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This is for underwear smelling bara/yaoi (sniffing,smelling,bludge,underwear) accepted


really hot. bump!


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Hi! I'm trying to find sites with good stories to read. A long time ago, I found here those pages but I need more of this kind of stories.


Hey! Some other good ones I know;
(Mostly Mind Control and Transformation)


Nifty is *the* online repository of gay erotica [just google 'nifty gay'] their sci-fi/fantasy has some decent stuff, though there's a lotta dross to search through, if you can specify what you're looking for I could reccommend a few?

The other I would say is metabods, a real gem of a site for all sorts of alt bara <3

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anyone have some game "pocketdate boy"?
or clips, or screenshots


Moved to >>>/request/40.

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