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Greetings from Depreschan.
Come visit us, if you'd like.
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Chaturbate Bears and Cubs

<3 Cinergy30
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Anyone recognize this movie?

I've been trying to find it, but no luck. Any idea where this comes from? It looks to good to be a porno.

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Bear, Muscular and Cute Youtubers

Big and Sexy Youtubers
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Strongman General Video Thread

Pictures don't do them justice! Post those delicious clips of tasty strong men, from bodybuilders to steelworkers, firemen to lumberjacks, athletes to amateurs, to whatever you want.

I'm surprised this is the first /3D-board video thread. Contrary to what certain posters may think, reality doesn't suck! ;D
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Bears Thread #2

Previous Thread


Thread for Hairy bears, Muscle hunks, Muscular and plump, Gachimuchi, GMPD
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Bodybuilder Thread #3

"Macho macho man! Yeah, yeah. I want to be <clap clap> a macho man!"

Post those achingly bulgy, fiercely grunting, lusciously muscular men who pick things up and put them down, again and again and again, just for your crotches pleasure. As before, all photos are welcome, professional and artsy, vintage to modern, and all bodybuilders are welcome, from the famous to the amateur. Now just give me one more! <grunt>

Previous thread (#2) here… http://boards.barachan.org/3D/res/442.html

1st thread here… https://web.archive.org/web/20150224024754/http://boards.barachan.org:80/3D/res/48.html
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Asian Men

Previous Thread


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Old Men/Grandpa

Gorgeous grandpa is here
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Arab/Indian/Middle Eastern daddies and Chubs

No slim twinks
Preferably hairy
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Working men

Hot sexy men at work. Firefighters, construction works, etc.
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Chubby Thread 2

Previous Thread


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Man with Cock

See Also


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Leather daddies, Bondage, Collar, BDSM
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Celeb fake nudes

no twinks
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Black Men Thread

Can we show some love and appreciation for Black men?
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Let's get a abll rolling
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Anyone know who this is?
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nudes of the cast of where the bears are

now that the series has ended
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There's nothing I love more than a big muscular guy being submissive, being tied up, and being made into a slave! Anyone else a fan?
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Hairy bears, Muscle hunks, Muscular and plump, Gachimuchi, GMPD
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Sexy/Gay Cosplayers

Sexy and gay Cosplayer scenes!
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Not necesary old men, only bara men with grey or white hair
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Men using Kilt

Very self explanatory, men being sexy using Kilts.
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Excessive cum

Can be fake or real cumshots
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Bareback cum creampie

cum in that asshole
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Chubs / hairy or smooth

preferably getting pounded
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Bodybuilder Thread

Post those massive, muscular, macho, macho, men who lift, pose, stretch, grunt, pose, lift, pose, etc.. All photos are welcome, including professional and artsy ones, and all bodybuilders are welcome, from the famous to the amateur. Let's blow this thread up!
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Gingers <3

How can you not love the shit out of them? <3
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Older x Younger

Older and Younger men havng fun together.
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Booty Shots

Big ones, muscly ones, all the buns
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uncut flaccid

or even a little chubby, as long as it flops or dangles and has foreskin.
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Asian Men

Asian Bears/Daddies/Chubbies.
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Since Tumblr is Dead; post all the videos you can to save all the videos they soon will erase!
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Does anyone know what happened to this guy on reddit? He deleted his account.

I'll dump what I have of him on here.
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hairy abs
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Tattooes & Beards

Love either? Why not both!
Post your own, or some other dude's.
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Peter Le

Can I get more photos or links to my favourite porn star