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Since Tumblr is Dead; post all the videos you can to save all the videos they soon will erase!


Tumblr destroyed itself XD


I'd love to, but the max file size allowed is like 4MB :\


And nothing of value was lost


Does anyone have google drive /dropbox that they could link us to with tumblr videos in it?



One GDrive/DropBox wouldn't be enough. Not to mention the large amount of amateur content to sift through.

I'm backing up what I think is worth keeping right now, but I'm willing to take on some requests for video rips if people can link me to the content.







So it looks like Tumblr has already blocked adult content on the app. Only the comupter option is left until the 16th. So we only have 1 day left virtually; so download them while you can. Also if you have a dropbox/Gdrive/Mega/etc. Link; please do share. :)


if you have an favorite blog, I recommend to use TumblThree to buck download. It download everything, but some specific videos
Just sharing this because I backup'd my private nsfw blog… RIP tumblr, from no fap november to no fap forever

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