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Deepfakes are exclusively being created by straight men. Let's try to make our own. Here is one I found of Chris Hemsworth. If you ask me, it looks more like his brother Liam lol.

There was an anon who made a few here,


If you want to make your own, here is a link to get started. You need a powerful computer to make good deepfakes.



Thank you for this start up guide. This will definetely be the introduction to a new kind of porn. Good job doing your work pioneer!


Heya, I'm the previous anon, didn't know barachan was back up ! I can't really do any dfs right now, but I can help you guys if you want any advices or have questions.

Also I'd like us to share our models in this thread to speed up the process of making good quality deepfakes, since you can use somebody else's model of a celebrity on any other videos.

Anyway, here's my Nick Offerman with a beard model : https://mega.nz/#!bcAk1YBI!AgFl9KmVw55Z_xaupQVb-bQ9MnslkDPLjAkT4AKTCZc

Nick Offerman with a mustache (so basically Ron Swanson): https://mega.nz/#!2coWiQqR!Zqp2hMAqL0lU2kNbdCroxXAXHQhRCXAGvGFHBJXAXZc

Anyways, have fun ! I'm looking forward to see what you guys will make :)


hmmm, interesting. I will say, the Bar to entry for this is pretty high since you need a good PC and all not to mention going through the Tutorial. I may look into doing this if i have some down time though so thanks

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