thanks Red! I will try and find it as well and let you know if I do.


Found it while tinkering with the code, if you're using my version of Kuromaru, it should the line 1702 in the cns3.txt

the line is as follow:
trigger1 = Time = [0,1300]

change the number 1300 to a higher value, I think 2000 would be long enough.


Thanks soooo much, Redflash. Really appreciate it. That did the trick! Now back to enjoying your great work :)


You're welcome ;).


I know someone uploaded Bluekim's characters on here, but is it just me, or are these unfinished? They didn't have many animations at all. Were they really sent out like that?


If you mean ones like Inuyasha, Cody, and Naruto then yes they were only partially edited and sent out like that. At least the ones that were sent out.


are there any batman mugen videos around besides that one theblueim posted? been looin around for one


Is he finally mailing out these characters to all those people he owed or what? I wouldn't even think of resubscribing unless people got their characters first. He owes a lot to a lot of people.


….and we should care…why? They'l likely just make "premium" characters again and break the law…again.


yaaay I can't wait to buy editted characters for 30 fucking dollars until he disappears again!


WOW, seems I am not the only one who doesn't like Bluekim much.

By the way,remember the kuromaru in >>4242 ?
I am trying to make compatible victims to it's time pausing handjob move but I got stuck in some reasons and I am considering upload my WIPs to MEGA in the coming future


anyone know where i can found bara othello?


Far as I know this is the only version available.



Does anyone has the "Ken" from The Blue Kim ?
I mean this one : http://thebluekim.blogspot.com/2016/07/ken.html


no. Bluekim never released anything. clubdog has a ken i think, on his mediafire.



Does someone who's a patron of TBK already received the rapist version of Ken? Can someone share it?


Here's my work in progress characters compatible to the time pausing move shared in >4242.

I cannot finish them because I haven't figure out how to edit it by just reading the instructions in the Kuromaru's folder.So that I can only done about 40% of the edit to fit the move…

BTW,it only needs to press S to trigger the time pausing move and a,b,c,x,y,z,s+a,s+b,s+c,s+x,s+y,s+z are for different poses.Then, double tap S will leads to the end of the whole move.

…I think that's all about the move so far,I will update if I figure out anything new at Mugen Bara Treehouse later.


Hey, do you have the Kuromaru the question? The link is down on the post.



I see people saying Bluekim is back, and his patreon is updated, but did anyone get the rewards they were owed? I don't want to support him and he flakes again.



i dont think hes worth supporting at all.
shit, if I were rich, I'd dl all of his characters just to distribute every last one of them


I know some people don't like him, but the truth is, there are far more people that do. Just take a look at the amount of money he gets each month. People like his work. He does good quality stuff. I just wish he was more responsible with it.


He had me at Ken Masters. I signing up just for that. Hopefully he'll add that vampire Demitri I always wanted to see rape.


There was this one pixel bara game, i know it's not mugen but it's kind of like side scrolling, there was a scene where he kisses an enemy and the enemy starts fucking another enemy, then when he makes the enemies cum, the enemy explodes


The kissing dude is the bartender right? If so the game is called Strange Flesh


File: 1495788446756.jpg (52.26 KB, 384x224, 63076402_p1_master1200.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb



is this a preview of BK's Ken character? Or did someone else make this themselves?


sauce pls


Can someone give me venom that in Mugen archive, I'm not a member so I can't download it. It says uregistered member can't download larger than 5 mb files


Could you give us the link? There's more than just 1 Venom.



I want to see his move list



Thank you



Thanks! Very nice stage. The soundtrack is a plus too, very hot. If you are wondering how to get the BGM, add it to the Sounds folder in Mugen.


Guys, does any of you have TBK's rapist version of Ken? If you do, can you share it?


yes, i have it! It's amazing :3 Totally worth the 30 dollars imo, especially that vore finisher.


I wanted that Ken version too : \


I want that Ken too, If someone would be nice enough to share it '3'

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