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So the man in the pics and vids I have twitter handle is…or was @anthony_pnw. He was actively posting pics and vids before a few months ago his twitter was suspended and I don't know where he is online anymore. What I can post is videos and pictures of him I have from his twitter before he got suspended. Anything about him, especially if he is still on twitter or somewhere else will be greatly appreciated.


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Is this the same person?



Nice find. He has some videos of him both topping and bottoming.


damn for real? If anyone has those bottoming videos please post them here! Im glad he is still online and kicking.



Wow he is amazing. What a sexy man.

Some cumshots: https://twitter.com/tamingthed61/status/1155089428794105856


He kinda reminds me of Bruce Willis… from the face and how he smiles


Someone could please please please post the videos when he's topping?


Anyone find him again? Lol his account is gone now.




Hahah I don't get why his stuff keeps getting suspended or deleted. How is it any different from the rest of the pornstars or myonlyfans accounts out there?




His twitter is back!!!


File: 1568609814926.jpeg (416.04 KB, 1416x2048, EEhUOPtU8AEhnDU.jpg:large.jpeg) ImgOps Google iqdb



Where'd you find this?



It was on his twitter (https://twitter.com/tamingthed61), which was public briefly before becoming private.


File: 1569782419396.jpg (73.87 KB, 503x810, tumblr_phohsyJhma1rqd87n_5….jpg) ImgOps Exif Google iqdb


dampnw59 on tumblr before the bans apparently


He's on Just For Fans now.


Nice, good find. And it's cheap too!

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