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Smaller guys with big men!
Shota AND Bara is pretty hard to find so really any gay size difference goes
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This thread already exists.
Please check the catalog before making a thread next time.
Thank you.

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Okay Barachan, you're my only hope.

A few years back, on /b/ I think it was, someone posted up a full comic about… Some priest or pope, and his friend, who got caught raping guys, and as a result they were sent to prison… After being shaved, castrated, basically made into prison bitches. The guys in it were all chubby, maybe muscular, and it was a very hardcore kind of comic.

I found a link to the artist's site, and they had a bunch of comics like that– I bookmarked it for later, but then my hard drive wiped. I do remember reading one where this dude ends up in some guy's cabin, who fucks him and possibly kills him? That one was really bloody.

I honestly just want to confirm if these comics exist or if I dreamed it all, I remember showing it to a friend of mine and he thought they were funny, though, so I'd like to find them again.

I can't remember many other details, but I believe that the artist may have been Chinese, for whatever reason. Maybe Japanese. And he had a really western style? Something a bit closer to Bruno B.

Anyway. Bloodied guys thread. I'll kick us off with something courtesy of lazy-anus at tumblr.


Best bet would be Tagame, he does a lot of really messed up-and mostly kinky shit. I'd suggest looking up his art and manga.


File: 1461218720719.jpeg (212.78 KB, 1200x735, image.jpeg) ImgOps Google iqdb

So going on that, I did a search, and while it turns out it wasn't him, I DID find the comics in question. They're by an artist named LP, and while I can no longer find the site his stuff was all on, I found the second comic in question on GE. It's even more fucked up than I can remember.


LOST, the chubold comic



Reading this comic made me say, "Wow! THAT escalated quickly!" several times.

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Does anyone know what hentai this is?
The father is kinda hot


The screenshot is from a flash animation called Lemonade. It is an incest series of the son and his mom.
found a comic of it aswell


Oh that was disappointing thanks for the source though

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Something has to be there….
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Warrior Dai Grepher


File: 1458183578919.jpg (2.88 MB, 2550x3300, 1731342 - Garoth_Lightswor….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb

Garoth, Lightsworn Warrior


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Berfomet + Gazelle


There is already a thread on /etc/

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Share your twins, triplets etc collection that's hot! I want to add collection this new fetish of mine.
p.s: If this considered as incest, please move it.


I think they are not twins. if they are not touching each other, then it might be double role thing


Do you have any real twins? Mind sharing?

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A while back @daidalaboch on Twitter locked their account before I had a chance to follow them. From what I can gather they are still occasionally posting new hyper art but rarely update their Pixiv and I want to see the new stuff baaaaaaaad…
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Is there anymore of his work

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This is for underwear smelling bara/yaoi (sniffing,smelling,bludge,underwear) accepted


really hot. bump!


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Hi! I'm trying to find sites with good stories to read. A long time ago, I found here those pages but I need more of this kind of stories.


Hey! Some other good ones I know;
(Mostly Mind Control and Transformation)


Nifty is *the* online repository of gay erotica [just google 'nifty gay'] their sci-fi/fantasy has some decent stuff, though there's a lotta dross to search through, if you can specify what you're looking for I could reccommend a few?

The other I would say is metabods, a real gem of a site for all sorts of alt bara <3

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anyone have some game "pocketdate boy"?
or clips, or screenshots


Moved to >>>/request/40.

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